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What Is GPT-4? Everything You Need To Know

On 30th November 2022, it was first time that the world got introduced to ChatGPT. OpenAI, an artificial intelligence company, unleashed this version and transformed the AI world forever. In just a short span of time, it attracted millions of users from top-tier financial sectors to education systems to witness the capabilities of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT ruled the AI world till 14th March 2023, before its updated module GPT-4, an even more powerful AI tool, came into the spotlight. What is it? And how does it differentiate it from ChatGPT? Read this article and learn all you need to know about GPT-4.

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Part 1. What is GPT-4

As the name itself suggests, "Chat" indicates interacting with someone. But in this case, that someone is the computer interface. However, when it comes to the GPT 4, it reads as "Generative Pretrained Transformer 4". It is the fourth in-line iteration of the OpenAI with a wide array of knowledge. It is a multimodal AI tool that can produce image and command content.

The GPT-4 is programmed in such a way that you can also use it to refine the writing projects for technical purposes. It also serves to write songs and screenplays in a completely creative way. Let's have a glaze at its various features.

ChatGPT 4 Parameters and Features

  • Deep Scale Learning: Scaled up deep learning with enhanced AI safety and security. More than 50 experts have given their input to it.
  • Response Rates: Produces 40% more accurate responses and 82% fewer responses for unallowed content.
  • Advanced Performance: Gives advanced reasoning to solutions and has increased command-following abilities.
  • Aids in Data Generation: Offers training data generation for evaluations and monitoring.

Part 2. Is GPT-4 the Same as ChatGPT? What're the Differences?

ChatGPT and GPT-4 differentiate from each other on a wide level. The letter exhibits academic and professional performance on high-level benchmarks. The whole performance is based on the human level. To differentiate them more, a simulated bar exam was taken from both. GPT-4 accumulated a place in the top 10%, while ChatGPT accumulated in the bottom 10%.

From this, we can imagine that GPT-4 outperforms ChatGPT in every manner. For better clarification, have a look at their comparison below.

Data ModalIt is unimodal and takes input only from the textIt is multimodal and generates information from both images and texts
Query SolvingThe solutions to the queries can sometimes be wrong or trickedHard to be tricked due to the updated modal and an extensive knowledge
Language SupportRestricted to a very low number of languagesUnderstands the languages on a larger extent and various platforms
Word and Tokens LimitAble to process around 8,000 words or 4,096 tokensAble to handle around 64,000 words or 32,768 tokens in total

Part 3. ChatGPT 3 vs ChatGPT 4

The closer the GPT-4 release date came, the more rumors about its efficiency and capabilities started to spread. However, when it finally came before the world, it changed people's perceptions and enabled them to benefit from AI data on a much larger scale than ChatGPT 3.

When comparing both, GPT-4 turns out to be the winner in every case. Following this, let's get into more detail and compare both comprehensively:

Enlarged Data Set

GPT-4 contains more data than its counterpart, and it is one of the main key differences. GPT-4 has 45 GB of the data set, whereas ChatGPT 3 only has 17 GB. That means when it comes to providing the data, GPT-4 is a preferable choice.

Bigger Model

The model size for every AI tool carries significant importance. ChatGPT 3 model size is comprised of 175 billion parameters. That is indeed a huge database, but OpenAI has looked a way forward and has expanded the parameters to 1.6 trillion for GPT-4. That makes GPT-4 a better choice when it comes to solving complex data.

Much Optimized Results

Both AI models apply high-end algorithms that enhance the credibility of the generated data. The results produced are of much higher quality and optimized. The algorithms also improve the accuracy of machine learning models.


The speed of the models generating the data highly depends on the GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) and TPU (Tensor Processing Unit). They both are used to optimize the graphical performance of the model. The GPUs and TPUs in GPT 4 are more powerful and help to generate content much faster.

Despite the differences, both models use the same algorithm and are excellent choices for delivering fast-paced and accurate data.

Part 4. How Badly Can GPT-4 Affect the Current Market?

The introduction of GPT-4 has surely caused excitement in each corner of the tech world. Its impressive capabilities help out people with complex tax-related situations and even score in the top 10% of bar exams. Along with this, some concerns are arising regarding the potential risks it can offer in the near future.

The "emergent behavior" or unexpected skillset is a major concern. With the leveled-up algorithms, it learns to code all by itself, and as it is trained to act pleasant and be helpful to people, it turns out to be creepy or manipulative in some cases. There have been rumors that OpenAI has been working seamlessly to figure out and eliminate the potential risks, but they haven't come out with any.

However, keeping aside the potential risks, it is an exceptional tool for performing all kinds of cultural, scientific, and educational productions. It can help to increase productivity in many fields and can also help out scientists in making new drugs.

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Part 5. How Can We Improve Productivity with GPT-4

GPT-4 helps you produce much more creative and comprehensive writing through word suggestions and politeness of characters. If you have been struggling with writing or need help developing new ideas, GPT-4 is your go-to choice.

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In addition, this will increase the productivity of your data, and you can ZIP it to make it more manageable and easier to shift files.

Key Points to Use GPT-4 and UPDF Altogether

  • Editing: You can type in the command in GPT-4, and as soon as it provides the results, you copy the data and save it to open with the UPDF. Next, you can edit PDF texts and images and add links and watermarks to your documented data. To make it more productive, you can add headers, footers, and the background as needed.
  • Annotating: If you have some important data from the GPT-4 and need to outline it, you can use the UPDF annotate feature to highlight and underline the necessary information and strikethrough the unnecessary information. Reviewers can add comments, text callouts, or sticky notes to write down the key points when getting feedback. To make it more interactive, you can add stickers and stamps to your final PDF document.
  • Converting: If you have copied the text data from GPT-4 but would rather want it in another format, you can save the data into any format file with the conversion feature. All office file formats and XML, CSV, RTF, and HTML are supported.
  • OCR: If you mistakenly saved the data from GPT-4 in PDF form and cannot edit it, then the OCR feature in UPDF enables you to convert your read-only documents into editable form. If the data is sensitive, and you want people only to read it, UPDF enables you to convert it into the image-only format.
  • Organizing: If you have copied the bulk of data from the AI model and faced difficulty organizing it, then UPDF can assist you in organizing its pages, from adding new ones to deleting unnecessary pages in PDF. You can also set the orientation of the documents based on your requirements.

Part 6. FAQs on GPT-4

Is GPT-4 released? What's the GPT-4 release date?

Yes, the GPT-4 has been already released on 14th March 2023. The new model can deal with images as well as text data.

Is GPT-4 free?

No, it is not. Unlike ChatGPT, you cannot use GPT-4 unless you subscribe to ChatGPT Plus. It costs $20 to get premium access.

What does GPT-4 do?

GPT-4 has been released to optimize people's queries much more effectively. It follows the user's intentions and generates much more truthful and less offensive output results.

How much better is GPT-4 than GPT-3?

GPT-4 is much more competent than its counterparts. It can score at a 40% higher rate in factuality evaluations. The database of GPT-4 is around 28 GB more than that of ChatGPT 3.

Where can I get GPT-4?

You can get ChatGPT-4 via API, and it is only for ChatGPT Plus users. If you have encountered any issues, here are our top 10 Chatgpt issues and fixes.


Since the release of ChatGPT 3, the tech world has had a complete turnaround. It overtook almost every task and helped people solve their months of pending tasks within minutes, and now with GPT-4, things have only gotten much easier. With a larger database set and a trillion parameters, it is the perfect choice to learn a variety of skill sets and be more creative in your fields.

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