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How to Fill Out PDF Forms on Windows with Ease

The need to fill out PDF forms on Windows quickly and efficiently has never been more crucial. Whether for business, education, or personal use, mastering this skill can streamline your workflow and save valuable time. In this blog post, we'll explore various methods to fill out PDF forms on Windows, highlighting the advantages of tools like UPDF. Keep reading to discover the best way to manage your PDF forms with ease and precision.

Part 1. Can You Fill Out PDF Forms on Windows 10/11 for Free?

Yes, you can fill out PDF forms on Windows 10/11 for free. Windows provides a built-in option to manage PDF files without the need for third-party tools. This feature is accessible through the Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft Edge comes pre-installed on Windows 10 and Windows 11, serving as the default web browser and a versatile PDF viewer and editor. Users can open PDF forms directly in Microsoft Edge simply by double-clicking on the PDF file or right-clicking and selecting "Open with" followed by Microsoft Edge. Once the PDF form is opened in the browser, you can click on any text field within the form to start typing. After filling out the form, you can save your changes by clicking the "Save" icon or choosing "Save As" to create a new document with the entered information. This straightforward method ensures that filling out PDF forms is accessible and hassle-free for Windows users without additional software.

Part 2. How to Fill PDF Forms on Windows for Free without Adobe Acrobat

While the built-in features of Microsoft Edge provide a convenient way to fill out PDF forms on Windows, users seeking more advanced features might consider third-party applications like UPDF for Windows. UPDF offers a comprehensive set of tools for editing, annotating, converting, and organizing PDFs. Its interface allows for easy navigation and manipulation of PDF forms. However, it's important to note that while UPDF is available for free, the free trial version saves PDFs with watermarks. For those in need of advanced PDF editing and management capabilities, UPDF presents a compelling option. Consider trying UPDF for your PDF tasks and explore its robust features firsthand.

To fill out a PDF form using UPDF on Windows for free, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Download and install UPDF from its official website.

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  1. Open the PDF document you intend to fill out.
  2. Navigate to "Prepare Form" mode to activate the "Highlight Existing Fields" and "Form Field Recognition" options, facilitating the identification of fillable form fields.
fill out pdf form windows updf
  1. Next, switch to "Reader" or "Comment" mode to complete the form.
fill out pdf form windows updf
  1. If the form includes a digital signature field and you possess a certificate on your device, you can digitally sign your form using UPDF.
fill out pdf form windows updf
  1. If you need to modify the existing form, such as adding a text or digital signature field, enter "Prepare Form" mode and add them to your PDF.
fill out pdf form windows updf
  1. To preserve your completed form, access the "File" menu and opt for "Save" or "Save As." Keep in mind that documents saved using the free trial version will bear a watermark.
  2. Once finished, close UPDF.

UPDF also allows users to create fillable PDF forms from scratch, enhancing document interactivity and utility. This feature includes customizable properties for form fields such as text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, and drop-down lists. Users can specify field names, set field values, and adjust the appearance to tailor the form to specific needs.

Part 3. How to Fill PDF Forms on Windows with Adobe Acrobat

Transitioning from third-party tools like UPDF, another popular method for handling PDF forms on Windows is through Adobe Acrobat. Recognized as a leading solution in the PDF world, Adobe Acrobat offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed for creating, editing, and filling out PDF forms with precision and ease.

Filling out PDF forms using Adobe Acrobat on Windows is a seamless process, accommodating both interactive and non-interactive forms. Here's how you can navigate through this:

Step 1. Open your PDF form with Adobe Acrobat.

Step 2. Choose Fill & Sign tool from the right panel.

Step 3. Choose the "Fill, sign, and send" option if you only intend to fill out the PDF form.

Step 4. Click on the form field that you wish to fill, enter the text, or select the option if it is a drop-down menu.

fill out pdf form windows adobe

Step 5. Once you have finished, save the filled form.


    While it is convenient to fill out forms on Windows using Adobe Acrobat, it requires a subscription first, which comes at a high price.

For non-interactive (flat) forms, Adobe Acrobat's Fill & Sign tools allow you to manually add text and symbols anywhere on the form, making it versatile for all types of PDF documents.

Part 4. How to Fill Out PDF Forms Through a Browser for Free

After exploring the detailed process of filling out PDF forms using Adobe Acrobat, an alternative approach lies in utilizing web browsers. This method offers a free and accessible solution for managing PDF forms directly online, bypassing the need for specialized software. Let's dive into how browsers can streamline this task.

Filling out PDF forms through a browser, particularly on Windows 11, presents a straightforward and efficient method that eliminates the need for additional software. Here are the steps to utilize this native capability, predominantly through Microsoft Edge:

Step 1. Locate the PDF form on your computer and double-click to open it. If your system lacks other free PDF readers, Microsoft Edge will automatically launch and display the document. Alternatively, you can right-click on the PDF and choose Microsoft Edge to open it.

Step 2. Once the PDF is open in Edge, simply click or tap on the form fields. You'll notice that you can easily highlight and select these fields to type in your information.

fill out pdf form windows with browse

Step 3. After filling out the necessary fields, you have the option to save the edited PDF to your computer or print it out for a physical copy.

While this method is convenient, it comes with limitations.


  • It is only viable for PDFs that were created with fillable form fields.
  • Static PDFs, which are essentially images of forms without interactive fields, cannot be filled out using this method.
  • This restricts the usability of the browser method to a subset of PDF documents.

For those encountering limitations with browser-based solutions or dealing with static PDF forms, UPDF presents a comprehensive alternative. UPDF allows users not only to fill out any PDF form, whether interactive or static, but also offers extensive editing tools, document conversion options, and more, without the concern of document type limitations. Consider giving UPDF a try for a more flexible and powerful approach to managing your PDF needs.

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Part 5. Why Should You Choose UPDF for Fill Out PDF Forms on Windows

While the browser method offers a quick and easy solution for filling out certain types of PDF forms on Windows, it has its limitations, particularly with static PDFs. This brings us to consider more versatile tools like UPDF, which not only addresses these limitations but also provides a range of additional advanced features.

UPDF stands out as a comprehensive PDF solution for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android users, offering a broad spectrum of features beyond just filling and signing forms. Its editing capability allows users to modify text and images directly within the PDF document, ensuring that adjustments can be made easily and efficiently. Annotation tools allow users to add comments, highlights, and notes, enhancing collaboration and review processes. UPDF also prioritizes document security, providing options to protect PDFs with passwords and permission settings. Its AI assistant makes it much easier to summarize, translate, and explain PDF content.

fill out pdf form windows updf ai

The software incorporates advanced AI technology, which facilitates smarter document handling and processing. Conversion and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) features are particularly noteworthy, allowing for the transformation of PDFs into various file formats while making scanned documents searchable and editable. Batch processing and document organization further streamline workflow efficiency.

fill out pdf form windows ocr updf

Moreover, UPDF offers file compression without significant loss of quality, alongside versatile viewing options that enhance user experience. Cloud integration ensures accessibility and management of documents across devices, solidifying UPDF as a potent tool for comprehensive PDF management on Windows.

fill out pdf form windows updf fill
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Navigating through the myriad of options to fill out PDF forms on Windows can be daunting. However, with tools like UPDF, the process becomes not just manageable but efficient. As we've explored, UPDF stands out for its comprehensive features, from editing to cloud integration, making it a top choice for anyone looking to handle PDFs with ease. Embrace the simplicity and power of UPDF to elevate your document management experience. Try it today and transform how you work with PDFs.

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