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The Ultimate Guide to Documind AI - Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Have you ever read a document and completely forgot what it was about in the next moment? Or perhaps you have ended up reading a paper and found that you have a million and one questions that still remain unanswered. With Documind, these types of experiences can be in your past. More importantly, this unique AI tool will give you an active, rather than passive way of looking through all of your PDFs and getting additional information in a quick and easy way. 

If you have never heard of Documind we are here to help you learn everything you need to know about this unique AI tool and all the ways it can change the way you handle documents. We also introduce a better alternative to Documind to help you be more productive with PDFs and save more on budget. To download and try the free Documind alternative - UPDF AI, you can easily click on the button below.

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What is Documind?

Documind AI is a unique and powerful artificial intelligence tool that can help you understand all of your PDF documents in a better way. The tool is very easy to use and all that is really required is a PDF or other document that you want to extract information from. With documind that document can be transformed from a file that you will need to passively read, to a file that you can engage with and ask questions about. This will help you gain a better understanding of the files you are meant to be reading and will allow you to actively engage with the material, thus making it more memorable. 

Features of Documind 

Documind AI is really focused on simplicity. As such you will not find a million different tools all included in this one single software. Instead, they have focused on making one tool that will get you the right answers every time.


The main feature of documind is its question-answering capabilities. This means that the AI software will look through each of the documents and then gain an understanding of what is mentioned within it. From there you can ask any question, simple or complicated, and the AI will provide you with the correct answer each time. With this capability, you can chat with PDF easily.


Apart from the questions and answers feature, Documind also has summarization capabilities. This means that you can add your documents, scientific papers, or any other PDF you want to the AI and it will come back with a simple summarization saving you a lot of time.

These features can make the tool the perfect option in all the cases where you are dealing with multiple documents and are trying to organize everything and easily extract information from the different files without having to search through them.  

Is Documind Free? 

There is a free version of Documind that anyone can use, however, you can only have 25 credits for free. In cases where the load of PDFs you want to go through is too high, you might be required to start a subscription for the AI tool. For anyone who will use the tool for less than 100 PDFs and will not require a volume of chats above 10000 then the free version is going to work without issue. However, if the load of PDFs you want to manage is higher than that you might be required to upgrade to one of their subscription models.

Documind Pricing - How Much Does Documind Cost? 

Documind operates with a subscription, which means that there is no one-time payment option that you can use in order to pay for the software once.

Documind Starter Plan

The cheapest tier in the pricing starts from US$15 per month if paid monthly. However, an impressive 30 percent off is given to anyone who purchases their subscription through a yearly payment. This starter subscription option will allow you to convert up to 100 PDFs and will give you the option to have a total of 10000 chats in total.

Documind Pro Plan

From there there are two more options the pro, and the premium option. The pro option which costs US$49.99 per month gives you a total of 500 PDFs you can convert and up to 30000 total chats.

Documind Premium Plan

The premium on the other hand costs US$199 per month and it allows you to convert up to 2000 PDFs and gives you access to Unlimited total chats.

Documind Pros and Cons

Documind has some important benefits that could make it a powerful tool in your arsenal. The most important of these is the ease with which it generates summaries. This will allow you to look through multiple PDFs in a much shorter timeframe.

The question-and-answering chatbot is also a great option for anyone who wants to get more in-depth answers to the PDFs they have uploaded. This direct way of engaging with the material you have uploaded is great for everyone who wants an easy way of learning more.

However, while those two features can be useful, there are also a number of cons to Documind. The first and most important of these is the lack of versatility in features. While the tool allows you to easily go through your PDFs it does not give you the option to edit or manage your PDFs.

The price is another major con for this AI tool, especially since the price can get quite high per year in cases where you need to deal with a large number of documents.

A Better Alternative to Documind AI

If the idea of Documind is appealing to you but you would prefer a more powerful tool that has even more capabilities you can instead try UPDF AI. This is the most powerful AI for handling PDFs and it gives you access to a plethora of different features that are not available on Documind. This is because apart from the UPDF AI feature of summarization, this tool can also translate your documents quickly and efficiently. Additionally, instead of just explaining the material of your PDF it also gives you an option for writing additional content to your PDF as well as correcting and polishing the existing content.

Features - UPDF AI vs. Documind AI

 FeaturesDocumindUPDF AI
Free PlanQuestions25 questions30 questions
PricingPricing Plan●US$15/monthly
●US$199/monthly (premium plan)
Check its pricing plans >>
Ease of UseAI chat box assistant
 Direct text selection from the document to summarize/translate/explain/rewrite
 Built-in PDF Editing/Annotating
Supported FormatsPDF
Chart AnalysisGeneral Chart Analysis
 In-Depth Chart Summarization
CompatibilityCompatible SystemsWeb-basedWindows, Mac, iOS, Android

Limitations - UPDF AI vs. Documind

In terms of features and limitations, there isn't something that Documind can do that UPDF does not have a feature for.

The one difference and limitation of UPDF AI is that while it has a PDF translation feature that does not work in the same question-and-answer format followed by Documind. This can make it slightly harder for the document to be looked through. Download UPDF to get answers relating to all of your PDFs in seconds and get 30 questions for free.

Pricing - UPDF AI vs. Documind AI

In terms of pricing, UPDF has cheaper lower tiers than Documind. As a result, its AI premium subscription costs US$9 per month which is US$6 less than the cheapest option from Documind AI. It is also worth noting that if you purchase UPDF AI together with UPDF Pro, the yearly price for UPDF AI will be reduced to US$36, which is a lot cheaper than Documind.

UPDF AI's highest tiers allow the management of a higher volume of PDFs so if you are someone who is going to be uploading more than 100 documents per month you might find that UPDF AI is actually a better and more cost-effective option for your needs.

The large variety of features available in UPDF makes it a far better option for those who want to manage PDFs and better control their options. Purchase UPDF and start managing everything relating to your PDFs in one place now. 


The management of PDFs has completely changed in the last few years. With tools like Documind and UPDF, you can have access to a wealth of information by quickly managing your PDFs and using AI tools to extract the most important information.

However, if you are looking for a more powerful tool that will also allow you to manage your PDFs, translate them, and polish them, UPDF is undoubtedly a better option as its lower price and variety of features make it easy for you to do everything with a few clicks. Make sure to download UPDF by visiting the UPDF website and clicking on 'Free Download'. 

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