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How to Print PowerPoint with Notes - The Best Guide 2024

Are you looking to enhance your PowerPoint presentations by printing them with accompanying notes? Whether you're a student preparing for a lecture or a professional delivering a compelling talk, printing PowerPoint slides with notes can be valuable. Speaker notes provide essential cues and details that help guide your presentation.

In this article, we'll teach you how to print PowerPoint with notes using an easy step-by-step guide. We'll cover the steps for Windows, Mac, and Web users, ensuring you can create a hard copy of your slides and the accompanying notes.

Additionally, we will explore UPDF, one of the finest PDF editors, which can further enhance your experience. Moreover, we shall also cover how you can convert your PPT to PDF to get some easy sharing options.

Let's dive in and learn how to print PowerPoint with notes effectively.

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Part 1: How to View Speaker Notes in PowerPoint without Making It Visible to Audience?

In some cases, you may want to view your speaker notes in PPT without making them visible to the audience, and that’s why you want to print them. If that is the case, you can use the Presenter View feature. This feature allows you to see your speaker notes and control your presentation while displaying only the slides to the audience. Here's how you can use Presenter View and print your PowerPoint slides with notes:

  • Connect your computer to the projector or external display where the audience will see the slides.
  • Open the PowerPoint presentation and click the "Slide Show" tab.
  • In the "Monitors" group, check the "Use Presenter View" box, allowing you to use Presenter View on your computer while displaying only the slides on the projector screen.
  • Click the "Slide Show" button or press F5 to start the presentation.
user presenter view

Now, when you start the slideshow, you will see the Presenter View on your computer screen with the following elements:

  • The current slide is displayed prominently
  • Speaker notes associated with the current slide
  • A preview of the upcoming slides
  • Navigation controls to move between slides
  • Timers, annotations, and other options, depending on your PowerPoint version

The audience will only see the slide content on the projected or shared screen without distractions from the speaker notes or other information.

You can use the speaker notes section to add and edit your notes for each slide. These notes will only be visible during the presentation, allowing you to deliver your content smoothly while referencing your reminders or additional information.

Remember: The availability and appearance of Presenter View may vary depending on the version of PowerPoint you are using.

Part 2: How to Print PowerPoint with Notes

Printing PowerPoint slides with notes allows you to have a comprehensive reference document, providing you with the freedom to annotate, review, or share your presentation material offline.

Since PowerPoint is available on different platforms, such as Windows and Mac, and has web-based options, it is time to dive into different approaches for all these platforms.

Let's dive in and explore the various methods to print PowerPoint with notes to ensure your presentations are always well-prepared and accessible in any situation.

2.1 How to Print PPT with Speaker Notes on Windows

To print PowerPoint with Notes on Notes, follow the steps below:

  • Open your PowerPoint presentation and click the "File" tab.
  • From the drop-down menu, select "Print".
  • Choose the desired printer and layout options in the 'Print' menu under 'Settings'.
  • Under "Print Layout", select "Notes Pages", and this option will print each slide with its accompanying speaker notes.
  • Adjust additional settings, such as the number of copies or specific slide ranges.
  • Finally, click 'Print' to start printing the PowerPoint slides with speaker notes.
notes page

And this is how you can easily print PPT with Speaker Notes on Windows. However, what happens if you are a Mac user? Well, the next section of the guide is dedicated to you!

2.2 How to Print PPT with Speaker Notes on Mac

Being a Mac user, you can follow the steps below to print PPT with speaker notes:

  • Open the PPT file on your Mac and click the "File" menu.
  • Now, click the "Print" tab.
  • In "Print" settings, select your preferred printer and adjust any layout settings.
  • Click the "Layout" section > "Full Page Slides".
  • After that, click "Notes Pages", and this will print each slide along with its speaker notes.
  • Ensure you verify other settings, such as the number of copies and page range.
  • Click the "Print" button, and you are good to go!
full page slides

Printing PPT with Speaker Notes on Mac wasn't too hard either. Well, let us proceed and explore how you can do that on web-based options!

2.3 How to Print PPT with Speaker Notes on the Web

When you have to use the web instead of the PowerPoint software, the following steps can be helpful:

  • Open any web browser you use and navigate to the PowerPoint Online website.
  • Sign in using your Microsoft account or create a new account if you don't have one.
  • Create a new PowerPoint presentation or use an existing one by uploading it from your computer.
  • Once the presentation is open in PowerPoint Online, click the "File" tab.
  • Go to the "Print" options.
  • Again, select the printer and adjust the layout settings if required.
  • Under the "Print What" section, select "Notes" to print each slide with its speaker notes.
  • Review other printing settings such as copies and page range.
  • Click the "Print" button to print the PowerPoint slides with speaker notes and complete the job!

Following these steps, you can print your PowerPoint presentations with speaker notes on Windows, Mac, or even when using PowerPoint Online. Doing this gives you a physical copy that includes the slides and the accompanying notes, providing a comprehensive reference for your presentation.

Part 3: Convert Your PPT To PDF Format for Effortless Distribution

When it comes to sharing presentations, one of the most widely used and convenient file formats is PDF. PDF files can be easily viewed on various devices and operating systems, preserving the original formatting and layout.

To share a PDF presentation, you have to first convert your PPT to PDF. After that, you can use UPDF for easy sharing and presenting.

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play slideshow with UPDF
share with UPDF

In addition to presenting or sharing your PDF presentations, you may also need a reliable PDF editor to modify or enhance your PDF files. In that case, UPDF is an excellent free PDF editor that offers a wide range of features to help you easily manage and edit your PDF documents. Here are some of the most prominent features of UPDF that make it stand out:

  • Annotation Tools: In UPDF, there are various types of annotation tools available, including sticky notes, stickers, stamps, etc. You can comment and leave your own notes there for presentation.
  • Editing Tools: With UPDF, you can modify your PDF files by adding or deleting text, images, and shapes. You can also rearrange pages, merge multiple PDFs into a single document, and split PDFs into separate files.
  • Conversion Capabilities: Along with its editing features, UPDF supports converting PDFs to various formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and image files. This flexibility allows you to repurpose your PDF content for different purposes.

It also allows you to merge or split PDF files, add or remove pages, and protect PDFs with a password, adding more privacy and security to your work files.

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Part 4: FAQs About Printing PowerPoint with Notes

1. Can you print PowerPoint slides with notes multiple per page?

Yes, you can print PowerPoint slides with notes multiple per page. In the print settings, you can choose the option to print "Handouts" and select the desired number of slides per page along with the notes.

2. How to view notes in PowerPoint while presenting with one monitor?

To do this, use the Presenter View. Check the "Use Presenter View" option in the Slide Show tab. This will display the presentation on the primary screen while showing the current slide, speaker notes, and slide thumbnails on the presenter's screen.

3. How to save a PowerPoint as a PDF with 2 slides per page with notes?

To save a PowerPoint as a PDF with 2 slides per page and notes, go to the "File" menu, click "Export," select "Create PDF/XPS," then under "Publish Options," choose "Notes Pages" and "2 slides per page" and click "Publish."

4. How to print PowerPoint without notes?

To print PowerPoint without notes, go to the print settings and select the option to print "Slides." This will print only the slides without any accompanying notes.


Printing PowerPoint slides with accompanying notes can be valuable for enhancing presentations, facilitating learning, and providing reference materials. Following simple steps in this guide, you can effectively print your slides with notes to support your presentation or distribute them as handouts to your audience.

Moreover, tools like UPDF always bring an experience that can make such tasks even easier, so make sure you try it as well.

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