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A Quick Guide to Efficient Photo Compression on iPhone [iOS 17 Compatible]

Sharing a large photo can present a lot of challenges. For instance, some social media apps limit the size of photos that you can upload. This makes it necessary to compress photos before sharing.

Here, we will learn how to compress photos on an iPhone and iPad. The techniques discussed here will make the process as simple as possible, so you can easily compress photos on your iPhone 15 whenever you need to.

The Best App to Compress Photos on iPhone

If you want to save time while compressing photos on your iPhone 15, you might want to consider using a file manager app. One of the best manager apps for iOS is UPDF for iOS, a tool that can help you organize and manage all documents on your iOS device including images. Let's download UPDF and explore its range of features.

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The following are just some of the features and benefits of choosing this app:

  • UPDF for iOS allows you to upload, download, share, secure, and organize all types of documents in one place.
  • It is one of the best ways to create a PDF document from an image.
  • You can also use its numerous annotation features to annotate PDFs.
  • It can edit text in PDF, such as changing the color, font, size, and style of text.
  • It is one of the only document management apps that has a built-in security space feature to adequately protect your documents.
  • It is also one of the easiest file manager apps that you can use. It has a simple user interface, allowing you to compress files on your iPhone quickly and easily.

How to Compress a Picture on iPhone and iPad

To use UPDF for iOS to compress pictures on iPhone or iPad, install the app on your device and then follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Import Photos into UPDF

Open UPDF on your iPhone or iPad and then click on the "+" symbol at the bottom right.

Select "Photos" as the source and then choose the photo that you would like to import.

Tap "Add" to import the selected photos.

Step 2: Select the Photo for Compressing

Once the photo has been added to UPDF, tap the three dots icon "..." underneath the photo file. This will reveal the options you can do to this photo.

Step 3: Convert Image to PDF

Now, you need to convert the image to PDF and then compress it. Select "Convert to PDF" after you tap the three dots icon.

Step 4:  Compress a Picture on iPhone

Then, just open the PDF file and click on the "Reduce File Size" option after selecting the drop-down icon to compress the selected picture and save it as an archive file.

Now, you will see the compressed file on the UPDF interface. Now you can share the compressed file by clicking the three dots icon "..." and then choose "Email" or "Share". In this way, you can share the compressed file easily with others.

It's effortless, isn't it? Moreover, by going Pro with UPDF, you'll unlock a world of premium PDF features. Download and upgrade today! Furthermore, check out the video below which provides a detailed overview of UPDF on iPad. The operation on the iPad is very similar to that on the iPhone.

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How to Compress Multiple Photos on iPhone and iPad

Just as you can compress a single file, you can also compress as many photos as you want using UPDF. Just import the photos as described above and then follow these steps to compress the files;

Step 1: Select the Files to Compress

To select the files that you would like to compress, click on the checkbox icon at the top right, then click on the individual files to select them.

Step 2: Compress Photos on iPhone

Once all the files are selected, click on "More" from the options at the bottom.

Then, tap "Convert to PDF" and save them as a PDF file. The image will be batch converted into one PDF.

Step 3: Reduce the File Size of Multiple Photos

Open the PDF file. Click on the drop-down icon and select the "Reduce File Size" option.

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Compressing data is an important task when managing your device's data. You can compress your photos on your iPhone 15 through different means. However, as stated in the article, UPDF has provided the best option that can exist to compress photos on iPhone 15. Consider using UPDF for basic functions and other needs, such as compressing photos. Start experiencing the simplicity by downloading UPDF now!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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