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5 Best AI Joke Generators (Top Picks in 2024)

Let's face it, writing jokes is hard. It is a challenge to make someone laugh.

Al Joke Generators can make coming up with jokes easier. They can give you good ideas to write jokes about and suggest some ways to articulate a joke.

Some of the AI jokes will actually be laughable. You may be able to use them without any changes.

Let's explore the top 5 best AI joke generators.

1. UPDF AI - Best AI Joke Generator

Shorten your search. Start with the best. Easy to use, creative, and intelligent, discover UPDF for AI joke writing.

UPDF is your personal AI assistant. It is like ChatGPT plus a functional PDF suite. UPDF writes original AI jokes that you can use at parties, gatherings, or even for stand-up comedy at events.

The tool will also help you compile those jokes in a document, an ebook, a presentation, or any other way you need to present these jokes.

Research and work on the PDFs all in one place. Try UPDF by clicking the below button to download UPDF now. Or you can visit its web version here to use it directly.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Key Features

Here are some of the top features of UPDF.

  • Full-service AI chatbot that can replace ChatGPT
  • Writes excellent AI jokes
  • Full suite of PDF functions
  • OCR technology for better data handling
  • Compress, convert, and edit PDFs in UPDF
  • Works on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS
  • AI works on the web too

Check the below video to learn more about the amazing things UPDF can do for you.

Pros Cons
All-in-one software with ChatGPT capabilities and PDF suite 'Chat with PDF' feature
Do research and handle documents all in one place
Writes excellent jokes
Write, edit, convert, suppress, or do a lot of other things with PDFs and documents
OCR feature
Some features come with paid plans only

5 Prompts to Write Jokes with UPDF

These are the top 5 prompts to write better jokes with UPDF. Treat them as a starting point and change them however you feel fit.

  1. Write a joke that twists an everyday situation in a funny way.
  2. Write a joke that involves a subtle wordplay or a pun.
  3. Exaggerate a simple idea to the extreme that it becomes funny or comical.
  4. Write a joke on a common misunderstanding or miscommunication.
  5. Make a joke on a unique character like Popeye the Sailor on the topic of love. (change character and topic to your liking as this prompt is only a suggested structure.)

Use these prompts to write jokes with UPDF now by clicking the below button.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

2. Writecream AI Joke Generator

The second in line for the best AI joke generators is Writecream. It is an AI writing tool that helps you generate new ideas for jokes and some actually usable jokes too.

Writecream offers a lot of value for creative people. It is based on an effective LLM which can generate new ideas and solve many content creation problems in a fraction of a second.

Key Features

The key features of Writecream include;

  • Writing jokes with one click
  • Generates unique ideas for jokes and stand-up comedy
  • Mostly free
  • Usable on all platforms


  • Free chatbot
  • A lot of free tools for different use cases
  • Creative enough to write comically and jokes
  • Free tool


  • Only basic AI tool features

Try Writecream today.

3. Leiizy AI Joke Generator

Leiizy is another AI tool that comes with a pre-build joke template. You can start right away with the jokes. Write funny lines and jokes, generate many ideas, and see which one sticks. Then further develop that idea.

Leiizy is certainly worth exploring for stand up comedian, party humorist, comic writers, or people interested in improving their humor.

Key Features

These are key features of Leiizy AI Joke Generator.

  • AI-powered with a large dataset behind
  • Able to create diverse jokes on many topics
  • Very easy to use
  • Fully customizable, you don't need a custom GPT for jokes when you have Leiizy


  • Templates for joke writing
  • No need to invest time in prompt writing with templates
  • Free tool


  • Limited capabilities

4. Easy-peasy.AI AI Joke Generator

Easy-peasy.AI is another AI joke generator that can be used to generate ideas for jokes.

This AI joke generator free tools include a template for writing jokes where you can write a topic and the tool will tell you a joke.

Since writing jokes is complex, the tool comes with GPT-4 capabilities. You can research  topic in the same place and make sure your joke is rock solid.

Key Features

These are key features of the Easy Peasy AI joke writer.


  • Easy to use because of the templates
  • Advance LLM model
  • Can be used for all types of writing including sales or creative


  • Advanced features need upgrade and payment

5. ChatGPT AI Joke Generator

Last is our pal ChatGPT. We all know this one. It is one of the best tools for writing jokes and humor.

Many AI joke writers use ChatGPT. You work on another surface but the data is coming from ChatGPT. So, we can say that it is better than most of the tools out there.

Key Features

These are key features of the ChatGPT AI joke generator.

  • One of the best for writing jokes
  • Works like a charm for writing and research
  • Advanced features are even more powerful for creative work


  • One of the best AI joke writers
  • Versatile for joke topics and styles
  • A large data set makes it able to understand humor


  • Limited control over generated content
  • Strong ethics policies that restrict creativity
  • Incongruity in humor

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Final Words

Almost all of the AI joke generators work similarly. The quality of a joke depends more on the person writing the prompt than the tool.

If you work hard on the prompt, phrase it right, and find a way around AI's ethical and moral limits, you can get good jokes.

At best, AI joke generators are idea generators. You will need to work on the jokes to make them presentable. For that, UPDF is your friend.

You can get joke ideas from UPDF AI, compile those ideas in a doc or PDF sheet for later consideration, share that PDF with others, and work on it however you like.

UPDF covers the whole cycle of creative writing and the joke writing process.

See how the UPDF AI jokes generator can help you create more efficiently. You can download the UPDF free trial version via the below button to try it today.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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