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Annotate PDF on iPads & iPhones – A Professional Guide (iOS 17 Suited)

Annotations in a PDF file help the users in a great way. If you want to review a PDF document, you can add comments and sticky notes to it. This will help the reader to understand the major key points of the content through the written notes. Moreover, if you want to memorize a complicated paragraph, you can use the highlighter to mark important content.

Thus, to access all the annotation features, you would need a professional PDF editor. By reading this article, you can learn how to annotate PDF on iPad with the help of a powerful editor known as UPDF. This will assist you in editing and modifying your PDF documents comfortably on your iPad.

Part 1: Can You Annotate a PDF on iPad?

Yes, you can easily annotate PDF files on your iPad. However, the built-in PDF editor on your iPad may not provide you with all the advanced features. That's why you should download an annotate PDF iOS app on your iPad, like UPDF for iOS, to annotate the file effortlessly. By utilizing this blazing-fast tool, the formatting of your PDF file won't get changed. Moreover, you would be able to access all the advanced annotating features on your iPad.

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Part 2: How Do You Annotate PDF on iPad?

Are you ready to use the best app to annotate PDFs on your iPad? Here are the detailed steps you can follow to add annotations to your PDF file on your iPad:

Step 1: Launch the Document on UPDF

Once you have downloaded UPDF on your iPad, open the app and tap on the "+" icon to import the PDF file. You can either import your PDF file from Photos, Files, or through your Computer.

Step 2: Highlight the Important Content

Once done with opening the PDF, tap on the "Comment" icon. From there, you can use different tools to highlight the specific content, such as a pencil, marker, and highlighter. You can also change the color of your selected tool according to your choice.

Step 3: Write on the PDF

Now tap on the "Pen" icon to write on your PDF file. From the menu, you can also select "Text" to insert a text box, text comment, or text callout on your PDF. Next, you can add the content in the text box and expand it according to your document requirement.

Step 4: Save the Changes to your PDF

You can also add different shapes in a PDF to make the outlook of your document more attractive. With this PDF annotator, you can precisely draw circles, rectangles, or squares and can also change the color. After making all the changes, tap on the "Save" button on the drop-down icon to save the annotations.

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Part 3: How to Remove All Annotations from Your iPad?

Do you want to eliminate the added annotations on PDF from your iPad? Using UPDF, you can efficiently remove the annotations from your PDF file within a few minutes, presented as follows:

Step 1: Reverse the Added Annotations

If you are creating annotations on your PDF file, you can always use the "Reverse" arrow displayed on top. It will help you to eradicate the changes made quickly.

Step 2: Use the Eraser Tool

Furthermore, if you want to delete the annotations from your saved PDF file, first open that file. Tap the annotation and click on "Delete" to remove the annotation.

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Part 4: How to Annotate PDF on iPhone?

Apart from using UPDF on iPad, you can also launch this app on your iPhone. To use UPDF for adding annotations on iPhone, check the following steps:

Step 1: Access the Highlighting Tools

Launch UPDF on your iPhone and hit the "+" icon to import your desired document. After opening the PDF file on UPDF, go to the "Comment" feature. After accessing this feature, you can use different annotation tools to highlight the important text of your document. It also provides the feature to write on the PDF using the "Pen" option.

Step 2: Save the Annotated PDF

The method of saving the annotation is also very easy with this PDF tool because you just have to press the "Save" button to save the edits.

Part 5: What is the Best PDF Annotation App for iPad and iPhone?

UPDF is undoubtedly the best PDF annotation app for iPad and iPhone, through which you can add annotations to your PDF files. Here are the key features of UPDF that can help you in modifying your PDF file:

  • Different Options to Open Files: On UPDF, you can easily open your PDF document from your Computer, Photos, or Files. It also contains a folder of "Recents" that will provide you with all the recently opened PDF files.
  • Trash Folder: Even if you have deleted the PDF file on your iPad or iPhone, you can still access it from the Trash folder. You can access the deleted files in this folder for 30 days.
  • Create PDFs from Scratch: On UPDF, you can instantly create PDF files from scratch. It offers different options such as "Blank PDF," "Lines PDF," "Grid PDF," and "Graph PDF." 
  • Multiple Color Options for Marker: If you want to highlight content using the highlighter, there are various options to change its color. You can also change the color from different options such as Grid, Spectrum, and Sliders.

Part 6: FAQs on Annotating PDF on iPad?

1. Can You Write on a PDF with a Stylus iPad?

Yes, you can write on a PDF with a stylus iPad effortlessly. The annotating features of UPDF contain the pencil and marker option that can help you write or draw on the PDF.

2. How Do You Annotate PDFs on iPad with a Pencil?

On UPDF, you can find the "Pen" option on the "Comment" icon to annotate your PDF efficiently. You can also change the color of the pencil. Moreover, you can also use the eraser tool if you want to delete the annotations.

3. Why Can't I Write on My PDF on iPad?

If you are unable to write on your PDF file, there can be a problem with your PDF editing app. Thus, you should ensure to use a compatible and trustworthy PDF editing app like UPDF. Moreover, you can also face restrictions on a PDF from editing because of the permission password. For this, you should contact the receiver of the PDF file to remove the restriction from a PDF file.

4. Where is the Comment Button in PDF?

If you are opening your PDF file through UPDF, you can find the "Comment" button on the bottom right side. By selecting this option, you can add annotations to your PDF without a hassle.

5. How Do I Enable Pencil in PDF?

On your iPad, launch UPDF and import the desired PDF file in this tool. Afterward, you can navigate to its "Comment" button to enable the pen option for writing or drawing on your document.


iPad is easy to carry and can help you annotate your PDF documents flawlessly. If you want a compatible PDF editor for your iPad, this article has highlighted the best PDF annotation app for your iPad. This guide has helped you find out how to annotate your PDF file by using multiple advanced options. Thus, UPDF is a must-have tool that can increase your work efficiency.

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