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How to Translate PDF from German to English? (Easy Ways)

Received one PDF documents in German and cannot understand them? Worry not; there are tools available that can help you translate PDF from German to English to streamline this process. Read this article to get a better idea about all the tools you'll need to translate PDF from German to English, free or paid. We'll give you all the insights into easy ways to get this job done.

Part 1. Translate a PDF from German to English Using UPDF AI

UPDF is a versatile language translator tool with an AI-integrated system to make the translation process smoother than ever. Moreover, any user without a proper understanding of how this tool works can operate it due to an elegant user interface and clearly guided buttons, making this software the best in the market. There are two separate modes in UPDF AI to assist you in translating the content of your PDF.

translate pdf from german to english updf ai feature

The Chat mode of this tool allows you to prompt AI to summarize, translate, and even explain the content of your German PDF. In addition, there is an Ask PDF mode, which acts like ChatGPT to handle any query or command you have related to this German document. Both of these modes can perform their magic to let you translate PDF to English from German and vice versa.

In this section, we'll discuss three different ways through which you can easily translate your German documents to English for a convenient admission process. Download UPDF now to let yourself translate the content of PDFs, images, and even scanned files utilizing the following methods.

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Way 1. Translate PDF to English from German Via Selecting Contents   

You don't require to go through lengthy guides to get yourself familiarized with the translation process. UPDF AI has made it as easy as selecting the text in the PDF. Furthermore, you just have to prompt the AI to translate a PDF from German to English to complete the operation. Let's analyze these simple steps to get a proper idea of this method.

Step 1: Highlight the German Content in Reader Mode

First and foremost, you have to upload your German PDF on UPDF to begin the process. Following this, enter the "Reader" or the "Comment" mode of this software and highlight the German content in the PDF you want to translate to English.

Step 2: Utilize UPDF AI Feature on Pop-up Toolbar

Once you've highlighted the content of your PDF file, a new toolbar will pop up just above the selected German text. Afterward, hit the "Dropdown" on this newly appeared toolbar to access the UPDF AI dropdown menu.

translate pdf from german to english updf ai

Step 3: Translate the German Text with the Help of a Prompt

On this dropdown menu, you'll see three different prompts, including summarize, translate, and explain. You need to select the "Translate" prompt and then choose English as the output language to complete this translation process. Moreover, UPDF allows you to add this translation as a sticky note.

translate pdf from german to english

If you're looking to translate PDF from German to English for the admission process, download UPDF now to simply translate it with the help of this easy method.

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Way 2. Translate PDF from German to English Via Copying and Pasting

UPDF isn't a one-dimensional tool that allows only a single method to perform different operations. Users can utilize this PDF translator from German to English in more than one way to carry out this translation task. In addition to the previously explained way, you can also perform this operation using the following method.  

Step 1: Access UPDF AI Tool to Kick Start the Operation

To begin the process, upload your German PDF on UPDF to translate this document into English. Afterward, you can access the AI tool of this software by clicking the "UPDF AI" button on the bottom right of your screen. You can access this tool in any mode, including reader, comment, and edit modes.

translate pdf from german to english updf ai icon

Step 2: Choose the Translate Prompt in UPDF AI Chat Mode

On entering the UPDF AI chat mode, you'll see three prompts on the menu after clicking the "Dropdown" icon next to the prompt section. Hit the "Translate" option and choose English as the target language to perform this German-to-English translation.

translate pdf from german to english translate button

Step 3: Copy the German Content and Paste in the Text Box

After prompting UPDF AI, you have to copy the German content from your PDF and paste it into the text box of the chat mode. Now all that is left is pressing the "Enter" key to complete this operation.

translate pdf from german to english updf ai chat

Download UPDF now to conveniently translate the content of your PDF documents from any language to German and vice versa.

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Video Tutorial on How to Translate PDF to Any Language on Windows

Way 3. Translate a Scanned PDF from German to English

Users can even translate the German content written in images or scanned files. If you ever come across PDFs containing scanned pages or screenshots, UPDF should be your go-to PDF editor to get this translation done. You might be wondering how to translate a scanned PDF from German to English. Have a look at the steps explained below to get your answer.

Step 1: Select the OCR Tool in UPDF

You have to add your German PDF containing scanned pages to UPDF to begin the translation. Following this, click the "Recognize Text Using OCR" icon from the right side to access this tool for file conversion.

translate pdf from german to english ocr

Step 2: Choose the Settings to Perform OCR Function

Once you've opened the OCR feature, choose the German language to recognize text written in this language and customize other settings according to your document for precise OCR. Afterward, click on the "Perform OCR" option to convert your scanned German document into an editable PDF.    

translate pdf from german to english perform ocr

Step 3: Re-open the Converted File to Translate it into English

In the end, you will need to open OCR converted German PDF again in the UPDF to apply any of the two methods discussed above for translating this file. Following all these methods, you can translate German content in any file format with the assistance of the UPDF PDF editor.   

Part 2. Translate PDF Documents from German to English Online Free

As we'll know about the pricing issues if we opt for human translators, choosing the tools available to translate PDF documents from German to English online for free is a wiser way to move forward. We have selected some of the best tools to perform this translation procedure. Considering the following PDF translators if you're looking for an affordable way to do this.

Way 1. Translate PDF from German to English free Via Google Translate

Google Translate offers free translation to save users from the hefty expenditures of hiring human translators. This tool has the ability to automatically detect the language of your content, making it superior to other online alternatives in the market. Moreover, it can also translate the German content present in the images and scanned PDFs. Follow these well-explained steps to perform translation:       

Step 1: Access the Google Translate tool online on your browser to translate PDF from German to English. Afterward, simply paste the German content from your PDF in the text box. Alternatively, you can even upload the German PDF document directly to this tool by accessing the "Documents" tab.

translate pdf from german to english upload the german pdf document google translate

Step 2: On the successful pasting or uploading of the German content, you need to choose the English language for your output file. All that is left now is clicking on the "Translate" button to finish this translation operation.

translate pdf from german to english click on translate button in google translate

Way 2. Translate PDF Document from German to English Online Free Via DocTranslator

DocTranslator is a low-cost PDF translator from German to English, offering rates as low as $0.004/word. These rates are approximately 60 times cheaper than rates offered by human translators, which usually start from $0.06/word. Additionally, this tool can translate German documents into over 100 other languages. Its latest algorithm allows you to translate your PDFs with the following simple steps:

Step 1: First and foremost, create a user account on this online tool to enjoy free translation services. Following this, access the Translation tab on DocTranslator by clicking the "Translation" option on the left toolbar.

translate pdf from german to english upload the pdf document in doctranslator

Step 2: After this, you'll enter a new window where you can add a German PDF to translate into English. Once the file is added to the list, choose German and English as the current and target languages, respectively.

translate pdf from german to english choose original and target language in doctranslator

Step 3: Finally, press the "Upload" option to successfully upload your German document on the servers of this tool. After the upload process is completed, hit the "Translate" button to complete the procedure.

translate pdf from german to english press the translate button in doctranslator

Final Words

If there were any doubts about how can I translate a PDF from German to English, this article should be enough to clear those doubts. After going through this article, you can utilize multiple ways and tools to achieve your target. All of these German-to-English PDF translators are good enough to provide accurate results.

However, If you want a perfect tool that can cater to your other PDF problems along with translation, UPDF is the way to go. With its AI-powered technology and multiple advanced PDF editing tools, this tool will streamline your workflow. Download UPDF now to get access to the best PDF translator from German to English.

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