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Convert PNG To PDF on iPhone/iPad: 2 Easy Ways With Steps (iOS 17 Compatible)

Converting the file format often leads to a great panic when needed immediately, and you are unaware of any of the proper methods. One of the issues that many people often encounter is converting PNG to PDF on iPhone. There are different methods that iPhone users can opt for to convert PNG to PDF on iPhone. What are the methods? Is there any app or online tool specifically for the iOS user? All such queries have been addressed below in detail.

How to Convert PNG to PDF on iPhone and iPad

When you type in the search bar of your search engine about how to convert PNG to PDF on an iPhone? A list of different tools will be displayed on your screen. Now the users often get confused about which one they should go for. What is the best option that they should select to convert PNG to PDF on iPhone?

For iPhone or iPad users, to convert PNG to PDF, a tool known as UPDF for iOS is one of the best. With a number of great features, the tool has a lot of advantages that add more perks to its users' experience. The method for converting PNG to PDF on iPhone while using UPDF is also quite easy and simple. You only need to click the below button to download UPDF and follow the two steps mentioned below, then, you can easily convert any PNG file to PDF.

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Step 1: Import PNG to UPDF

First, you need to import the PNG files into UPDF app. You can import the PNG file from Photos or Files. The steps will be almost the same, with slight variations from wherever you want to import your file.

  • Tap on "+" from the bottom right corner of the screen and select the source import, "Photos" or "Files".
  • For Photos: Choose the desired file/files by tapping on them and then tap on "Add".
  • For Files: Add the files from the recent list or tap on "Browse" by simply tapping on the desired file.

Step 2: Convert a PNG to PDF on iPhone/iPad

  • Select the desired file by long-pressing the file, or you can also click on "…" present below the the photo to select it.
  • By taping on "Convert to PDF", the selected photo will be converted into PDF and saved PDF with the same name with an extension of ".pdf".

How to Convert PNG to PDF on iPhone and iPad in Batch

One of the great and distinguishing features of UPDF is that it allows its users to convert multiple PNG files to PDF in the form of a batch. The steps that you need to follow are listed below:

  • Choose multiple photos of your choice by tapping on the checkbox in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the "More" button from the bottom menu and tap on "Convert to PDF".
  • All the selected photos will be saved as a PDF.

Apart from PNG to PDF features, UPDF has many other features. One of them is AI features to help you summarize, translate, explain, chat, and more. You can watch the below video to learn more or read this UPDF review article from 9TO5MAC.

FAQS About Converting PNG To PDF On iPhone/iPad

Q1. How to Convert Picture to PDF on iPhone Notes?

Find the Notes app on your iPhone to open it. Tap the Create icon at right side corner to create a new note, click on the Camera icon, choose Choose Photo or Video, Take Photo or Video, or Scan Documents to upload the picture, tap the "Share" icon, tap on Mail App to send an email with the PDF to your own email. Then, you can access the converted PDF in your mail app.

Q2. How to Save Photo as PDF on iPhone Free?

You can use the Photos app to save photos as PDFs. What you need to do is select the picture, tap the "Share" button > "Print" > "Share" icon > "Save to Files" to choose where you want to save the photo as a PDF here.


The guidelines mentioned above are complete and quite detailed enough. If you use any iOS device and want to convert PNG to PDF on iPhone and iPad, UPDF is undoubtedly the best solution for your problems. You can easily convert PNG files to PDF files and then use UPDF to edit PDF. UPDF is a highly recommended tool for iOS users because it has some great features that offer multiple advantages. Moreover, the user-friendly interface and unique layouts add more worth to it. If you have a single PNG file that you want to convert to PDF or multiple PNG files, you can easily convert them to PDF by using this amazing tool called UPDF. Just click the below button and start using UPDF now.

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