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5 Photo Scanner Apps For iOS Devices: Exploring Five Best Picks

From uploading your professional documents to scanning everyday receipts, there could be so many reasons for using a photo scanner app. Since the inbuilt camera app of your iPhone might not scan any image properly, you should consider using a dedicated app for this instead. After all, with the best photo scanner app, you can easily scan an image and even convert it into different formats (like PDF or JPG). Therefore, in this post will let you know about some of the best photo scanner apps that you can readily use to meet your requirements.

A List of the Top 5 Photo Scanner App

App 1: UPDF: The Best Photo Scanner App for iPhone

From all the available solutions, UPDF for iOS is the best photo scanner app that you can easily use on your iOS device. Since it is a photo scanner app, you can use it to scan multiple images and even convert them to a supported PDF format without any hassle.

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  • Directly Capture and Scan your Photos

Scanning any image with UPDF is extremely easy. Simply launch the UPDF application on your iOS device and tap on the "+" icon from the bottom. Now, you can choose to scan an image using the built-in camera of your iPhone. The application will let you adjust the frame accordingly so that you can easily scan your documents or anything else.

  • Convert to PDF from Photos

Apart from that, UPDF can also be used to create PDF documents from images. Once you launch UPDF, you can import photos from the Photos app. Then just tap the "…" or long-press the photo in UPDF, click on the "Convert to PDF" button. In this way, you can scan the photos directly convert them to a PDF document.

  • Tons of Other Features

Apart from that, UPDF offers tons of other resourceful features. For instance, you can upload multiple files to UPDF Cloud, convert them to PDF documents, make annotations as you want and edit text or image on PDF. You can also lock your important PDF files to protect them from data breaches. There are also options to manage and share your files in different ways.


  • Extremely easy to use with tons of PDF management features
  • UPDF supports a free and direct scanning of photos
  • It has a security space to protect the files
  • You can set a passkey to open UPDF app
  • You can merge PDFs together
  • You can edit text in PDF, markup PDF, and sign PDF documents

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If you want to learn more about UPDF for iOS, watch this video:

Learn more about UPDF File Manager and Scanner >>

App 2: Photo Scan App by Photomyne

If you want to do a free photo scanner app download, then you can simply explore this option from Photomyne. The tool is extremely simple to use and will let you directly scan any photo on iPhone or other iOS devices.

Just launch this best photo scanner app in 2020 and let it use your iPhone's camera to scan an image. It will display relevant frames so that you can easily edge out unwanted parts of the image. Later, you can even use its built-in filters to enhance the overall quality of your image.


  • The app has numerous filters that can automatically improve the quality of your photos.
  • Overall, it is quite easy to scan and save your photos with the Photomyne app.


  • Some features are limited to its premium subscription (that would cost around $39.99 annually). 

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Learn more about Photo Scan App by Photomyne

App 3: CamScanner: A Perfect PDF Scanner App

From scanning your ID cards to converting Word files to PDF, CamScanner is a complete app that would let you do it all. You can use the camera of your iPhone to scan any photo, document, ID card, and so much more.

Later, you can even edit the scanned photo or use the built-in filters of CamScanner to get better results. If you are using the premium version of this best photo scanner app of 2020, then you can even sign your documents and convert them to different formats.


  • CamScanner offers a wide range of scanning and conversion options
  • Comes with an inbuilt OCR feature


  • Expensive (will cost $4.99 monthly)

Learn more about CamScanner >>

App 4: PhotoScan by Google Photos

Developed by Google, this is one of the best photo scanner apps to preserve your old pictures. Using this remarkable app, you can simply scan your old photos and keep them safe on Google Photos.

The app uses remarkable photo restoration techniques that would give your old and distorted pictures a new life. If you want, you can also use tons of other filters and features to further improve your images and manage them in different ways.


  • Fast and reliable processing
  • Can also be used to manage your photos via face recognition


  • No option to convert your scanned photos into PDF formats

Learn more about PhotoScan by Google Photos >>

App 5: Microsoft Lens: Photo to PDF Scanner

Lastly, if you simply wish to scan handwritten notes or images, then you can also use Microsoft Lens. This is a free photo scanner app that can be used to scan and load your receipts, ID cards, notes, and so much more.

Since Microsoft Lens offers an inbuilt OCR feature, you can use it to scan and even edit your files however you like. Later, you can even directly export your documents to other formats such as PPT, XLS, and DOC.


  • Fast processing and easy to use
  • Inbuilt OCR PDF features


  • Limited features compared to other apps

Learn more about Microsoft Lens Photo to PDF Scanner >>


As you can see, with the best photo scanner app, it is super easy to scan any image and save it in a preferred format on your iOS device. While there are so many options out there, I would recommend using UPDF as an ideal photo scanner app that can help you scan your images and save them as PDF documents. Since it is a free photo scanner app, it won't cost you a dime to scan your images with UPDF and you can even use its advanced features to protect and share your PDF files on the go.

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