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12 Efficient and Powerful To-Do List Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android

A to-do list app helps people to organize their tasks in an optimized manner. In this busy world, keeping track of every task and remembering all the pending work is not easy. Yet, in this digitized world, you can always find a digitized solution. Remembering what task you have to do and making up a schedule to have a healthy routine is a must.

With the help of to-do list apps, you can do this perfectly. By the end of this article, you will know the best to-do list app for every application. Moreover, we will also discuss the app named UPDF, the best PDF editor that you can use on all major operating systems to make a to-do list PDF template.

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Part 1: What is a To-Do App?

A software application that can help you to make and manage upcoming tasks is known as a to-do list app. With the help of this application, you can keep track of all the tracks, and if you forget anything, just take a look at that. Moreover, you can make any new entry of an upcoming work anywhere and anytime on a to-do list.

The interface of the best to-do list apps is quite intuitive, which makes it the best choice for users. Above all, it has many collaborative features that can improve progression and communication. You can also increase accountability and eliminate procrastination with these apps.

Part 2: Why It Is Important to Use a To-Do List App?

You must be wondering if it's just a to-do list app. What's the big deal about it? Yet, the thing you don't know about these apps is they can change your life in no time. You can experience discipline and profitability with a to-do app. The advantages of a to-do list app are uncountable, and you can find some of them here:

Improved Organization and Management

One of the primary advantages of a to-do app is that you can manage your time better with it. This helps you break the task into smaller parts to accomplish them without getting tired. Above all, you can also set timers and reminders for each task.

It also helps you keep all the unfinished tasks in one place, so you know how much work you must do. In short, you can have an organized life along with time management skills with a to-do list app.

Increased Productivity and Flexibility

With the help of a to-do list app, you can add, delete and modify tasks in no time. Moreover, you can also enlist the essential tasks at first to work with prioritization. You also notice that with a to-do list app, you can streamline workflow efficiency, which then increases the productivity ratio.

Having a productive life is one of the crucial steps to success. Luckily, the to-do list app can increase your productivity along with flexibility.

Sense of Goal Accomplishment

Undoubtedly, the number of goals you achieve boosts your confidence, which raises your sense of goal accomplishment. It is a very important factor in life because you can accomplish goals without extra effort.

Moreover, it reduces stress and panic about pending work. When you know that you can get the work done in a limited time with uninterrupted focus, you can accomplish the goals faster.

Accountability and Integrations

There is no need to have one productivity app because you can integrate several productivity apps with to-do list apps. From calendars to note-taking apps, you can integrate all the basic apps with this. It will save you lots of time and effort. Above all, it also shows that you are accountable for your task.

You can also keep track of tasks and milestones, which can keep you motivated. Many to-do list apps also offer collaborative features. Thus, you can also share your success and progress with your friends, teams, and family.

Part 3: 3 Best To-Do List App for Windows

In this section, you will discover the best to-do list app for Windows. Thus have a look below to learn about these apps:

1. Nozbe

This intuitive application lets you get your personal and practical life in order. It allows you to collaborate with teams and projects in one place. You can also get instant reviews and comments from your team members. Moreover, it can escalate your multi-tasking and work organization skills. While assigning the task to the teams, you can also add the task deadlines and other information about it.

nozbe to-do list app for windows

Key Features of Nozbe

  • You can work on unlimited projects without worrying about storage limitations. Above all, creating specific project sections and teams is also possible with it.
  • It allows you to create customized templates and integrate other apps like Stack, Zapier, and Google Calendar.
  • Setting time attributes and analyzing how much time is spent on one task is also possible with Nozbe.

2. ProofHub

This app is fortified with all the tools that are needed to get the work done in a limited time. With this best-to-do app for Windows, you can set the on-point team accountability. Moreover, it also lets you manage the project delivery easily. You can add as many projects as you want and create specific folders for them.

proofhub to-do list app for desktop

Key Features of ProofHub

  • You can plan the projects and visualize them in a table view with ProofHub. Moreover, you can also filter the project data on priority with it.
  • The Kanban boards allow the teams to move the tasks from one stage to another per their completion status.
  • To visualize the project in the timeline view, you can use the Gantt chart. It also lets you manage the deadlines and labeling of all tasks.

3. Trello

The best to-do list app for Windows, Trello, can help you bring all the tasks, teams, and priorities together. With this, you can manage all the teams in one place without worrying about skipping anything. It is like a productivity powerhouse because you not only keep track of your work but can also track the teams' tasks.

trello to-do list app for windows

Key Features of Trello

  • It allows you to make sections such as to do, in progress, and complete. After this, you can place the works as per their status.
  • With Trello, you can empower the onboard meetings and assign tasks to every team member individually.
  • It provides an exceptional resource hub that can help you to access the needed information swiftly to save time and effort.

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Part 4: 3 Best To-Do List App for Mac

Finding the best applications to streamline workflow efficiency on Mac is not an easy thing. However. To make things easier for you, here are the best to-do list app for Mac:

1. OmniFocus

Just like its name, OmniFocus is an elite-class application. It can help you to accomplish more and more things with the passing days. This professional grade application allows you to focus on the most important task at the present moment. It is one of the best list apps for Mac because you can keep track of every single task with it.

omnifocus to-do list app for mac

Key Features of OmniFocus

  • It supports a wide array of languages, such as Española, Francis, Korean, and more, so you can also use this app to collaborate with your international team.
  • You can manage the inboxes along with creating customized tags for easy accessibility of projects. It also lets you add comments to the projects.
  • With OmniFocus, you can also flag and review the projects daily. Above all, you can add as many projects as you need.

2. Things 3

With the award-winning application Things 3, you can prepare for upcoming tasks. It also helps you plan your days to live your life with optimized routines. By writing the tasks on this app, you can not only organize your day but can also organize your mind. Furthermore, you can break large tasks into smaller ones with it.

things 3 to-do list app for mac

Key Features of Things 3

  • You can set reminders and repeaters so you don't forget any of the essential tasks. Using the This Evening feature, you set specific plans for every evening.
  • It lets you structure the notes just as you like and also enables you to mark the important things. You can also email the pending tasks to Things 3.
  • The calendar integration helps set the date of events, and you can filter the list of tasks with tags. Moreover, the widgets allow you to remember pending tasks from notifications.

3. GoodTask

With GoodTask, the rich best to-do list app for Mac, you can master time management skills quickly. It is integrated with Apple's Reminder and Calendars, making your work easier than ever. You can set reminders for upcoming events and can also add them to the calendars. Connecting it with Apple Watch lets you get reminders no matter where you are.

goodtask to-do list app for mac

Key Features of GoodTask

  • Using GoodTasks, you can create lists and filter them by including and excluding tags.
  • From the side of lists, you can also check the number of tasks you have added to that specific list.
  • You can also create tables of progress, such as a table for jogging, and mark it as a habit.

Part 5: 3 Best To-Do List App for Android

To quickly access the to-do lists and to get reminders without carrying laptops, you can use your Android mobile. Here are some of the bests to-do list apps for Android that can optimize your productivity in no time:

1. Microsoft To Do: Lists and Tasks

With ratings of 4.7, this application never fails to astonish users with its surprising performance. It lets you plan the day so you can get through the day without leaving anything behind. After getting the task done, you can also mark it as completed to eliminate confusion. Moreover, you can access it anywhere and anytime without any restrictions.

microsoft to-do list app android

Key Features of Microsoft To Do: Lists and Tasks

  • By using Microsoft To Do: Lists and Tasks, you can personalize all your tasks and lists. It also allows you to select a theme for the tasks.
  • After making the list of tasks, you can also share it with other people and can also mark it with a star sign.
  • You can also flag the emails and choose a dark mode so you don't pressurize your eyes. Secondly, it also has Office 365 integrations which is a very convenient thing for users.

2. To-Do List - Schedule Planner

This best to-do list app Android can help you to organize your day so you can experience discipline in life. You can set the reminder for every task individually and share it as an attachment. It also lets you create categories for pending tasks like work, personal and more. Furthermore, you can set the reminders in such a way that it can show how many days are left for your events.

to-do-list schedule planner to-do list app

Key Features of To-Do List - Schedule Planner

  • You can create all types of checklists with it, such as study, shopping, movie, and more. There is no restriction on the number of lists you can create.
  • There is a unique calendar view in it which can help you to visualize your upcoming tasks in an entertaining way.
  • In every task, you can also add the sub-tasks and can also see the number of completed tasks.

3. Focus To-Do: Pomodoro & Tasks

With over 5M+ downloads, you can use this best-to-do list app Android to make your life more productive. One of the most groundbreaking things about this is you can also do Pomodoro with it. Just pick a task, set a timer, and start working. Once the timer rings, take a short break so you don't exhaust yourself.

focus to-do list app android

Key Features of Focus To-Do: Pomodoro & Tasks

  • You can schedule a planner, organize tasks based on priorities, and add reminders.
  • It also has a time and habit tracker, which can help you to keep your mind and body fresh.
  • The Gantt charts can help you focus without interruptions, and you can also use statistics for accomplishments and task distributions.

Part 6: 3 Best To-Do List Apps for iPhone and iPad

Apple App Store is known for providing the best-in-class applications no matter what the domains are. In this part, you will discover the best to-do list app for iPhone:

1. ClickUp - Manage Teams & Tasks

ClickUp - Manage Teams & Tasks allows you to manage the tasks and collaborate with the team. From Threads, you can see the comments of everyone to get reviews and feedback. Moreover, you can work with all your teams and projects in one place. Above all, the interface of this application is quite tidy and well-organized, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

clickup to-do list app iphone

Key Features of ClickUp - Manage Teams & Tasks

  • You can analyze the status of every task individually. Moreover, you can also create timelines on the basis of tasks.
  • It lets you update the time and edit it without any problem and without impacting the other timelines.
  • To stay connected all the time, you can get assistance from push notifications.

2. Todoist: To-Do List & Planner

Todoist: To-Do List & Planner is one of iPhone's most popular and best to-do list apps. The interface of Todoist is very clean and modernized, so you can use it without getting bored. You can organize both work and personal life with this application. With Quick Add of Todoist, you can feature the task at the moment it pops up in your mind.

todoist to-do list app iphone

Key Features of Todoist: To-Do List & Planner

  • With its advanced recurring due dates and language recognition features, you can add tasks in the form of descriptions for better understanding.
  • You can link Todoist with other applications such as voice assistant, Gmail, Calendar, and 60+ other tools.
  • There are several built-in templates in it that you can use and modify to get the work done swiftly.

3. TeuxDeux Daily Checklist To Do

Greater productivity and workflow efficiency come with an innovative app like TeuxDeux Daily Checklist To Do. From a to-do list to a minimal planner, you can create all types of things with it. You cannot only create lists with it but can also modify them whenever needed. It also offers dark mode, so you don’t pressurize the eyes.

teuxdeux to-do list app iphone

Key Features of TeuxDeux Daily Checklist To De

  • There are several types of colors in it. You can select any of them to make a theme for your list.
  • With the help of the Swipe to Tomorrow feature, you can also add the task to the list of upcoming days.
  • The Task Rollover reminds you of what task is pending so you can do it without wasting time.

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Part 7: 3 Best Free To-Do List Templates

If you don't have to waste time and get the pre-made templates, don't you think it will save you lots of hassle? Luckily, UPDF can help you with it. UPDF offers 3 free daily planner templates that you can even use to make professional-grade to-do lists. UPDF can take your user experience to the edge of perfection in no time.

You can also make precise modifications to the daily planner templates provided by UPDF. It also supports the OCR feature, which allows you to convert scanned PDF files into editable and searchable formats. Converting a PDF into different file formats is also possible with it. Moreover, you can compress large PDF files to make them share-friendly and can also edit them in no time. Try UPDF for free!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Above all, it supports batch processing so that you can simultaneously deal with multiple PDF files. Thus, you can reduce stress, unleash your creativity and organize your day with UPDF. It is an easy-to-use tool, so you can use it even if you have no tech skills.

How to Make To-Do List with UPDF Pre-Made Templates

Here are the steps by which you can make modify and create a dedicated to-do list with the best to-do list app:

Step 1: Download Template and Add it To UPDF

To get started, download the daily planner template of your choice. After this, launch UPDF on your device and click the "Open File" button. Following this, click on the to-do list template you want to edit.

to do list app open file

Step 2: Edit Template with UPDF

Once the template is opened, you can customize it. To add extra text to the PDF template, go to the "Edit PDF" mode and click "Text." After this, tap where you want to add text and write whatever you want. You can also customize the text font, color, and size with it. 

best to do list app

Step 3: Save or Print the To-Do List on Your Device

After adding the textual content, click the "File" tab and select the "Print" option. You can also customize the printing settings from the "Print" window. Once you are done personalizing the settings, hit the "Print" button.

best to do list app updf print


As this article states, you can use the to-do list app to organize your day. It will help you to master time management skills and eliminate procrastinating. The to-do list apps for specific platforms are discussed above. You can also learn about their key features from our discussion.

In case you want to know which one is better among all of them. The answer is UPDF. In this article, we have also taught how to make a to-do list with UPDF.

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