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DocTranslator: A Comprehensive Review of Online Document Translator

Businesses are becoming globalized, having customers and partners from worldwide who speak different languages. Similarly, students, researchers, journalists, and other individuals are digitalizing and accessing documents from across the world. This has increased the demand for document translation. DocTranslator is an online document translator that claims to translate entire documents quickly.

So, if you plan to use DocTranslator, this is your ultimate review guide. Here, we are performing a comprehensive DocTranslator review, covering its features, pros/cons, pricing, and other details. In the end, we also present its better alternative - UPDF, interested users can download it for a free trial directly through the button below.

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Part 1. An Overview of DocTranslator

DocTranslator is a web-based document translator tool. It offers AI-powered document translation, where the AI is trained to translate over 100 languages. It simply requires you to upload the document in Word, PDF, Excel, PPT, text, CSV, or InDesign format, select the translation language, and get the translation right away. It claims to preserve the original layout and formatting of documents.

In contrast, UPDF also offers desktop + web AI-powered translation with even more translation languages, selective document page/text translation, bigger file size support, and much more. So, if you want to use a more comprehensive document translator, then check out UPDF AI capabilities and test it out with its free plan.

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1. Key Features of DocTranslator

  • AI-powered document translation in 100+ languages.
  • Translate documents available in Word, PDF, Excel, PPT, text, CSV, or InDesign format.
  • Translate up to 5000 pages and 1 GB document size (requires premium plan).
  • Web-based translation, no software installation required.

2. Pros and Cons


  • Easy online document translation
  • 100+ translation languages
  • Support translation of various document types: DOCX, .PDF, .PPTX, .XLSX, .IDML, .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, .CSV, and .TXT


  • 20 MB and 20 pages file limit in free plan
  • Costly premium plans
  • Hidden charges (charge monthly for cloud storage)
  • Occasional inaccurate translation

3. Pricing

The details of DocTranslator free and paid plans are as follows:

Free Plan: $0/month

  • $0.005/word – AI translation
  • 20 MB file size
  • 20 pages per document
  • 24-hour file storage only

Storage Plan: $14.99/month

  • $0.005/word – AI translation
  • 100 MB file size
  • 100 pages per document
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Email support

Pro Plan: $49.99/month

  • $0.004/word – AI translation
  • 1 GB file size
  • 5000 pages per document
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Email support
  • Unlimited free PDF previews
  • Team access

From the above pricing plan, it looks like DocTranslator has no free plan in reality. It will be charging $0.005/word, no matter which plan you choose. We will validate this point when we test its performance below.

4. User Reviews

Looking at DocTranslator reviews on different review sites, the tool does not seem to have a good reputation. On Trustpilot, it has a rating of 3.1/5 stars.

After exploring different user reviews, we found a mixed opinion. Some appreciate its usefulness, while others have issues with translation accuracy and payments. Below are a few positive and negative DocTranslator reviews:

Positive Reviews

  • "DocTranslator has been really helpful for us in translating from many languages. I always easily translate my PDF and other documents. Their translator is really easy to use and also not taking much time in loading.
  • "DocTranslator has been useful for me in many ways. Most of the times i use it for my studies and it work well and the translation is always accurate which i actually need. But the one thing i want to be improved is i am unable to copy directly while translating the document."
  • "Be careful! You pay 3 euro for a translation of 2 pages and if you do not read the small letters you will pay two weeks later also 17 euro for storage on a monthly basis! No refund at all!"

Negative Reviews

  • "I had a negative experience with their machine-generated PDF translation service; the output was filled with lines instead of legible text. Attempting to resolve this issue through their support was unhelpful, as I only received machine-generated responses that did not address my specific problem."
  • "Originally they charged a "fair" price for the services. I was not happy with the output, but maybe I was expecting too much. Sometime later, I noticed a charge 4 times higher than the translation price. After insvestigating, it was a 25dollar charge for storage of a 2 page document for less than a month."
  • "Be careful! You pay 3 euro for a translation of 2 pages and if you do not read the small letters you will pay two weeks later also 17 euro for storage on a monthly basis! No refund at all!"
  • "Korean to English translation failed. The result in document not translated, Still in Korean."

5. User Experience

Looking at the mixed opinions on DocTranslator's capabilities, we decided to test DocTranslator ourselves.

After we went to its website, it asked us to upload the document and select the source and target languages.

Afterward, it analyzed the document and asked to register an account.

After signing up, we again had to upload the file because the tool seemed to have lost the previous file.

After uploading the file, we were shocked that it asked us to pay $18.13 for the translation.

Our assumption was right about its pricing plan that it does not offer any free translation. However, its website homepage was claiming to offer "1,000 words for free".

Upon properly exploring its pricing details, we realized that it definitely charges $0.005/word, and there is an additional limit of 20 MB and 20 pages per file if you use its "Free Plan".

So, even if you subscribe to its premium plans, you still have to pay for every document translation. So, it's "subscription + translation" fees, which turns out to be costly.

It does provide free $10 credit, but we have to first leave a positive review on Trustpilot and send that to its support email to get credit.

Since we wanted to test DocTranslator's capabilities, we lowered the file's word count to just 448 words to see if it could offer a free 1000-word translation. Unfortunately, it still failed, and we were asked to pay $2.24.

So, we can conclude that DocTranslator does not offer a free plan. Its claim of 1000 words of free translation is just a marketing tactic; you can only get that by giving a positive review on Trustpilot.

In short, our user experience with DocTranslator hasn't been good. We are unable to translate our document with it unless we pay a hefty price. Other users have also complained about inaccurate translations and hidden charges.

Therefore, we can say that it is better to look for a DocTranslator alternative to get document translations. The next part mentions one such ideal DocTranslator alternative.

Part 2. A Better Alternative to DocTranslator

When we talk about the DocTranslator alternative, it should be the one that offers guaranteed free translation trials, transparent pricing, and accurate translations. This and much more you can get with UPDF.

UPDF is a comprehensive PDF editor tool that streamlines all PDF-related activities, from reading and annotating to editing, converting, and printing. What makes it interesting is its built-in AI translation capabilities.

UPDF AI is the AI document assistant that provides both desktop-based and web-based access. Talking specifically about UPDF AI Web, it provides an intuitive way to translate documents in almost any language of your choice. It is powered through the latest GPT-4 technology, which ensures accurate translation no matter the topic complexity.

On top of that, UPDF AI web can also translate selective pages from the document. All it requires is a few simple clicks to translate selective pages.

In addition, its AI chat box is capable of translating selected text from the document. You can copy-paste the text in the chat box and get it translated right away.

The best part is that it can even translate any text outside the scope of the document. All you have to do is paste the text, select the desired translation language, and get the translation right away.

Besides that, UPDF AI can do more than just translate documents. It can also summarize the document or explain complex phrases.

You can even use its chat box to brainstorm, write, rewrite, or proofread.

In addition, UPDF AI offers transparent pricing plans, as follows:

Free Plan: $0/month

  • 3 files
  • 100 pages per file
  • 30 questions
  • 100 MB file size
  • 1 GB cloud storage

UPDF AI Standard: $59/year

  • 100 files/month
  • 1000 pages per file
  • 1000 questions/month
  • 2 GB file size
  • 10 GB cloud storage

UPDF AI Unlimited: $89/year

  • Unlimited files/month
  • 1000 pages per file
  • Unlimited questions/month
  • 2 GB file size
  • 100 GB cloud storage

If we compare the above plans with DocTranslator, then UPDF AI definitely offers more value for money. Its free plan is actually "free". You can translate up to 3 files for free and make up to 30 translation requests. Besides that, it has no hidden charges and offers responsive customer support for any payment-related queries. So, there are no subscription + translation charges in UPDF. A free/subscription plan is inclusive of all the charges.

In short, there are hundreds of reasons why UPDF AI is the best DocTranslator alternative. Therefore, simply start with the UPDF AI free plan, test its offerings yourself, and then make your decision.


DocTranslator attracts users with its web-based instant translation of documents. However, this review has found many loopholes in the service. There is no free plan as claimed, the translations are inaccurate, and there are subscription + translation charges.

In contrast, UPDF, especially its UPDF AI Web service, is the best alternative to DocTranslator. It guarantees more accurate AI translation (by page/content), free translation of 3 documents, and cost-friendly transparent plans. So, why waste more time? Visit the UPDF AI Web, upload your document, and obtain the desired translation promptly. Alternatively, click the download button below to have your document translated seamlessly by the integrated UPDF AI within the UPDF app.

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