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The Ultimate Guide on How to Create a Blank PDF From Scratch

PDF is the only choice if you want to share documents in a secure and easy-to-access format. This is why PDF is the format used for important and legally binding documents like contracts and bank statements. Once the content is created, it can be very difficult to alter the text or any other elements within it.

But how do you create a blank PDF? How do you start to add information to a blank PDF document? This guide will provide a concrete way that is just as easy and secure. Let's start with the most effective tool that you can use.

How to Create a Blank PDF

Creating a blank PDF document from scratch and with none of the difficulty you imagine you will experience, comes down to the tool you choose to use. There are many PDF tools in the market, but as most users will attest, many are complicated, requiring hours of trial and error just to create an empty PDF file.

The creators of the tool we recommend here listened to users like you who found creating, editing, and managing PDFs very hard and developed a tool aimed at simplifying the process. This PDF tool is known as UPDF and while it is the best solution you will ever need to create a blank PDF with ease. Here are the detailed instructions:

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Step 1: Create a Blank PDF Page

  • First, install UPDF on your computer and open the program.
  • On the main window, click "File." In the options you see, click "Create > Blank Page." This will open a new page in the program.

Step 2: Add Multiple Blank PDF Pages

  • If you want to add multiple blank pages to the PDF document, click on the "Organize Pages" icon from the toolbar on the left and click "Insert" at the top. You will have the option to add another "Blank Page", and you can add as many blank pages as you need.

Step 3: Add Elements to the Blank PDF

  • Once you have all the pages you need, you can now start to add elements to the blank document. To do that, click on the "Edit PDF" icon from the toolbar.
  • To add text, click on "Text" at the top and then click on any area of the document to type in your text. You can change the font size, font style, and font color of the text.
  • To add an image, click on "Image" from the options at the top and then click anywhere on the document. You will then be able to select the image you want to add from your computer. You can resize the image as needed and drag it to a desired location.

Step 4: Save the PDF Document

  • Remember to save the changes you make to the document once you are happy with the design elements you have added.
  • To save the file, click on "File > Save" and choose a location to save the file. Enter your preferred file name and click "Save."

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

What Other Options Does UPDF Provide Apart from Creating a Blank PDF?

1. Create a PDF from Other Format

If you have a document that is already designed but it is in a different format, UPDF allows you to use this document to create a PDF.

To do that, click on "File > Create" and then select from the formats available. You can create a PDF from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, and Images.

2. Create a PDF from Free Templates

If you don't want to start from scratch, UPDF does provide well-designed free PDF templates that you can customize. Choose a template that meets your needs and use UPDF's editing features to customize it.

Besides, UPDF can do so much more:

If you handle PDF documents often, you will find that UPDF has all the tools you need, including;

  • It is the best PDF editor and you can use it to edit the text, images, links, watermarks, background, and even reorganize the pages to your heart's content.
  • It is also one of the best ways to read and add annotations to a PDF document. You can add stamps, comments, highlights, stickers, sticky notes, text boxes, and signatures to your documents.
  • The Powerful document protection features ensure that you can keep your PDF document and its content safe from unauthorized users.
  • You can also use this program's easy-sharing feature to send the document to others via a link.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Why Do You Need to Create a Blank PDF?

Several compelling reasons may prompt you to create a PDF document from scratch. The following are some of the best ones;

  • You may want to create a document that is unique to your business and brand. In this case, being able to design the document from scratch may be instrumental in getting the branding just right.
  • You may also want to create a blank PDF if, during the course of editing an existing document, you find that you need an additional blank page to add content.
  • A blank PDF page can also be a good way to repurpose some content. Perhaps you have an infographic whose content you would like to expand. You can use the steps above to create a blank PDF and add each section of the infographic to it before adding more content in the form of text and images.

FAQs on Creating Blank PDFs

1. How Do I Create a Blank PDF Online?

Some online tools can be used to manage PDF documents in several ways including conversion and editing. But many do not have the features you need to create a blank PDF. Even if you could find an online solution to create a blank PDF, we don't recommend using them especially when the content you need to add is sensitive. They don't provide the same data safety guarantee a tool like UPDF does.

2. Why My PDF is Blank?

  • If you have added text and other design elements to your PDF, but when you open it, it is blank, it is possible that the file is damaged or corrupt in some way.
  • Your document may also appear to be blank if you are attempting to open it using an online tool and there is a bad internet connection or the file is too large.
  • It is also possible that you closed the file improperly or shut down your computer before the file could be saved completely.

3. How Do I Create a Blank PDF with Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat can also be used to easily create blank PDFs. Simply open Acrobat and click "File > Create > Blank Page." You can also go to "Tools > Create PDF> Blank Page > Create." As we all know that Adobe Acrobat is very expensive, and it is very slow to load PDF files if you have used it before. We'd like to provide a comparison between UPDF and Adobe Acrobat, and you can learn a detailed comparison from every aspect.


Creating a blank PDF page gives you the freedom to design the PDF any way you want. UPDF not only makes it easy for you to create a blank document and add as many pages as you want, but you are also free to add images and text to the document as desired. What are you waiting for, download to try it now!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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