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Make Business Cards in Word With Simple Steps

Business cards are an important part of networking and cast a lasting impression on potential customers/clients. A creative and memorable design of a business card reflects the personality of the person/business and helps to set up a solid first impression. Although there are plenty of online platforms to create business cards, Microsoft Word is often a preferred choice for creating business cards easily. Therefore, this article will discuss in detail how you make business cards in Word. In the end, the article also presents how you can access free and editable business card templates and easily edit them with UPDF.

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Part 1. What are Business Cards?

Business cards are small-sized cards that present the business and contact information of an individual or a company. They include all the essential information to remember someone, such as name, phone number, email address, job title, company name, and even social media handles.

Business cards have been around for decades and used in a wide range of industries and professions. However, they have undergone a lot of enhancements with the integration of graphics, color, unique shapes, etc. Today, business cards serve as a perfect physical way of remembering someone, whether it's a corporate executive, entrepreneur, or freelancer. Therefore, a well-designed business card is essential to leave a lasting impression and give a sense of creativity and professionalism.

Steps to Make Business Cards in Word

Microsoft Word offers the simplest way to create a business card. All you need is to use a template, customize a bit, and print it out. Alternatively, you can also create a business card from scratch using a table or other shapes in Word.

Below are the main steps you need to follow to make a business card in Word:

Step 1. Launch Word & Search for Business Card Templates

Open the Microsoft Word app on your PC. Click the "New" tab from the left sidebar. Under the search bar, type " business card" and hit Enter. It will show different business card templates to choose from.

business card template in word

Step 2. Pick your Preferred Template

Once Word suggests different business card templates, go through them and find the one that best aligns with your brand and personality.

This step is crucial, as you must find a template consistent with your brand color and style in order to drive a more profound impression. So, spend time exploring all the available templates until you find the most appropriate one. Once you have picked the template you want to proceed with, select it and click "Create".

click create to add business card in word

Step 3. Add Your Personalized Details in the Template

Now customize the details in the template, such as your name, designation, company name, address, phone number, email address, social media channels, website, and similar others. It is not necessary for you to only customize the details required in the template. You can insert new details in it and later format the design.

customize business card template in word

Step 4. Format Elements of the Template

Once you have added all your details to the business card, change the font, size, color, or position of the elements in the template to see which suits you the best. Your business card should be such that it provides all the information you want to communicate to the other person in a reader-friendly way.

Step 5. Insert your Logo

If you have a specific company logo, insert it into the card using the "Insert" tab. Adjust its position and size so that it complements the overall design.

insert pictures to Word

Step 6. Cross-check the Details

Once you think your business card is ready, the last design step is proofreading everything. Carefully proofread all the texts to make sure that there are no errors.

Step 7. Use a Cutting Tool to Make the Card

Once you are satisfied with the design, print the finalized business card design on cardstock paper. Afterward, use a cutting tool such as a scissor or a paper cutter to trim the edges and separate the cards.

That's it! This way, you can easily create and customize a personalized and professional-looking business card in Microsoft Word.

Part 2. Get Free & Editable Business Card Templates

If you are looking for a more easy and fast way to create business cards, then there are plenty of ready-made free and editable business card templates available online, from minimalist designs to creative layouts and more. For example, the below template is a professional-looking free template that you can easily access by downloading it below.

Download to Edit

business card template

Once you download the PDF file of the template, you need a tool to edit and customize the template directly as the PDF file. This is where UPDF comes into action.

UPDF is a powerful PDF editor that allows you to modify the content and layout of the template easily and instantly. With its intuitive click-based interface, you can change the text, fonts, colors, and other design elements of the template to match your brand. So, find and download the business card template of your choice and quickly customize it with the intuitive approach of UPDF.

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A business card maker UPDF

Wrapping Up

Business cards are a crucial part of networking. Whether you are an entrepreneur, corporate executive, or someone looking to refresh branding, creating a well-designed business card helps to cast a long-lasting impression. With Microsoft Word, you can easily create a professional-looking business card by following the above-mentioned steps.

However, if you want to accelerate the process or need more up-to-date, free, and editable business card templates, then explore them online. Afterward, you can edit and customize them to match your brand with the powerful, click-based approach of UPDF. So, don't wait any longer and create a well-designed business card right away.

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