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How to Use AI in Consulting: A Detailed Guide with Prompt-based Examples

Over the past few years, AI has revolutionized many industries, and consulting is one of them. Today, consultants can significantly elevate their capabilities with AI. They can get AI assistance in all stages of the consulting process, such as identifying issues/opportunities, developing strategies, implementing effectively, and much more. All it requires is mastery of how to use AI in consulting.

That's what this guide is all about. So, if you are a consultant or running a consulting firm, stick around to learn the use cases of AI in consulting with proper prompt-based examples using the UPDF's AI assistant.

Part 1. How to Use AI in Consulting – Identifying Issues and Opportunities (Brainstorming Stage)

The first stage in consulting is identifying issues and opportunities. For example, you are a real estate consultant and may want to look into market trends, emerging neighborhoods, property-related issues in specific locations, and similar others. AI can take this hassle into its own hands and help you quickly identify issues and opportunities.

To learn how to use AI in consulting during the brainstorming stage, launch the UPDF's online AI assistant on your browser and test out the below prompts:

Prompt #1: Analyze current real estate market trends in San Francisco, California, and identify emerging neighborhoods that show potential for investment.

Prompt #2: Identify the commonly reported property-related issues in San Francisco, California, such as infrastructure problems, environmental concerns, or legal disputes, and provide potential solutions.

Prompt #3: Forecast property value trends in emerging neighborhoods in San Francisco over the next five years.

Prompt #4: Examine historical data on real estate prices in San Francisco, California, and predict future price trends for the next 5 years.

Prompt #5: They say that America is in a recession phase right now. If yes, then what will be its impact on the real estate market in San Francisco, California? Please provide an analysis of potential changes in property prices, rental demand, and investment opportunities.

Prompt #6: Assess the impact of recent economic changes on the real estate market in America and identify potential opportunities for real estate investment.

Prompt #7: Act as a marketing consultant and analyze the current digital marketing trends among tech startups in the USA. List out effective strategies to enhance online presence.

Prompt #8: Evaluate the impact of social media influencers on consumer behavior and recommend best practices for influencer marketing campaigns.

In the following sections, we'll guide you through how to use AI in the other stages of consulting. Alternatively, you can watch the video guide below.

Part 2. How to Use AI in Consulting – Developing Strategies and Solutions (Second Stage)

Once you know the issues and opportunities to grab, the next stage is developing effective strategies and solutions. For example, you may have identified that certain neighborhoods in San Francisco are on the path of significant growth in the next five years. Now, you want to develop investment strategies to share with clients, plan marketing efforts, and much more.

The UPDF AI feature can facilitate the development of strategies and solutions. Follow the below prompts to learn how to use AI in consulting for developing strategies and solutions:

Prompt #1: Develop a comprehensive investment strategy for clients looking to invest in emerging neighborhoods in San Francisco, California, considering projected growth and market trends.

Prompt #2: Create a risk assessment and mitigation plan for real estate investments in San Francisco, California, focusing on areas identified for significant growth over the next five years.

Prompt #3: Design a property portfolio diversification strategy for investors in San Francisco, California, including recommendations on residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties.

Prompt #4: Formulate a strategic plan for property development in San Francisco, California, incorporating sustainable practices and smart technology to enhance long-term value.

Prompt #5: You are working as a marketer in a real estate agency. Create a digital marketing strategy aimed at attracting high-value clients and showcasing prime investment opportunities.

Prompt #6: Design a comprehensive content marketing plan for promoting real estate investment seminars and workshops in San Francisco, California, to educate and engage potential investors.

Part 3. How to Use AI in Consulting – Get Implementation Support (Third Stage)

Now that you have developed the strategies and solutions to implement, the next stage is implementation. In this phase, you have to put the developed strategies and solutions into action. Some of the activities involved in this phase include assigning responsibilities, developing the required marketing content, communicating with clients, setting key performance indicators (KPIs), and more.

Here's how using AI in consulting can help streamline the implementation stage:

Prompt #1: Develop a detailed responsibility assignment matrix (RAM) outlining roles and responsibilities for each team member involved in a real estate development project in San Francisco, California.

Prompt #2: We are conducting a seminar this weekend to educate and engage potential investors in emerging property localities in San Francisco, California. Create 2 compelling marketing posts for Instagram and provide us 2 draft compelling messages to send to investors on WhatsApp.

Prompt #3: Create an email draft that communicates a potential investment opportunity in a high-growth residential development project in downtown San Francisco, California. Highlight key selling points such as projected ROI, strategic location advantages, and unique amenities to capture investor interest.

Prompt #4: List out the best practices to analyze real-time market data to adjust pricing strategies for properties in San Francisco, California, based on competitive analysis and demand fluctuations.

Prompt #5: Help me create a comprehensive content calendar for a digital marketing campaign promoting new residential developments in San Francisco, California, ensuring alignment with project milestones and client expectations.

Prompt #6: Specify the key performance indicators to use to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns targeting luxury real estate buyers in San Francisco, California.

Part 4. How to Use AI in Consulting – Monitoring and Evaluation (Final Stage)

The last stage in consulting is monitoring and evaluation. It involves tracking progress, measuring KPIs, gathering feedback, preparing reports, and much more.

AI tools like UPDF's AI assistant can help optimize different activities related to the monitoring stage. Here's how to use AI in consulting for the monitoring stage:

Prompt #1: We are creating a progress report on the commercial property development project. Outline what key elements we should add to the report.

Prompt #2: Propose 3 effective ways to collect client feedback on property management services and then provide the content samples to use.

Prompt #3: We run a 3 months long SEO optimization campaign for our client's website. Now, list out 5 effective ways to monitor/evaluate the success of the campaign.


Consulting is a tough business that requires a strategic mindset to tackle all the stages effectively and generate valuable outcomes for yourself and your clients. However, using AI in consulting is now empowering consultants to enhance their skills and capabilities. Above, we discussed how to use AI in consulting using multiple prompt-based examples. So, now it's your turn to lift up the game. Head to UPDF's online AI assistant and get prompt-based assistance in your day-to-day consulting activities.

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