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How to Convert PDF to PNG on Windows? (5 Easy Ways)

Even when PDF format is considered the best format for storing and sharing documents, there are cases when it is not the most effective one for you. For example, you may want to use the content of one PDF document in some other form or get a snip of one page of a PDF. Learning to convert PDF to PNG on Windows would be more efficient than using a PDF document in such cases.

Part 1. How to Convert PDF to PNG on Windows 10/11 Via UPDF?

For the best experience in converting PDF to PNG, you can use UPDF. It is a PDF editing software with a wide array of features. So, no matter what you need to do with a PDF document, it is possible with UPDF.

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With UPDF, you get 2 different ways to convert a PDF into PNG; below are the details for each.

Way 1. Save a PDF As PNGs on Windows

The first method involves exporting a PDF document as PNG files, and it is better if you are working on a single PDF document. The process of exporting as PNG files is very simple and takes only 3 steps:

1. Start UPDF application

Locate and double-click the UPDF icon to run the application. When it runs, click "Open File" and open the PDF using the browse window to search it and then use the "Open" button. Now you will have the PDF document displayed on UPDF.

2. Export PDF

Click "Export PDF" from the right-side menu to get different options. Click the image since we want to export the PDF document as PNG.

3. Set output format

Clicking "Image" will open a pop-up window where you need to set the export output format. Ensure that the first dropdown shows "Image" and the second shows "PNG." Only then you should click "Export”. You may need to select the destination location on your PC for storing the exported file before you click "Save".

Video guide on How to Convert PDF to PNG on Windows

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Way 2. Change PDFs to PNGs in Batch on Windows

If you want to convert multiple documents to PNG format, UPDF will be a good choice, thanks to its batch conversion feature. Elaborated below are the steps you must follow for this conversion on UPDF.

1. Open UPDF on Windows PC

We will begin with opening UPDF on your Windows PC. The easiest way of doing it is by finding a desktop icon and double-clicking it. UPDF will start and prompt you if any updates are available. Once it starts, you must click the "Batch" button.

2. Add files to UPDF.

Inside the batch menu, you get 5 different options, please select "Convert". It will take you to a new screen where you can click "Add Files" to add PDF documents for converting them to PNG.

3. Set output format and apply.

After you add all the PDF documents, set the output format where the first dropdown must show "Image" while the second shows "PNG." Click "Apply" and select the destination folder, and your converted files will be saved to your PC.

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Part 2. How to Convert PDF to PNG on Windows Free Via Screenshot?

Looking for a free method for this conversion? The screenshot method is a great option since it is free, quick, and, most importantly, simple. Here is how taking screenshots will convert your PDFs into PNGs.

1. Take PDF screenshot

Open your PDF document on the PC. You may open it on any tool like a browser, a PDF viewer, etc. When it opens, use snip and sketch tools to take a screenshot. While taking screenshots, you may choose a selective region or a whole window. Once you take a screenshot, click the "Save As" button on the top right.

2. Save as PNG

It will open a browse window. Ensure to check the name for the PNG image, set the "save as type" to PNG using the dropdown menu and then click “Save”. Your PDF will be instantly converted to a PNG image.

Part 3. How to Change PDF to PNG on Windows Via Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat is a famous premium PDF editing tool with various capabilities. Apart from all the editing features, you can use it to convert your PDF documents into other formats. Here are the steps to convert PDF files to PNG images using Adobe Acrobat.

1. Select PDF to JPG on Adobe Acrobat

Open Adobe Acrobat online, click "Convert," then click "PDF to JPG”. Now use the "Select a File" button to upload your PDF file to Adobe Acrobat.

2. Convert to PNG

Wait as the file uploads; when the upload finishes, you will see a dropdown at the bottom left. Select "PNG" from this dropdown and click the "Convert to PNG" button.

3. Download zip file

Wait for some time again, and the download button will appear. Clicking it will download the zip file on your PC. You can unzip this file by right-clicking and selecting "Extract Here". That’s how Acrobat Online can help you convert PDF to a PNG image.

Part 4. How to Convert PDF to PNG on Windows Using Command Line?

It might not be the easiest method for this conversion, but it gets the job done. If you don’t want to use any software for the conversion, then using the command line tool will be your best resort. However, this method requires you to do some setup beforehand. Follow the steps below to understand the setup and conversion process, and if you have already done the setup process, skip to step 5:

1. Download the command line tool.

Open the XpdfReader website to download the command line tool. Since we are using Windows PC, you only need to download the tool for Windows.

2. Extract the zip file to a folder.

Create a folder where you wish to keep these files and extract the zip file by right-clicking and choosing to extract here after pasting the zip file in the same folder.

3. Open advanced system settings.

Select "System" after pressing "Windows and X" simultaneously. Choose "Advanced system settings." and click the "Environment Variables" button.

4. Create a new environment variable.

See “system variables” > ”path” and click to choose it. Now click “Edit," "New," then "Browse." Now in that browse window, go to the folder where you extracted the XpdfReader file. Open that and select the “bin” folder corresponding to your OS bit system.

5. Convert PDF to PNG with CMD

Open CMD by searching for it in “Windows Search." Copy the path from the address bar of the folder where you extracted the utility tool file. Go to CMD, type "cd, " paste that path, and then hit "Enter”. Now type “pdf to png file1.pdf file1". Replace file1.pdf with the name of your PDF file and file1 with the required image name. Remember to paste the PDF file to be converted into the same folder. Hit enter and ignore any error messages.

6. Verify results

Check the folder; there will be a new PNG file with the name you entered in the command and some digits. You may open it and verify the results of successful conversion.

Part 5. How to Convert PDF to PNG on Windows Via Online Tool - free pdf convert?

Another quick method for this conversion is using the free pdf convert online tool. It is a PDF converter designed to convert your PDFs into multiple image and document formats. The usage is quick the steps are simple, as discussed below:

1. Upload PDF to freepdfconvert

Start by opening the free pdf convert website on your PC. It will give you the online PDF converter interface where you can click the "Choose File" button to add a PDF document.

2. Select PNG converter

As soon as the file uploads, it will show you a grid of options asking you for the type of conversion you want to proceed with. Click "To PNG" here, and it will begin your conversion.

3. Apply output changes

As the PDF loads, you will be asked for changes regarding the screen quality and DPI of the image. Once you select the one you need, click "Apply Changes."

4. Download

Wait as the converter converts your PDF to a PNG image per your selected parameters. Click the "Download" button after the conversion completes, and your PNG image will be saved on the device storage.

Final Words

If you ever come across a situation where you need to convert PDF to PNG Windows, we hope that this guide will prove helpful for you. With the methods shared above, you can easily pick one that meets your requirements and offers you the best experience. 

Try using UPDF for converting PDF to PNG since it instantly converts your documents into multiple formats and does not decrease the quality. The best part is that it is a complete PDF package meaning you will get every feature you need to work on PDF documents.

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