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How to Hide Photos on iPhone using 2 Easy Methods: Step Up Your iPhone Privacy (iOS 17 Included)

iPhones come with extremely useful features. For instance, the device allows you to hide photos. You may want to hide some photos because you do not want anybody else to view them. 

You may also want to hide photos you want to give somebody else as a gift. You may not want them to see the photos before you gift them. If you are wondering how to hide photos on iPhone, this article gives you step to do it using UPDF and the photos app. So, how do you hide photos on iPhone 15?

Method 1. How to Hide Photos on iPhone with UPDF

UPDF for iOS is the best tool you can use to hide photos. This is highly versatile and easy-to-use software rich in features. It allows you to organize your photos and keep them secured at all times. UPDF lets you view, copy, upload, organize, secure and share your PDF documents on your iPhone 15. 

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

The other great thing about UPDF is that it has advanced features such as OCR, password protection for the application, Security Space, and multi-finger selection. This makes it a great option for you to hide your photos on your device. Thus, if you are looking for a powerful and intuitive way on how to hide pictures on iPhone 15, you need to use UPDF. With its fluid operations, it makes the process of hiding photos easy and hassle-free. To hide the photos you need to use the Security Space feature.

Steps to Hide Pictures on iPhone

What is Security Space? Security Space in UPDF refers to a location in the app you can secure your photos with a Face ID or Passcode. This is a feature that enables you to restrict access to some of the private and confidential documents. It allows you to prevent other people from viewing these files. This is the feature you use to hide photos on your iPhone 15. Here are steps to hide pictures on iPhone 15 with UPDF.

Step 1. Click the UPDF logo on the top left side. Then click on the "Security Space" option.

Step 2. When prompted, authenticate the access attempt. This is how UPDF hides photos on iPhone 15. You can access this space only if you have the correct Face ID or Passcode.

Step 3. After entering into the security space, you can click the "+" symbol located on the bottom right side. And then choose one of the import options to bring pictures from the different locations of your device.

Note: After you import the photos, you can delete the photos from your Photos app. So no one will know that you hide the photos in UPDF app.

Once you have imported all your photos into the security space, they are fully protected. No one can access them except you. Note to view the photos you should also provide the right Face ID.

Method 2. How to Hide Photos on iPhone

Can you hide pictures on iPhone 15 using the photos app? Yes, you can. This app allows you to hide photos that you may not want other people to view. With the app, you have full control of the photos that are visible and the ones that you want to hide. When you hide the photos, they will move to the hidden album. So, they cannot be seen in your library, photos widget, and other albums on your screen. With iPhone 15, it is possible to turn off the hidden album to ensure that the photos are hidden completely. The app also allows you to unhide the photos, and turn back the hidden photo album on, anytime you want to do so. Here are steps on how to hide pics in iPhone  15 with the Photos app. 

1. Launch the Photos app. Choose the photos that you want to hide. Click the three dots icon.

2. Choose the "Hide" option.

3. Confirm you would like to hide the photos by clicking the "Hide Photos" button.

How to Unhide the Photos

If you want to unhide the photos, here are the steps to follow

  • Open photos and click the albums tab
  • Scroll down and click on the hidden under utilities
  • Click the photo you would like to unhide
  • Click the share button and then click unhide

How to Hide the Hidden Album from the Settings

It is also possible to hide the hidden album from the setting on your iPhone 15. Note that the hidden album is usually on, by default but it is possible to turn it off. When you turn it off, all the photos you have hidden in the album will not be visible in the app. To hide the hidden album here are steps to follow. 

  • Move to "Settings" and click on "Photos".
  • Scroll down and then turn off the hidden album.

How to Find the Hidden Album

  • Launch the Photos app and click on the Albums tab.
  • Scroll down and get the hidden album under utilities.

Disadvantages of Hiding Photos in the Photos App

Hiding photos in the Photos app is not the best option for you. This is because the privacy of your photos may be compromised at one time or the other. One of the reasons why the privacy of the photos may be compromised is the fact that there are no security features such as Face ID. Thus, anyone who is using your iPhone 15 can access the hidden photos easily by accessing the hidden album through the settings of your device. 


As you can see from the article, it is easy to hide photos on iPhone 15 using different methods. Using UPDF is the best option for you because of its great features that ensure that hidden photos cannot be accessed. The tool has a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Thus, no learning curve is needed when you want to use it. UPDF allows you to hide photos fast and in a secure manner. The inbuilt security space ensures that all your hidden photos are safe. The app also allows you to organize the photos you want to hide and keep them secure. 

It has great features such as the security space where the photos are hidden. Password protection and Face ID that ensure no one else can access the hidden photos. Its top features include:

  • Security lock
  • Passcodes and face ID
  • An ultimate file manager
  • Intelligent PDF scanner 
  • Add image to PDF
  • Combine several PDFs 
  • Convert photos to PDFs
  • Security space 
  • Annotate PDFs and photos
  • Simple to understand user interface

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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