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Unlocking Creativity with Shortly AI: Features, Costs, User Insights, And Alternatives

When writing a fictional or nonfiction piece, there comes that moment when the next few words or paragraphs just don't come naturally. While this is a regular aspect of creative writing that every writer has to deal with personally, it doesn't bode well for productivity when multiple tasks are to be completed. 

Here is where Shortly AI comes in. With a promise to revolutionize how we create content, this AI-powered writing assistant makes some bold claims. But can it back them up with results? You'll find out in this article.

In this piece, we explore the features and capabilities of Shortly AI and where it stands in the AI space. Additionally, we look at GPT-4 Powered UPDF AI as an alternative to Shortly AI, examining how both AI assistants stack up against each other in various respects. UPDF also offers a blend of features that can elevate creativity if you try UPDF AI now.

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What is Shortly AI?

Shortly AI is a GPT3-based AI writing assistant designed by Qasim Munye to help writers overcome writer's block and streamline content creation. It uses advanced artificial intelligence technologies to expand ideas or develop thoughts into fully fleshed, high-quality content. This content may range from blog posts and articles to short stories and promotional pieces. 

Per its developers' description, Shortly AI can understand a user's writing style, adapt to it, and recommend contextual suggestions based on the preceding text, all with the click of a button. 

Shortly AI Features

When it comes to AI assistants, there are some basic capabilities users have grown accustomed to and expect, such as natural language understanding and generation. Shortly AI fulfills these parameters with its array of innovative features designed to cater to the writing needs of diverse groups. These include:

· Adaptive Writing Assistance

Adaptive writing is perhaps the greatest perk of Shortly AI. It can understand and adjust to the writing patterns of each user, be you a copywriter, student, or author. Do you want professional articles with a formal tone or informative blogs with a casual style? Shortly AI can learn from your inputs to provide contextual and coherent suggestions that complete your thought processes.

· Intuitive Interface

The user interface or Shortly AI is designed with a seamless user experience in mind. The web app comes with a minimalist interface that makes it accessible for writers of all skill levels, even those new to using generative AI.

· Real-Time Editing

Shortly, AI shows real-time suggestions to users as they type. This real-time feedback can help writers improve the text by recommending grammar corrections, stylistic improvements, and tonal changes.

· Versatile Content Creation

Shortly AI writing assistant can support a wide range of content types regardless of the intended audience. It can craft compelling narrative pieces, personal and official correspondence letters, as well as informative articles on specific topics.

· Research Assistance

Shortly AI can help writers research a range of topics while writing. It aggregates and summarizes relevant information into coherent paragraphs that flow naturally with already inputted text.

Is Shortly AI Free?

If you are conversant with the many types of generative AI out there today, you might expect AI assistants to have some form of a free plan at the bare minimum. Shortly AI doesn't disappoint in this regard. It has a free limited trial period that allows you to test out the tools. However, Shortly AI is not free. In order to utilize the AI's full capabilities and features for a continued period, you have to subscribe to the premium plan. 

Shortly AI Pricing: How Much Does Shortly AI Cost?

As mentioned, to enjoy the full features of Shortly, one has to subscribe to the premium plan. Here, a prospective user has one of two options: a monthly premium plan or an annual plan. Both Shortly AI pricing plans come with the full range of Shortly AI features and can be canceled at any time; however, they differ slightly in how they are priced.

On the monthly subscription plan, users are billed a flat fee of $79 monthly. This may seem a practical sum, but there is a case to be made for the annual plan being more cost-effective. The annual plan costs a total of $780, which essentially means it's $65 per month - $14 cheaper than the monthly plan. If you're a writer or enterprise looking to leverage the benefits of Shortly AI in the long run, the annual plan is surely the way to go.

Shortly AI Reviews from Real Users. Pros And Cons

"Overall, Shortly AI is quite a basic tool and doesn't offer the same level of support as other AI writing tools. However, with the right prompting, you can write content for a blog post or other outlets very effectively, and the tool can even help you with your fiction work, too, making it a very diverse option for users. Don't expect the tool to write blog posts in full for you, though, as it seems to only produce content 100 words at a time, even when you ask for more." - 

"ShortlyAI uses cutting-edge AI tech to make writing easier and faster with the click of a button you'd be able to generate your marketing copies in seconds. The long-form writer is something worth dying for!" -

"A fun AI writer that can help you with writer's block by spitting out somewhat relevant sentences and paragraphs on demand. It is better than nothing but because of the unreasonably high price and availability of higher quality alternatives, I can't recommend ShortlyAI to anyone other than the full-time author who already has everything and wants a weekend AI writing toy to play with OR a high schooler who has to hit a word count 20 minutes before an essay is due and doesn't mind getting a D." -

"I am so glad I found this app! This Shortly Ai tool is better than any other Ai tool. It helps me be creative and write short stories. The community is small but amazing, with all the writers being talented as well-I can't believe how many great stories there are in such a little place together. Storytelling has always been one of my passions; now it's even better because these tales will hopefully inspire others like them to read more often." -

Judging from these Shortly AI reviews, it's obvious Shortly AI has its upsides and downsides for writers looking for an AI assistant. Some of the better use cases for Shortly seem to align with the developer's claims- it does make writer's block a surmountable hurdle by building on paragraphs and sentences already written. However, beyond that, user assessments of Shortly AI have been somewhat scathing.

Among the pain points of many writers is what they consider to be an exorbitant price for an AI with such simplistic capabilities. But let's not take their word for it. Let's take an in-depth look at the pros and cons of Shortly AI to decide if the writing assistant warrants all the buzz.

Pros of Shortly AI:

  • Accelerated Writing Speed: Using Shortly AI users can compose content at a faster rate - about ten times faster.
  • Unlimited Word Count: There is no word limit on the Shortly AI platform. You can write freely, knowing you don't have to worry about exhausting credits or tokens.
  • Natural Writing Style: Content generated by Shortly AI exhibits a natural flow that does not overtly reveal its artificial origin. It maintains the coherence and structure of human-like text.
  • Originality And Plagiarism Avoidance: The consistently unique output produced by Shortly AI ensures that the content it produces passes plagiarism checkers and stays within intellectual property laws.


  • Factual Inaccuracies: Many users have found the accuracy of content generated by Shortly to be inaccurate at times. This makes it unsuitable for individuals or organizations aiming to establish themselves as credible and authoritative sources in their niche.
  • Software Bugs: Some users have reported encountering bugs that sometimes hinder the flow and accuracy of Shortly AI content.
  • Need For Foundational Text: Unlike many artificial intelligence assistants on the market, Shortly doesn't create content from scratch. It requires the users to input some base text (paragraphs or whole pages) that serves as its foundation upon which to build.

A Better Shortly AI Alternative: UPDF AI - Revolutionize Content Creation & PDF Management

UPDF is an AI-integrated PDF editor that offers a comprehensive set of AI-driven features for handling PDF documents. Among PDF management tools, UPDF stands out as a pioneer for being the first to integrate the latest GPT-4 language models into PDF editors. This furnishes UPDF AI with embedded features that allow it to write on specific topics in any niche. Try it for free now.

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It is noteworthy that in order for UPDF AI to write the most unique content after you download UPDF and install it, you still need to input the most descriptive prompts that articulate your intended article or story in detail. Beyond this, UPDF also provides the following features when working with PDF files.

  1. PDF Editing: UPDF can be used to edit text and images within PDF files. This eliminates the need for cumbersome conversion or external editing tools.
  2. PDF Annotation: With UPDF, users can enhance their PDFs by adding highlights, text boxes, sticky notes, and other annotations. This facilitates cross-platform collaboration and makes PDF documents more comprehensible.
  3. PDF Conversion: The UPDF optical character recognition (OCR) feature can be used to convert paper documents into digital formats that are easier to access and edit.
  4. PDF Summarization and Explanation: For users on limited time looking to digest long or complex material within a short period, the summarization and explanation features of UPDF come in handy. They reduce articles and documents to their bare essence, making them easier to assimilate.
  5. PDF Translation: UPDF AI can also translate whole PDF documents from one language to another.
  6. PDF Chat: This is probably the most intriguing feature of UPDF AI. You can interact with PDF documents, asking questions and getting answers directly from within the pages rather than from the AI's trained data. 

To get a full breakdown of UPDF AI's features, watch the video below

UPDF AI Vs. Shortly AI Comparison

Dive into our detailed comparison of UPDF AI and Shortly AI, uncovering features, costs, and user insights. Discover how UPDF AI offers a comprehensive solution for creative writing and PDF management, standing out as a superior Shortly AI alternative.

FeaturesUPDF AIShortly AI
TechnologyBased on GPT 4 technologyBased on GPT 3 technology
CapabilitiesText generation and editing, PDF management, PDF summarization, translation, and explanation. Can also create content of all types from scratch.Content generation focused on overcoming writer's block. Capable of generating articles, stories, and emails but requires substantial user input.
Target usersBroad audience requiring comprehensive PDF management and AI-driven content creationBloggers, copywriters, and digital marketers focused on generating content quickly
PricingMonthly plan: $9/month;
Yearly plan: $50/year.
The monthly plan is $79. The annual plan is $65 per month (billed annually). There is no Shortly AI lifetime deal.
Unique selling pointsSimplistic productivity tool, user-friendly templates, and a minimalist interfaceSimplistic productivity tool, user friendly templates, and a minimalist interface

Where UPDF AI Beats Shortly AI

  • Comprehensive PDF Feature: The PDF-related functionalities of UPDF AI make it a more versatile tool for users working extensively with PDFs.
  • AI-Driven Content Creation & PDF Management: UPDF AI combines content creation and PDF management into one tool. This makes it appealing to writers or professionals seeking an all-in-one solution for their writing needs.
  • Flexibility And Ease of Use: Compared to Shortly AI which is solely content-focused, UPDF AI provides a better and more unified platform for users whose work involves manipulating PDFs and creating content.

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With a single purchase of UPDF, you get the ultimate PDF companion across all your devices. Access and edit PDFs simultaneously on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Unlike other AI tools, UPDF offers true cross-platform freedom. You can utilize its robust features on up to 4 devices at once (2 desktops and 2 mobiles) without additional charges. Purchase UPDF today at an unbeatable 60% discount and streamline your productivity and workflow.

FAQs about Shortly AI

Shortly AI vs. Jasper AI, which one is better?

Shortly and Jasper are both powerful writing assistants. In 2021, Jasper's parent company ( bought Shortly AI for an undisclosed fee. Both AI assistants remain functional, but while Shortly may be better for short content like emails and social media posts, Jasper is better suited for long-form articles and marketing content.

Shortly AI vs. ChatGPT, which one is better?

Shortly AI is a writing assistant with focusing on content creation while ChatGPT is a more general-purpose language model. Because Shortly AI is specifically trained for writing tasks, it might produce better content results than the free ChatGPT plan. However, the paid version of ChatGPT (GPT-4) surpasses Shortly AI in cognitive, analytic, and writing-based tasks.

Is there a free version of ShortlyAI?

No, Shortly AI is a paid tool. However, if you're looking for a free AI writing assistant, you can download UPDF AI. It offers a basic free plan with limited features.


In summary, Shortly AI is an innovative writing assistant that writers can use to tackle one of the most dreaded phenomena pertaining to writing- writer's block. Yet, it presents some challenges to the writer with its pricing structure and input requirements. UPDF AI, on the other hand, is an all-inclusive AI tool with advanced PDF management capabilities. Its versatility makes it ideal for writers and professionals seeking a unified solution for handling documents and creating content. Experience the full potential of UPDF AI for yourself. Download UPDF and unlock a world of possibilities in your creative endeavors today.

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