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How to Translate PDF from English to Portuguese? (For All Your Cases)

Do you want to send your PDF sample work to a Portuguese client in his local language or the Portuguese University demanding your education record in Portuguese? We have the solution to your problem. Simply make use of a PDF translation tool to translate PDF English to Portuguese to fulfill the demands of any admission or customer acquisition process.

You can even translate scanned PDF documents such as your degree and other certificates with the help of these tools. All-in-all, these English-to-Portuguese translators will ease your problem in every case. In this article, we'll discuss the 6 best ways to translate any PDF from English to Portuguese.

Part 1. 5 Ways to Translate PDF from English to Portuguese With UPDF AI

UPDF is one of the best translators available in the market with its AI-integrated features and industry-standard translation accuracy. Anyone without the know-how to operate a tool can use this PDF translation software due to its user-friendly interface. Moreover, the "Chat" and "Ask PDF" modes of UPDF AI provide ChatGPT-level innovation and accuracy while dealing with translation prompts.

You can even translate scanned PDFs and images from English to Portuguese with the help of the OCR conversion feature of this tool. In this section, we'll discuss 5 different ways through which you can translate PDF from English to Portuguese using this software. Download UPDF now to try the following diverse range of methods for accurate translation.

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Way 1. Translate PDF from English to Portuguese Via Selecting Texts

UPDF has made the translation process as easy as highlighting the text in PDF or Word file. With its unique AI-powered feature, this tool allows you to translate your English content to Portuguese within a matter of a few clicks. All you have to do is follow these simple steps to carry out any translation-related work.

Step 1: Select Content You Want to Translate in Portuguese

After uploading your PDF sample work or documents written in English on UPDF, click on the "Reader" or "Comment" icons to highlight the content you want to translate into Portuguese. On highlighting the text, you'll see a pop-up toolbar containing the UPDF AI feature.

Step 2: Choose Translate Prompt on UPDF AI  

Following the appearance of the toolbar, hit the "Dropdown" icon adjacent to the UPDF AI prompt. Finally, you can hover over the "Translate" prompt to select Portuguese as the output language. Once the translation is done, add it to your file as a sticky note.

Way 2. Translate PDF from English to Portuguese Via Copying And Translate Prompt

Users aren't limited to just a single method to translate PDF English to Portuguese in UPDF. There are various ways through which you can achieve this objective. Copying your text and giving a UPDF AI prompt to translate it is one such method. You can use a download UPDF PDF translator to perform this method with these convenient guidelines:

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Step 1: Open UPDF AI to Begin the Translation Process

First and foremost, upload your English PDF on UPDF to translate it into Portuguese. Then proceed to click on the "UPDF AI" icon to enter the “Chat” mode of this tool. Afterward, you can select the "Translate" prompt in the UPDF AI dropdown menu and choose the Portuguese language.  

Step 2: Paste the English Content for Translating into Portuguese

Once you've prompted the UPDF AI to translate the content, copy and paste the text from your PDF documents and then press the "Enter" key to get your content translated from English to Portuguese.

Way 3. Translate PDF from English to Portuguese Via Chat With UPDF AI

UPDF AI can also act as ChatGPT to handle your English-to-Portuguese translation prompts. With the Chat mode of this software, it is now easier than ever to translate PDFs from English to Portuguese. Users just have to follow these easy steps to complete this translation process.

Step 1: Enter Ask PDF mode of UPDF AI

To kick start the process, import your English PDF on the UPDF PDF editor. Afterward, click on the UPDF AI icon and then hit the "Ask PDF" tab.

Step 2: Select and Paste English Text in Ask PDF mode

Following this, copy the text you want to translate into Portuguese from PDF and paste it into the text box present in the Chat mode of this tool. Chat Mode has the capability to act as ChatGPT, so you can add any content in this mode to translate it into Portuguese.

Step 3: Write Translation Prompt after Pasting Text

Once you’ve pasted the content in the text, write a prompt to translate your English text to Portuguese. Just after your pasted text, write “Translate to Portuguese” and press the “Enter” key to get the translated text in the chat window.

Why not download UPDF and follow the below steps to try it now?

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Video Tutorial on How to Translate PDF to Any Language on Windows

Way 4. Translate Scanned PDF from English to Portuguese Via OCR and UPDF AI

You can also utilize the optical character recognition technology present in this tool to translate English content in your scanned PDFs to Portuguese. If you’ve some documents or screenshots you want to translate, follow these steps to translate them with full accuracy.

Step 1: Access the OCR Feature to Convert Scanned PDFs

Firstly, upload your English documents on UPDF to start the process of translating these scanned PDFs. Then proceed to hit the “Recognize Text Using OCR” tool to convert your images or scanned PDF to an editable file document.

Step 2: Choose a Language to Recognize with OCR Function

Following this, select the language of your content to make it easy for the OCR tool to recognize text in the document. Afterward, you have to confirm the OCR settings and hit the “Perform OCR” option to complete the conversion of the scanned PDF.

Step 3: Translate the Converted PDF with UPDF AI

Finally, you can utilize any of the first three methods explained in this article to translate PDF English to Portuguese with the help of UPDF AI.

Way 5. Translate the Entire PDF from English to Portuguese Via Converting and UPDF AI  

Users don't have to select and paste paragraph after paragraph from PDFs to translate them into Portuguese. UPDF has an excellent convert feature with the help of which users can first convert their English PDFs to Word format and then select the whole content in a single go to translate PDF English to Portuguese. With the help of these clearly explained steps, anyone can carry out this procedure.

Step 1: Convert English PDF to Word Format

First of all, you need to add your PDF containing English content to UPDF. After which, you can access the "Export PDF" tool on the right panel on your screen and click on the "Word (DOCX)" format to open the new settings window. On this window, adjust the settings for the conversion and hit the "Export" button to finish the conversion.

Step 2: Open the Converted File and Copy the English Content

Afterward, you have to file your converted file on your desktop and open it as a Word document. Once the file is opened, press the "Control/Command + A" keys at the same time to select the whole text in the file in one go. Following this, you can copy all of the content irrespective of the length of the text.

Step 3: Paste and Translate the Text into Portuguese  

Once the text is copied from the Word file, open UPDF again, click “UPDF AI” icon and paste that text into the "Chat" message box. Afterward, you have to write the "Translate into Portuguese" command to translate the whole content into the desired language with one click.

With these 5 ways, you can translate PDF from English to Portuguese in seconds. Just download UPDF via the below button and try these five ways per your needs.

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Part 2. Translate PDF from English to Portuguese Online Via DeftPDF

DeftPDF can translate English content from any file format, including PDF, Word, and PowerPoint, to the Portuguese language. It can even translate scanned PDFs with the help of specialized OCR technology. Moreover, this online tool has a fully encrypted system to take care of your privacy.

However, after translating 3 pages for free, it charges extra money for further translations. Users can translate PDFs from English to Portuguese with the assistance of these clearly explained steps. Let's get a proper understanding of how this tool actually works.   

Step 1: Start the process by uploading your English PDF document on DeftPDF. You can upload the document directly from your device as well as from Google Drive and Dropbox. Once you've added the PDF to this tool, it's time to choose the language of your content English, and the output language as, Portuguese, to let the tool do its magic.

Step 2: At the end, hit the "Translate" button to get the download link for your output file. With the help of these easy-to-follow steps, you can translate any PDF file.

Part 3. Which Way is Better?

After everything we’ve discussed in the article, you must have realized the best way for you to translate PDF from English to Portuguese. If you still have any doubts left in this regard, explore the following table to clearly see the superiority of UPDF as an all-in-one PDF editor.

Supported SystemsWindows, macOS, iOS, AndroidOnline
Scanned PDF Translation
AI-Integrated System
Convert and Translate PDFs
Ask PDF (AI Mode)
Explain Terms
Summarize PDF
One-Time Payment

With all these multi-dimensional features and an affordable pricing range, UPDF is a perfect solution to your every PDF need, including the translation of files. DeftPDF, with the rate of $ 1/ page, can prove to be an expensive option when you deal with PDFs regularly. If you want to purchase the UPDF Pro and UPDF AI Pro, you can check the pricing page.

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Closing Thoughts

Translating your PDF documents and PDF sample work into the local language of the client gives you a big professional advantage over other competitors. You can utilize any of the above-mentioned tools to translate PDF English to Portuguese.

All of these tools and methods will prove equally effective in giving an accurate translation of your text. However, considering everything mentioned in the article, UPDF stands as a clear dominant force in this industry. Download UPDF now to get benefit from this multi-dimensional PDF translator.

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