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Learn How to Insert a Watermark in PowerPoint

Watermarking is a useful technique to add a layer of protection to your PowerPoint presentations. A watermark is an image or text usually placed in a document's background to identify its ownership or to indicate that the content is confidential. In this article, we will discuss how to insert a watermark in PowerPoint using easy methods and techniques.

PowerPoint offers different tools to add a watermark to your presentation. These tools allow users to add text, images, or logos as a watermark, which can be customized in size, transparency, and position. Alternatively, we shall introduce you to UPDF, a reliable and easy-to-use way to add watermarks to PDF documents, ensuring their authenticity and integrity.

Let us now move ahead and bring you our detailed step-by-step guide on inserting a watermark in PowerPoint.

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Part 1. Different Types of Watermarks You Can Insert in Your Documents

Watermarks are commonly used to protect the ownership and integrity of digital content. They can be categorized into various types based on purpose, visibility, and placement. Here are some common types of watermarks:

1. Text Watermarks

These watermarks typically contain text, such as a copyright symbol, owner's name, or a website URL. They are often placed diagonally or horizontally across the image or document.

2. Image Watermarks

Image watermarks involve embedding a logo, graphic, or signature onto the content. They can be transparent or semi-transparent, usually placed in a corner or throughout the image.

3. Digital Watermarks

Digital watermarks are embedded within the digital content, often invisible to the viewer. They can be used to identify the source or author of the content and may contain information like metadata or a unique identifier.

4. Visible Watermarks

Visible watermarks are intentionally made noticeable to viewers, serving as a deterrent against unauthorized use. They can include logos, patterns, or prominently overlayed text on the content.

5. Invisible Watermarks

These watermarks are not immediately visible to the viewer and require special software or techniques to detect them. Invisible watermarks are often embedded within the content's data and can be used for authentication or tracking purposes.

Part 2. How to Choose the Easiest Way to Insert Watermark in PowerPoint

When it comes to inserting watermarks in PowerPoint presentations, there are several methods available. However, if you want an easy and powerful way to insert different types of watermarks, we highly recommend using UPDF.

UPDF is a comprehensive PDF editor offering a range of features for working with PDF files, including adding watermarks to your PowerPoint presentations. Here's why UPDF stands out as the preferred choice for inserting watermarks in PowerPoint:

  • Extensive Watermarking Options: UPDF offers many watermarking options such as text, image, PDF watermarks, to cater to your specific needs. To protect your presentation's integrity, add text-based watermarks with UPDF, making the process easier.
  • Changeable Watermark Placement Methods: UPDF allows you to add watermarks horizontally or vertically. Besides, you can also change the ratio and opacity of the watermark.
  • User-Friendly Interface: UPDF provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for beginners and experienced users to navigate and utilize its features.

With its user-friendly interface, extensive watermarking options, protection features, and seamless integration with PowerPoint, UPDF is a reliable and most-efficient way to insert a watermark in PowerPoint or any other file format.

Part 3. How to Easily Create, Insert, and Add Different Watermarks in PowerPoint

In this part, we will explore various methods to create, insert, and add different types of watermarks in PowerPoint using UPDF. But first, you have to convert and save PPT into PDF so we later add watermarks to it using UPDF.

#1 Create and Add Text Watermark in PowerPoint

In this part of our step-by-step guide, we will take you through every step of creating and adding text watermarks in PowerPoint with UPDF that we just converted into PDF. So without any further delay, let us explore those steps:

  • Open the document in UPDF and click the 'Page Tools' option.
  • Now, click the 'Watermark' menu and then the 'Add' button.
  • Make sure that the 'Text Watermark' is selected in the next menu.
  • In the 'Content' tab, type the text you want to use your watermark. You can select font, size, color, and other options from the tab right below it. Set the watermark ratio and opacity using the respective sliders provided in UPDF.
  • Click 'Save', and UPDF will insert your text watermark in all PowerPoint Slides.

And this is how easy it is to create and add text watermarks in PowerPoint with UPDF. You can reconvert this file into PPT to access it in your PowerPoint for better presentations.

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#2 Insert and Customize Image Watermark in PowerPoint

Professionals consider image watermarks more reliable, which is why you could find their use more common than other types of watermarks. Now, if you are one of those people and want to insert and customize image water in PowerPoint, follow these steps:

  • Again, open your converted file in UPDF and navigate to the 'Page Tools' tab.
  • Select Watermark > Image Watermark.
  • Click the Three-dotted line to browse the image watermark on your computer.
  • Find the location where you have saved the image that you want to use as the watermark.
  • Once imported, use the 'Ratio of Watermark' slider to adjust its size inside the document.
  • Similarly, use the 'Opacity' slider to adjust the visibility of the watermark.
  • Click 'Save,' and this customized watermark will be added to all slides with UPDF.

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Customizing and inserting watermarks in PowerPoint slides wasn't as easy as before UPDF, and after following this guide, we are sure you would agree.

#3 Insert PDF Watermark in PowerPoint

Alternatively, you can also insert a PDF to your PowerPoint as a watermark with UPDF. Make sure that you have converted the PowerPoint into .pdf format, and then follow the steps below:

  • Open the file in UPDF and click Page Tools > Watermark.
  • Click the Image or Pdf Watermark tab.
  • Again, click the three-dotted line to the PDF logo saved on your computer.
  • Import and do the necessary Ratio of Watermark and Opacity settings.
  • Save, and you are done!

So, what are you waiting for? Despite your current watermark format, apply it to your documents with UPDF and get a sense of document security never experienced before!

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Part 4. How to Insert Watermark in PowerPoint with Common Ways

Inserting a watermark in PowerPoint is a great way to protect your presentation or add branding elements. There are several common ways to insert a watermark in PowerPoint, and below we will list those in the quickest way possible:

#1 Using the Insert Tab

  • Open the PowerPoint Presentation.
  • Click the Insert tab.
  • Now, the Text Group > Header & Footer.
  • Navigate to Slide and then the box next to Footer.
  • Enter the desired Watermark Text and customize it.
  • Click Apply to All.

#2 Using the Slide Master View

  • In the PowerPoint Presentation, click the View tab.
  • Now, click Slider Master.
  • Select the Slide Layout > Insert.
  • Here, click the Text Box > Desired Watermark Text.
  • Now, customize the watermark size and color, etc.

#3 Using Picture as Watermark

Using a picture as a watermark in PowerPoint is the easiest, and for that, follow these steps:

  • In PowerPoint, click the View tab.
  • Now, click Slide Master > Insert.
  • Insert Pictures using the file explorer from your computer.
  • Do necessary adjustments such as resizing and transparency etc.

Part 5. Frequently Asked Questions About Inserting Watermark in PPT

1. What is the purpose of a watermark in PowerPoint?

A watermark in PowerPoint is a semi-transparent image or text placed in the background of a slide used for branding, copyright protection, and drafting or confidentiality.

2. What is the shortcut for a watermark in PowerPoint?

PowerPoint does not have a built-in keyboard shortcut specifically for inserting a watermark. However, you can use the steps mentioned in this guide above to insert a watermark in PowerPoint.

3. How do I insert a transparent watermark in PowerPoint?

Insert a transparent watermark in PowerPoint easily using UPDF:

  • Convert PPT into PDF and open it in UPDF.
  • Choose Page Tools > Watermark.
  • Click to import a watermark and then adjust the transparency with Opacity Slider.


And this is how easy it is to insert a watermark in PowerPoint that we discussed in this guide using both UPDF and traditional methods available in PowerPoint itself. As UPDF improves and adds new features, this will only get easier.

Ultimately, we hope this comprehensive guide was smooth and helped your brand secure your documents meaningfully.

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