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ChatGPT vs. Siri, What are the Differences? Who Will Be the Winner in the AI Race?

ChatGPT has been around for a while since its launch. While it has shown its merits and demerits in full light, it does cast a shadow on other AI assistants like Siri. This has left some users commenting that Siri could learn a lot from ChatGPT. So is ChatGPT that good, or in retrospect, is Siri so bad? Let's find out which is true and what they specifically can be used for.

Furthermore, we will discuss how you can make the best PDF documents from the information you get from ChatGPT and Siri using UPDF software.

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Part 1. ChatGPT vs. Siri - Key Differences

Both these tools are utilized as conversational tools and virtual assistants even though they are good at some things while lacking in others. Here are some prime aspects where they differ from each other.

1. Technology

Siri uses different technology when answering your queries than ChatGPT, such as Natural Language Processing, voice recognition, and machine learning. Based on your history and learning from these techs, it responds accordingly.


ChatGPT uses language based on a Neural Network that will respond to your prompts in a life-like fashion and extract data from a library of massive information to give you an answer. So ChatGPT gives information or results instead of doing small tasks like Siri.

2. Privacy

Apple is stringent on privacy, and whatever you say to Siri is transmitted with encryption when seeking responses from Apple servers. You can easily opt out of letting Siri hear your conversation and will only respond to "Hey, Siri."

ChatGPT is trained to gather information from many text-based datasets, some of which will be sensitive. You may be liable for potential privacy violations in some instances. You can clear your data once you finish the ChatGPT in a session.

3. Fluency of the Conversations

You will get detailed results and responses when asking something. Siri is designed to complete tasks efficiently so that you may get short responses.

Now when it comes to ChatGPT, you will get a more nuanced conversation as it is being trained to sound more like a natural conversation, and therefore, it can adapt to the context of your conversation.

4. Accuracy of Facts

Siri utilizes Apple's database and servers to extract information and give you replies but is not suited for more nuanced answers. However, it will give accurate information about all its replies.

ChatGPT is still limited in its information and isn't regularly updated on its free version, so sometimes it cannot provide accurate results. However, it is better in terms of giving you open-ended questions and can easily hypothesize the answers.

5. Command Activation

Siri is activated as soon as you say "Hey, Siri," and you can train it to listen to other commands, whereas ChatGPT isn't activated this way. You need to enter text in its text box to initiate conversation.

Part 2. ChatGPT vs. Siri: The User Scenarios for Both

When Should You Use Siri?

Siri is typically used to answer simple requests like when the next meeting is or the weather or temperature outside. It can also assign alarms and reminders at different times or play your song list on the music player. It is built to do these things. If you have other queries, it will give you quick prompts but not in as detail as you might get from ChatGPT.

When Should You Use ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is designed to generate information from the database that it has after understanding your prompts and queries. It isn't built to do menial tasks like giving you a forecast. Furthermore, ChatGPT can make real-life-like conversations and even recall your past chats from history and enhances its replies with this information. The more you talk with ChatGPT, the better answers it will provide.

Part 3. The Best PDF Software With ChatGPT for You to Use

UPDF integrates with ChatGPT and releases AI features including summarizing PDFs, rewriting PDFs, translating PDFs to any language, etc. You can download the software via the below link to have a try now.

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You can enhance the information gathered from ChatGPT and easily make the best possible-looking document. UPDF allows you to edit any information in your PDF file and rearrange the formats, including images, links, and pages, as you see fit.

So, the next time you want to present the information you have gathered from ChatGPT or Siri, use UPDF AI to give the best presentations to your boss or stakeholders.

Here are some of the best features of UPDF that you can find in such a small package and with the best pricing.

  • Enhance the look of your PDF documents with extensive text editing options such as different colors and fonts to light up your documents.
  • Enhancing the images to your heart's content by rotating, enhancing, and replacing them as you see fit. You can also crop images in PDF.
  • Extract information from any image-based PDF or scanned PDF using their OCR feature to enhance the context of your document further.
  • A vast array of valuable shortcuts to simplify and streamline your workflow.

Part 4. FAQs on Siri vs. ChatGPT

Does Apple use ChatGPT for Siri?

Apple doesn't support ChatGPT for Siri, but you can use the ChatGPT OpenAI API and integrate it with Siri using a custom shortcut. You must enable dictation for best speech recognition and allow ChatGPT access.

Is ChatGPT better than Siri?

When initiating and continuing a natural conversation or gathering information about your prompt, ChatGPT is an excellent tool because Siri is more of an assistant to do small tasks on your iPhone. Siri excels in completing menial tasks like setting the alarm or a meeting which ChatGPT isn't built for. Generally, both are made with specific concepts and excel in their fields.

Will ChatGPT Replace Siri?

ChatGPT will not replace Siri because it serves a different purpose though many have recommended Apple utilize the functionality of OpenAI to enhance its responses to Siri.


We will repeat that both these AI tools have different functionalities and should be used as such instead of which is better. We recommend Apple enhance Siri's functionality by complementing it with the OpenAI APIs from ChatGPT to make it shine more. Nonetheless, if you want to improve your reports and documents using information and chats from ChatGPT, the best tool to do so is UPDF. Click the below button to try it now.

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