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A Comprehensive Guide on How to Create a Bank Statement

Bank statements are official monthly records of charges, deposits, withdrawals, closing amounts, and the remaining balance of an account holder. Suppose you have lost your original auto-generated bank statement and require a replacement for record-keeping or other purposes. In this situation, an account holder can request a bank for a duplicate official statement of their financial condition.

As a financial officer, if you are asked to create a bank statement online and it's a new task, this guide can help you throughout the process. Here, you can explore how to create a bank statement through detailed instructions, whether you need it for legal documentation, a loan, or a rental application.     

Part 1. What is a Bank Statement?

In simple terms, a bank statement is an official document summarizing an account’s monthly transactions in a paper or digital format. It contains checking and saving information, including lists of deposits, withdrawals, deductions, and account numbers, and is usually sent by a bank to the account holder. They are also called transaction summaries and account statements, which can be found monthly via online banking.

Besides, they are considered an essential source of tracking funds, spending habits, payment errors, and fraudulent transactions for an account holder. Typically, you can access bank statements from the institution’s official site or request a monthly paper document delivered to your address. That’s where newly joined bankers look for how to make a bank statement PDF and dispatch them to their clients.

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Part 2. How to Create a Bank Statement with UPDF

For bank statements, PDF is a standard format used because of its universal compatibility, printability, and password protection. Therefore, AI-powered PDF editors such as UPDF are incredible platforms for creating bank statements with personalized editing, layouts, and end-to-end encryption. It’s an intelligent solution for enhancing and digitizing the workflow of banking and financial institutions. You can download UPDF via the below button to check its features.

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Overall, UPDF can create a PDF, modify an existing PDF, annotate a PDF, and allows you to add digital or electronic signatures to PDF documents. Moreover, you can rearrange PDF pages, crop them, replace them, rotate them, and add passwords to protect them from unauthorized access.

To gain the maximum out of UPDF, you should shift to UPDF Pro by purchasing an account to streamline your professional tasks. Notably, it is a sale season, and you can avail yourself of up to 61% off on a UPDF subscription, which you can use on 4 devices simultaneously. Unlike other software, you aren't asked to pay extra for using an account on mobile phones and desktop devices, so hurry up and buy it today.        

Let’s learn how to create bank statements using UPDF with the help of the instructions given below. Here, you will go through a journey of making bank statements from a blank document to customizing and finalizing an official document.

Step 1: Launch UPDF and Create a Blank Page to Begin

Download UPDF on your computer by pressing the “Free Download” button and signing in using your credentials to access its user-friendly interface. Now, go to the top-left side and choose the "File" option to place your cursor at the "Create" option.

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Then, click the “Blank Page” option from the following extended menu and get a pop-up screen. Using it, insert a “File Name,” choose “Number of Page,” “ Orientation,” and “Page Size” before pressing the “Create” button.

Step 2: Edit PDF by Adding Text, Images, or Links

Direct to the left-side panel and select the “Edit PDF” option to enter edit mode. Access the “Text” option from the top and add a text box anywhere on the bank statement to add account holder information. Press the “Image” icon, tap anywhere on the screen, and import an image/logo from your computer. Also, you can use the “Link” icon to add hyperlinks to the text and direct account holders to read specific policies.

Step 3: Use the Comment Icon and Add a Signature in PDF

Finally, head to the left side panel and click the “Comment” mode to add a handwritten signature to the bank statement. Then, choose the “Signature” option and press the “Create” button to get a pop-up window. Later, use your cursor and draw your signatures or type your signature to insert into the document via the “Create” button.   

Part 3. How to Create a Bank Statement with AI

UPDF isn't limited to generating a bank statement from existing information because you can use UPDF AI to create a fake bank statement from scratch. In this regard, one can also ask UPDF AI to produce an outline of the bank statement, which can be copied and edited in the editing mode. If you also wish to increase your productivity, you can consult the given stepwise guide to learn the process.

Step 1: Access UPDF and Create a Blank PDF Page

Launch UPDF and access the “File” option from the top-left side of its main interface. Following that, choose the “Create” option and obtain a pop-up file creation settings menu after tapping the “Blank Page” option. Now, assign parameters to create a document and hit the “Create” button to get a blank canvas.  

Step 2: Open UPDF AI and Insert Prompt to Generate Outline  

Navigate to the bottom-right corner and click the “UPDF AI” icon to launch the innovative AI chatbot of UPDF. There, access the “Chat” tab from the top and go to the “Prompt” section at the bottom to add your prompt asking to create a bank statement outline. After adding instructions, hit the “Send” icon and instantly get results by UPDF AI.

Step 3: Copy-paste the Generated Outline and Save it After Customization

Copy the generated AI results via the “Copy” icon below your prompt and paste it into the blank sheet by accessing the “Edit PDF” mode and adding a text box. Lastly, fill in the blanks with personal details such as account number, transaction dates, and amount.

Also, you can rearrange information as required and customize it via italic, bold, or highlight tools. Afterward, choose the “File” option and save the bank statement to your computer via the “Save” option.  

Part 4. How to Create a Bank Statement with Templates

Alternatively, you can create your own bank statement through predesigned outline templates available on online websites. Some websites offering bank statement templates are TemplateLab, Jotform SIGN, SCRIBD, and DocHub. Through these websites, you can customize a digital bank statement by just adding your transaction details and other information.   

If you fail to edit a bank statement and end up getting an image or scanned document, you can use UPDF to personalize the document. For this purpose, you can use the AI-powered OCR feature of this tool that can make scanned documents or images into editable and searchable PDFs for endless customization.  

FAQs About Creating a Bank Statement

1. How do I create a bank statement in PDF?

If you want to learn how to create a bank statement effortlessly, UPDF can help you with simpler operations. You can get a blank page and create fillable fields to add information, signatures, and images through the step-by-step guide above. Besides, users can adopt a shorter way with UPDF AI, where they can generate different bank statement outlines and paste them into a blank page for further editing.

2. How do I create a bank statement online?

To create a bank statement online, you can visit an online website containing bank statement document templates like SignNow or pdfFiller. There, you can edit them to personalize them to your desired extent and then download them to your computer for printing or dispatching to clients.

3. Can I print my own bank statement?

Indeed, the account holder can print their bank statements, and this is done more easily through UPDF. You only need to download your bank statement obtained through an e-mail or any other source and open it in UPDF. Then, click the "File" tab from the top-left side and choose "Print" from the list to access the PDF printer. Adjust the printing parameter from countless aspects and hit the "Print" button to get a paper form of your bank statement.


Overall, this article sheds light on bank statement documents and how to create a bank account at Lloyds in stepwise guides. Upon reading, you can make bank statements through UPDF and its AI technology or by using predesigned templates based on your convenience. If you face trouble inferring a faster, more reliable, and more flexible method, you should try UPDF to design a document or create it through AI.

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