5 Best Al Story Writers to Use in 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought a big change to writing. Now, many writers and novelists are using AI story writers. These amazing tools can be a great solution when you're stuck and can't come up with new ideas for your creative writing.

You can embrace the power of AI to unleash your imagination and overcome the hurdles of creative writing, as these cutting-edge tools open up a world of endless possibilities for storytellers.

AI story writer generators are robust resources capable of crafting plots, and characters, generating new ideas, and even writing whole stories based on what you tell them, you can simply type write me a story ai and it will generate a complete story. In this article, we'll explore the five best AI story writers that can inspire your creativity in 2023.

Top 5 AI Story Writers You Can Consider in 2023


UPDF is your ultimate all-in-one PDF editor that revolutionizes how you annotate, convert, and edit PDFs. UPDF has AI features that offer you a unique translation function, you can now effortlessly translate, explain, or summarize any PDF content. You can also use it to generate stories.  It has both AI story writer free and premium plans. At just US$9 per month or US$59 per year, UPDF offers an affordable and flexible solution for writers.

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Key Features:

  • Share with Ease: Save your generated stories as PDF documents and effortlessly share them with others using a link.
  • Fast Reading: experience faster reading and enhanced comprehension with UPDF Al's advanced capabilities.
  • Page Management Tools: Take control of your content with tools to reorder, rotate, split, crop, replace, extract, and delete pages.

UPDF AI's Pros:

  • Rapid Story Development: Quickly generate outlines, develop characters, and create engaging narratives.
  • High-Quality & Natural Content: AI-generated content is captivating and enjoyable to read.
  • Faster, Easier, and Affordable: Outperforms top competitors in speed, user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Four devices: One license is valid for use across four devices, including Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows platforms
  • UPDF also has diverse Features: Annotate, Edit elements in PDF, convert PDF, organize PDF, fill and sign PDF, and more.

UPDF AI's Cons:

  • New product: it is a cutting-edge innovation but currently lacks certain niche features (e.g., PDF printing settings)
  • Unleash your storytelling potential with UPDF AI.

You can download UPDF below to explore its AI feature.

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#2 Jasper.ai

Jasper.ai is a renowned AI story writer generator, enabling you to create captivating and unforgettable stories. It offers diverse features, templates, and support from start to finish. It has AI story writer free plans and premium plans, Plans include Creator ($49/mo), Teams ($99/mo), and Business (custom pricing).

Key Features:

  • 50+ templates, including "Creative Story."
  • Google Docs-like editor.
  • AI-generated content using advanced neural networks and NLP.
  • Constantly improving through machine learning.

Jasper.ai Pros:

  • Generate outlines, develop characters, and craft engaging narratives quickly.
  • AI-generated content is high quality and natural.
  • The platform's AI content improves over time, delivering better results with prolonged usage.

Jasper.ai Cons:

  • Repetition in Long-form: The tool may repeat content, notably in long-form writing (2000+ words).
  • Limited Writing Voice Variation: Different tones might result in similar-sounding content.
  • Confusing User Interface.

#3 Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI that writes stories, and crafts narrative and character outlines while generating story ideas. It analyzes user input to produce believable and relatable scenarios. The Pro Plan costs $12.67 per month, and the Enterprise Plan has custom pricing.

Key Features:

  • Content generation in 25+ languages.
  • Four-step writing methodology for efficient story creation.
  • Easy integration with your blog or website through the WordPress plugin.

Writesonic Pros:

  • Swift Copy Generation: Content in under 15 seconds.
  • AI and Human Collaboration: Valuable, SEO-friendly content.
  • Engaging Tone: The content doesn't feel AI-written.
  • Cost-Effective: Saves time and money compared to hiring writers.

Writesonic Cons:

  • Less blog post types and image integration

#4 NovelAI

NovelAI stands out as one of today's most potent AI that write stories. Tailored as a digital author fiction-writing companion, it crafts human-like story ideas, scripts, and narratives from your input. With an affordable monthly plan, this AI story writer generator suits hobbyists and professionals alike. It has AI story writer free and premium plan. Subscription Tiers: Tablet: $10 USD/month, Scroll: $15 USD/month & Opus: $25 USD/month.

Key Features:

  • High-quality content generation
  • Long-term coherence in generated content
  • Customizable editor included

NovelAI Pros:

  • Free Trial: Test the storytelling and text adventure feature with a free trial.
  • Creative & Unique: AI algorithms create quick, unique, and original stories.
  • User-Friendly: Simply input data, and AI generates creative and compelling output.


  • Limited free trial: No access to image generation.
  • Clunky interface: challenging signup process, insufficient feature hints for users.

#5 Copy.ai

This is another powerful AI story writer generator. With Copy.ai, you can simply request, write me a story AI. It will create stories effortlessly with advanced NLP algorithms with just one command, "write me a story AI." User-friendly and budget-friendly with AI story writer free plan (2,000 words/month) for testing. Pro Plan starts at $36/month for expanded features.

Key Features:

  • Content generation in 29+ languages.
  • High-quality AI-generated content using GPT-3.
  • Seamless integration with Google Docs and other apps for effortless content creation.

Copy.ai Pros:

  • Generates engaging, enjoyable stories with authenticity.
  • Seamlessly create and edit stories using Google Docs and other popular apps.
  • Test AI-generated content suitability for your creative writing process.

Copy.ai Cons:

  • Best suited for short-form content.
  • Generated copy can sound stilted, requiring editing for refinement.
  • Limits prompt length and input types

How to Choose the Best AI Story Writer 

Selecting the right AI story writer involves considering key factors including:

Content Output Quality:

AI writers, like UPDF, utilize advanced engines such as OpenAI's GPT-3, generating high-quality, human-like, plagiarism-free content. Opting for premium features further enhances content quality, allowing you to create relevant content effortlessly.

Ease of Use:

Choosing the best AI writer depends on its user-friendliness. Some tools demand expertise, while others are beginner-friendly. LongShot AI stands out for its simplicity, allowing anyone to create long-form content effortlessly.

Factual Accuracy:

AI may prioritize creativity over accuracy, affecting SEO and EAT factors (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness). Choose an AI writer like LongShot AI, offering a fact-checking feature to ensure content precision and authority.


When choosing an AI content generation tool, opt for cost-effective solutions that align with your budget and offer substantial value. Look for tools that generate ample content (words) for your investment.

Supporting Languages:

Check if your preferred AI writer supports your desired languages. UPDF AI currently supports ten languages, with more in development, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), Japanese, Dutch, and Korean.

Word/Character Limits:

Consider the word/credit offerings in paid plans when selecting the best AI writer. It indicates the AI's output for your plan. Most brands offer plans with both limited and unlimited words.

Export Feature:

Once you generate content using the AI writer, export it for sharing or editing. UPDF allows easy export in various formats, including the popular Word doc, achieved with a simple button click.

Customer Support:

A brand's customer support reflects its commitment to customers. Top AI writing assistants offer exceptional service, attracting and retaining clients. UPDF AI provides fast, reliable, and friendly support via email & chat, resolving tickets within 24 hours.

Discover UPDF AI for content creation. Embrace powerful features, user-friendliness, and excellent support. Download and experience its capabilities now!

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Tips for Using AI Story Writers

AI-Powered Topic Brainstorming:

If you're short of ideas, let AI help! Al story writer generator can write potential topics based on your input, allowing you to select the best ones for your blog posts or articles.

AI-Powered Article Drafting:

With a solid outline, employ AI for drafting your article. Utilize UPDF or Jasper AI as ai that writes stories among other AI-based tools, to streamline this process.

Create human connection:

AI can assist with idea generation and research, but it can't replicate the human touch required to forge an emotional connection with readers. Stories center on people, necessitating the inclusion of emotional and descriptive elements.

Editing Your Article:

After the first draft, proceed to manual editing. Fact-check, refine style, structure, and presentation, and implement SEO optimizations for a polished final piece.

AI-Powered Writing Polish:

After completing your blog post, utilize AI writing assistants for sentence refinement. Tools like Wordtune can rephrase and improve sentence structure to enhance flow and naturalness, creating conversational, readable content.

Proofreading Your Article:

AI aids in error identification, complementing human proofreaders. Grammarly exemplifies an AI writing assistant that enhances proofreading. It utilizes machine learning and natural language processing to find and correct writing mistakes.

FAQs About AI Story Writer

Q1. Can I publish a story I wrote with an AI?

Yes, you can publish a story using ai that writes stories. Artificial Intelligence can create readable content, even full-length books with the right prompts. The decision to use AI for your book depends on personal preference and writing goals.

Q2. Is it ethical to write a book with AI?

Using AI to write a book is ethical if the author contributes. Merely relying on an AI prompt without input may infringe on copyright. AI can provide plot ideas, but authors must infuse their voices and perspective for authenticity.

Q3. What are the cons of AI writing?

AI that writes stories have plagiarism concerns, limited creativity, and critical thinking. Ethical and social issues arise due to potentially biased or harmful text generation.

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AI story generators are invaluable for writers, igniting creativity and streamlining the writing process. Overcome writer's block, generate ideas, and create stories effortlessly with Al. Embrace these powerful tools to revolutionize your storytelling in 2023.