How to Translate PDF Online Free?

Struggling to understand the contents of a PDF in a different language can be very frustrating. However, many people need help encountering important information in a foreign language. But fear not, as in this article, we'll explore 4 productive tools that translate PDFs online.

These tools can help you convert those foreign content into your desired language. Plus, we'll reveal the tool that stands out as the best among them.

Part 1. Translate PDF Online Free Via Google Translate

Google Translate is a super popular tool on the internet that helps you quickly translate content or a whole PDF file from other languages. It was launched in April 2006 and now has a massive 500 million people using it every day worldwide. But here's something interesting, Google Translate doesn't directly translate PDFs online for free between languages like you might expect.

Instead, it usually goes from the original language to English and then to the language you want. Since many things are available in English online, this translation method makes it much easier. The app has many features you can use on a regular web browser. So, check out the simple steps below to give a try to this tool and start using it:

Step 1: Access the official website of Google Translate and choose the “Documents” option from the toolbar. Afterward, press the “Browse your Computer” button and upload your PDF file.

Step 2: Next, select the language you want to translate the document. To initiate the process of Google Translate, press the “Translate” button. You can see the progress on your screen, and once the translation is completed, click on the “Download Translation” button.

Part 2. Translate PDF File Online Via Google Drive

Google Drive is undoubtedly an amazing tool that lets you easily store and share files online. Plus, this productive tool permits you to upload different types of files, including PDFs and Word documents, to the cloud. But, most amazingly, you can even translate a PDF document. Google Drive offers a handy feature that converts PDFs into editable formats, allowing you to translate them easily.

Now, you don't need to struggle with foreign language PDFs anymore. Just upload the PDF to Google Drive, use the translate PDF file online tool, and you'll have a translated version ready to read and understand. Let’s try this tool using the given steps and start translating PDFs:

Step 1: Open Google Drive on your preferred web browser and login into your Google account. Afterward, click the "New" button and choose the "File upload" option to import the PDF file from your device.

Step 2: Right-click on the uploaded PDF document and hover over the "Open With" option to open the PDF file in Google Docs. Access the "Tools" tab and choose the "Translate Document" option from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: From the small "Translate Document" window, select the language you want to translate the document's content. Afterward, assign a new title to the translated document to differentiate it from the original one and press the "Translate" button.

Part 3. Translate Scanned PDF Online Free Via DocTranslator

An incredible tool, DocTranslator can help you translate PDF documents online with ease. This tool assists you in a fast and efficient manner. With 109 supported language features, this AI-powered tool is super versatile. It uses AI to ensure your translations are top-notch while keeping the original PDF layout intact. Moreover, creating an account or logging in is unnecessary, as you can start translating immediately.

DocTranslator boasts an impressive 80-90% accuracy rate, ensuring reliable and precise translations for all your needs. So, why wait anymore? Read the steps below to get started with the DocTranslator translation process:

Step 1: Open your web browser on any device and access this link to open the DocTranslator tool. Next, click the “Upload File” button and locate and open the desired PDF file. DocTranslator will automatically detect the language of the document.

Step 2: After this, select the language you want to translate the document and hit the "Translate" button. Once the translation process is completed, tap the "Download your translated document!" link to download the translated document.

Part 4. Translate PDF Offline Via UPDF

Eliminating the language barriers while working on your PDFs is very easy now with UPDF. The game-changing PDF editor goes beyond conventional editing and places a special emphasis on AI translation. UPDF was developed to revolutionize PDF handling and make it hassle-free for everyone. Unlike other PDF editors, UPDF allows you to use one license on multiple devices.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

This means you can translate PDFs offline on the go using your Windows PC or MacBook. So, UPDF now empowers users to translate PDFs in various languages innovatively. This eventually breaks down language barriers with ease. You can even upload your translated PDFs on UPDF Cloud and access them from anywhere. With that, check the steps outlined below on how to translate PDFs using UPDF:

Step 1: Access the PDF File You Want to Translate

Beforehand, launch the UPDF tool and import the required PDF via the "Open File" option. Now, head to the left side toolbar and tap on the "Edit PDF" button. This will make it easy for you to copy the desired text from PDF by double-clicking it.

Step 2: Enter the UPDF AI Mode for Translation

Next, in the bottom right of the right-side toolbar, press the "UPDF AI" button. Here, make sure that you are in the "Chat" tab and then click the "Prompt" to open the extended options. From there, choose the "Translate" option, and in the "Ask Something" box, type or paste your content. Now, tap on the "Downward" arrow sign to select the language for translation and press the "Enter" key on your keyboard to get the results.

Reasons to Use UPDF AI Translator

  • The AI translation feature of UPDF AI is blazing-fast and provides results within seconds.
  • It provides precise results with zero error margin.
  • You don't have to waste time uploading and downloading the translated document with this tool.
  • UPDF AI also allows you to ask for an explanation of the translated term you can't understand.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Video Tutorial on How to Translate PDF to Any Language on Windows

Part 5. Translate Scanned PDF Offline Via UPDF

As you have now gotten familiar with what UPDF is and how effective its AI translation feature is, here we would like to add something more. You can even translate scanned PDFs online for free using this tool. Got any scanned PDF files from clients? Head to the steps below and start scanning and translating:

Step 1: Perform OCR on Your PDF

Once you have accessed the scanned PDF file with UPDF, move the cursor to the right toolbar and tap the "Recognize Text Using OCR" option. Under the "Document Type" section, stay on the "Searchable PDF" option. Then, continue by adjusting the "Layout," "Page Range," "Document Language," and "Image Resolution." You can tap on the "Gear" icon for further adjustments and the "Perform OCR" button.

Step 2: Head to UPDF AI Features and Translate File

As it starts converting, wait for a few seconds. Then, enter the "Edit PDF" mode and double-tap on desired content to copy it. Then, navigate to the "Chat" tab in the "UPDF AI" feature in the bottom right corner. Now, from the "Prompt" list, choose the "Translate" AI feature, select the language as per requirements, add the required content, and hit the "Arrow" icon to translate the content within seconds.

Sum Up

In the end, if you have been looking to translate PDF online for free, we have explored three such tools, each with merits and limitations. However, online tools have many drawbacks. That is why we also mention one offline method, the UPDF PDF editor. It offers cutting-edge AI features like summarization, translation, and writing designed to make your work more effortless.

When using the UPDF PDF editor, you can expect lightning-fast results. The AI-powered translation feature ensures that your PDFs are accurately translated in just a few seconds, saving you any hassle and effort.

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