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[Easiest] How to Embed Fonts in PowerPoint on Windows/Mac

Embedding a font means securing the font file’s information in a PowerPoint file.

For example, if you transferred your PPT file to someone else’s device, then when they open the file, they will be able to view the file and its fonts the way it is supposed to.

Without embedding fonts can lead to your presentation file font’s looking different when shared with others.

The font could change on their device because they never installed that particular font and also special characters could change into baffling rectangles to frustrate the viewer.

Nevertheless, there is a solution to this and this blog will teach you how to embed fonts in PowerPoint and also use UPDF - an effective PDF management tool to view and edit embedded fonts.

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Part 1. Why Should You Embed Fonts in PowerPoint

Embedding fonts can be necessary since not every application supports different font types when the file gets shared from device to device. Below you will find why it is important to embed fonts in PowerPoint:

1.1 Benefits of embedding fonts in PowerPoint

  • When using non-standard or custom fonts, it can be essential to embed fonts when you share a presentation file online and someone else looks to edit it.
  • For converting online presentation files to PDF files, it can be useful to embed these non-standard or custom fonts so that it maintains their originality when viewed as PDFs.
  • To ensure your presentation impresses your audience, the font matters. Embedding the font helps viewer who opens the file on their device and sees the exact fonts you used that make the presentation convincing.

1.2 Open/read presentations without embedding/installing missing fonts in PPT

When you convert a PowerPoint file to a PDF format, it won’t require you or anyone else to install fonts on their device after opening the PDF file. Hence, this method can be helpful in case you want to open presentations without needing to install custom fonts.

This is where UPDF can come in handy because it is an effective PDF-viewing and editing tool that allows you to organize your PDFs.

You can open your PPT file as a PDF file on UPDF and still edit the presentation using its simple annotation tools and other editing options.

In addition, it has a slideshow feature and a special Presenter View to show your desired presentation files the way you intend to your viewers. Moreover, its convenient sharing feature makes it easy to share presentations via a link or through email.

Furthermore, it’s easy to get started with UPDF. You can download it instantly on your device for free and sign up with your account.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

After installing UPDF, follow these steps:

  • Open the PowerPoint presentation file that you want to convert to PDF. Go to File, and click Save a Copy. Save the PPT file as a PDF (.pdf).
  • Launch your UPDF app. Click on File, and select Open. You can import the presentation file that you just converted into a PDF.

Note: For Windows users, they can directly open a PowerPoint in UPDF by opening UPDF and clicking File > Create > PDF from PowerPoint.

play slideshow with UPDF

Sharing with Others

To share the PDF presentation with others, you can follow these steps:

  • Open your existing presentation PDF file. Head over to the right-hand side panel and click on the Share this file with others icon.
  • A pop-up will appear. Under the Share a link tab, you can generate the link publicly. You can set permissions for Copy/Download/Print and also an Expiration Time. Lastly, click Create and start sharing.
  • If you want to share the file with a specific person, go under the Share with Others tab, enter their email address, and finally click, Send.
share with UPDF

Part 2. How to Embed Fonts in PowerPoint on Windows and macOS

UPDF can help you easily edit your presentation as a PDF once you convert it from PowerPoint.

Nevertheless, there may be situations where you need to show your presentation on PowerPoint and this can’t be avoided.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to your problems, and here are ways to embed fonts in both Windows and Mac.

2.1 Embed Fonts in PPT on Windows

Before opening your PPT file, you can check if your fonts are embeddable. First, log in as Adminitrator and head over to C Drive. Select the Windows folder and then select Fonts.

Right-click on any font that needs to be embedded, and select Properties. Make sure the Read Only box isn’t checked and then click OK.

set ppt read only

Lastly, check the Details tab and you will see that the Font Embeddability is read as Editable and Installable.

Now, follow these steps with your existing PPT file:

  • Head to File and click Save As.
  • A pop-up will appear. Click on the Tools button and choose Save Options from the dropdown menu.
  • Another box will appear called PowerPoint Options. Head over to the section named Preserve Fidelity When Sharing This Presentation.
  • Tick the box Embed fonts in the file and check Embed all characters (best for editing by other people) below it.
embed fonts in the file
  • Finally, click OK.

2.2 Embed Fonts in PPT on macOS

Follow these steps after opening your PPT file on Mac:

  • Head over to the menu, and select Preferences.
  • Under the Output and Sharing box, choose the Save option.
  • Tick the Embed fonts in the file box under the Font Embedding section.
  • Below that, check the box Embed all characters (best for editing by other people) and you’re done.
embed all characters

Part 3. FAQs About Embedding Fonts in PowerPoint

Q1. Why won't fonts embed in PowerPoint?

In some cases, custom fonts may not get embedded in PowerPoint for two reasons—either it’s an unsupported font type or the creator of the respective font isn’t granting permission to embed it.

Q2. What does embedding a font mean?

Embedding a font means the inclusion of the font files so that when you share your file with someone else who doesn’t have the same fonts installed, they are still able to view it as you intend to show it.

Q3. What is the disadvantage of embedding fonts?

The major disadvantage of embedding fonts is since it includes extra font data, it means the file size will be larger as a result. This may inhibit file-sharing from one person to another.

Embed Fonts in PowerPoint and Share the Way You Intend to…

Embedding fonts in your PowerPoint presentation can help you share with anyone and allow them to view the exact fonts you used.

This blog has shown you how to embed fonts in both Windows and Mac and also use UPDF as an alternate tool to view presentations as PDF files without needing to install or embed font files.

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