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How to Highlight PDF On iPad (In Seconds)

When you read your PDF files on iPad, for some important information, highlighting them is the best way to markup and remind you to notice them. So this article will provide you with a comprehensive method to highlight PDF on iPad, and you will also get an all-in-one PDF highlighter and annotator for iPad, even all platforms.

Can You Highlight in PDF Files on iPad?

Yes, you can highlight PDF iPad with an easy-to-use PDF highlighter like UPDF for iOS. It is available and can do a lot more than highlighting, as you can add text, shapes, notes, signatures, etc, as you desire. With UPDF on iPad, you can also highlight PDF with Apple pencil. If you want to change the highlight color, it also allows you to change it as needed. Besides, if you think some highlights are unnecessary, you can also remove them quickly. We suggest you download UPDF on your iPad via the below button and test all features on your own.

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How Do I Highlight a PDF on My iPad for Free?

With UPDF, you can highlight PDF on iPad for the contents of a PDF file effortlessly. Numerous highlighting options are available for professionals to make free-hand annotations, draw horizontal lines, enlarge text, etc.

But it accomplishes a lot more than simply enabling highlights. Users can also annotate PDF on iPad easily, such as adding text comment, sticky notes, shapes, signatures, and so on.

Let's look at how to highlight PDF on iPad with UPDF.

  • After you have opened the UPDF app, tap the "+" button that you can easily find in the bottom right corner.
  • Select the file you want to import.
  • Choose the highlighter pen icon from the list shown at the top. Click on the "Markup" at the left side menu. Now, you are in the highlight mode.
  • You can update the highlight color by tapping on the "Color" setting option. A range of colors will pop up. Choose which color you want the highlight to show.
  • Tap and drag the section of the document where you want to highlight.
  • If you want to remove the highlights, you can tap on the highlights and tap "Delete" from the options.

Want to highlight PDF with UPDF now? Download it via the below button.

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FAQs on Highlighting PDF on iPad

1. Where is The Highlight Tool on iPad?

If you are wondering how to highlight PDF text on an iPad, select the text and tap on the "pencil" icon. Then the highlight tools will appear at the bottom.

2. How Do I Enable Highlighting on iPad?

You don't need to enable highlighting on an iPad if you already have an app to highlight PDF iPad, such as Preview, Pages, UPDF, etc, as all these apps come with a highlighting function for most files, including a PDF.

3. Why Isn't PDF Letting Me Highlight?

There are two main reasons you cannot highlight PDFs on iPhone or any other platform.

The first is that the 'Comment Restrictions' have been applied, and the document doesn't allow you to make any changes. In this case, you have to use a tool to unlock it and then make any changes.

The second reason is that the PDF is a scanned image, or the text is a flattened copy. In that case, you must use an OCR tool to extract the text and then can highlight it.

4. How Do I Highlight a PDF on My iPad with Apple Pencil?

Regarding this question, you can follow the same steps mentioned in this article above. When selecting the highlight action, you use the pencil instead of your finger to do the job.

The Best App to Highlight PDF across All platforms

One of the best apps for highlighting the material of a PDF file that is accessible not just for macOS or iOS but also for Windows, and Android, is UPDF. You can access various highlighting features to make free-hand annotations, draw straight lines, enlarge letters, etc.

UPDF is a fantastic and remarkable PDF annotator. There are many annotation tools in UPDF, like highlight, underline, strikethrough, text box, callout, sticky note, shapes, stamps, stickers, and so on.

The following are the critical features of UPDF:

  • Edit PDF documents like a pro with pro editing tools like changing font style, picking and choosing the color, and enhancing the size. You can tweak the changes until your document is well-organized and professional.
  • Modifying images in PDF has never been easier. You can add and remove images quickly,  and even crop, rotate, replace, and extract images in PDF.
  • Organize PDF pages efficiently, including inserting, deleting, rotating, cropping, replacing, extracting, splitting, and rearranging pages.
  • Convert PDF files into Word, PPT, Excel, Image, Text, CSV, HTML, etc.
  • Compress PDF file size without loosing document quality.


All in all, with UPDF, you can highlight PDF files on all platforms including iPadOS, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Android. So you can annotate PDF files wherever you go. If you think this tool is also very easy-to-use and can meet your needs, try it today from the below button.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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