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How to Make an Exquisite Banner in Word (with Templates)

In today's digital age, banners have become integral to marketing and advertising. From online campaigns to offline promotions, banners are a powerful tool to grab the attention of potential customers. But what if you don't have access to expensive design software or lack the necessary design skills?

Fear not, as Microsoft Word provides an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution to create exquisite banners in just a few clicks. In this article, we will explore how to make a banner in Word with templates to simplify the process and ensure professional-looking results. So, let's dive in and discover how you can create eye-catching banners to help your business stand out.

Part 1: How to Make a Banner in Word

Banners can be an excellent way to promote an event, highlight a sale or discount, or make an announcement. If you are wondering how to make a banner in Word, the good news is that it can be done easily using various methods. We shall now introduce you to some workable methods to create banners in Word.

Method 1: Make a Banner in Word with Offered Templates

If you don't have much design experience, using a pre-designed template is a great option. Microsoft Word offers several banner templates that you can choose from. To access these templates, follow the steps given below:

  • Click on File > New.
  • Now click on More Templates.
more templates option
  • Type “Banner” in the search bar.
type banner in search bar
  • Select any banner depending on your personal design preferences.
  • Click on Create, and the template will open in Word for you to edit.

You can now add headings, text, and images to design a beautiful banner using this template.

Method 2: Draw a Custom Banner in Word by Yourself

Creating a custom banner in Word is a simple and effective way to make your document stand out. You can customize the banner's size, color, font, and design to fit your needs. How beautiful your banner looks depends on your creativity and how experimental you get with Word's available tools.

However, to get started, the following steps will show you how to draw a banner in Word by yourself:

  • Open Word and create a new document.
  • Click on the "Insert" tab at the top of the screen.
  • Click on the "Shapes" button.
  • Choose the "New Drawing Canvas" option.
new drawing canvas
  • Click on the "Shapes" button again and choose the "Banner" shape from the "Basic Shapes" section.
  • Click and drag the mouse to draw the banner shape onto the canvas.
  • Customize the banner by changing its size, color, font, and design using the "Format" tab tools.
  • Add text to the banner by clicking on it and typing in the desired text.
  • Save the banner as a picture by right-clicking it and choosing the "Save as Picture" option.
  • Insert the banner picture into your document, presentation, or website as desired.

And this is how easy it is to draw and design a custom banner in Word and present your business better.

Part 2: Trendy Banner Templates for Download

Designing a banner from scratch can be daunting, especially if you don't have the design skills or experience. That's where trendy banner templates come in. These pre-designed templates can save you time and effort while giving you a professional-looking banner that reflects your brand's personality. You can download these templates and create a banner to make your business stand out.

1. Banner for Halloween

The first template that we are bringing is perfect for Halloween parties and events. It features spooky graphics and fun fonts to set the tone for your celebration. You can download this template and customize it with your message and color ideas.

hallowen banner template

Download to Edit

2. Football Banner for World Cup

No banner template could be perfect if you're a football fan. It features bold graphics and football-related images perfect for World Cup events. You can download these templates and customize them with your team's colors and message or however, you look forward to using them.

world cup banner tempalte

Download to Edit

Some Important Tips: Download Any Template and Edit with a PDF Editor

Whether you do not own Microsoft Word or do not like using it for any reason, it is possible to edit banner templates in PDF editors. Still, the ease and extent of the editing will depend on the features and capabilities of your specific PDF editor.

For instance, while Adobe Acrobat Reader, a prominent PDF viewer, and editor, requires a premium subscription, you can use a third-party free PDF editor like UPDF to edit these banners after converting the .docs file into this format.

UPDF has text and image editing features required to edit a banner, allowing users to add, delete, modify the text, annotate, and modify images in a PDF document.

Part 3: FAQs about Banner in Word

1. What is the banner size on Word?

Microsoft Word is primarily a word processing software and does not have a specific banner size feature. However, you can create a banner in Word by customizing the page size and setting it to the desired size for your banner.

To customize the page size in Word:

  • Go to the "Page Layout" tab.
  • Click on "Size" in the "Page Setup" group.
  • Now you can select "More Paper Sizes" and enter the desired dimensions for your banner.

2. How do I add a banner header in Word?

To add a banner header in Word, go to the "Insert" tab, select "Edit Header", insert a picture, and adjust its size and placement. Then add a text box and type in your desired text. Format the text as needed and close the header section.

3. Can you print a banner on Word?

You can print a banner on Word, and to do that, go to Page Layout > Size > More Paper Sizes > Custom size, set the dimensions, then go to Margins > Custom Margins, set the margins to zero, add your text/graphics, and print.


Creating a banner in Microsoft Word is a quick and simple way to add visual interest to your documents. With just a few steps, you can customize your banner's size, color, and font to perfectly suit your needs.

Whether you're designing a banner for a school project, a business presentation, or a personal event, Word has all the tools you need to create a professional-looking banner in no time. Alternatively, if you want to find a convenient way to create a banner in Word, try the editing tools offered in UPDF, they are all free!