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What is ChatGPT? Taking a Closer Look at AI

In November 2022, a revolutionary AI called ChatGPT took the internet by storm and amazed millions of users worldwide. While some hesitated to adopt it at first, the staggering surge of 100 million followers quickly piqued everyone's curiosity, prompting them to give it a try.

Continue reading this article to find out what is ChatGPT, how to use it, and how much does it cost?

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What is ChatGPT, and What Does ChatGPT Stand for?

In simple words, ChatGPT is an OpenAI chatbot that is programmed to communicate with humans in natural language. Moreover, it can answer questions and write content, including blogs, articles, scripts, social media captions, and much more.

All a user has to do is enter the correct and detailed prompts and then wait for ChatGPT to process the answer accordingly.

The term GPT stands for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer,” referring to the capability of ChatGPT to process requests and respond to them. As it is used more, it continues to evolve through reinforcement learning. This learning process helps ChatGPT to improve its future responses through the Machine Learning process.

Who Made ChatGPT and How Much Does it Cost?

OpenAI is the creator of ChatGPT. They are currently partnered with Nvidia GPUs to power their chatbots. Due to the current commercial trajectory for the ChatGPT per day, it is estimated to install 30,000 more GPUs to fulfill the demands.

Playing around with ChatGPT is fun, but running ChatGPT regularly is not cheap. On average, running ChatGPT costs around $700,000 per day, which equates to 36 cents per question, according to the famous analyst Dylan Patel.

Fortunately, OpenAI has one of the biggest investors, Microsoft, onboard; they will figure out how to bring the cost down.

There is no charge for you to use ChatGPT, regardless of what you use it for, such as writing, coding, and much more.

There is also a subscription option for ChatGPT users that costs about $20 each month. With the paid subscription model, users get extra perks like general access even at capacity, access to GPT-4, faster response times, and internet access through plugins.

How Does ChatGPT Work?

ChatGPT works on the transformer architecture. Technically, it is based on the advanced version of the transformer model.

Take a look at the following points to understand how ChatGPT works:

  • A massive dataset is used to train GPT-3.5 or GPT-4.0 to understand language patterns, grammar, and context.
  • Using a self-attention mechanism, ChatGPT emphasizes relevant words in each context.
  • Based on the input and learned associations, the model predicts the most likely next word.
  • A deep neural network with multiple layers of self-attention and feedforward is used by ChatGPT.
  • During training, model parameters are optimized using backpropagation and gradient descent.
  • There are many parameters in ChatGPT, making it a great tool for handling language tasks of all kinds.
  • Using the language model, this ChatGPT model completes texts, answers questions, and generates texts.
  • It's possible to fine-tune ChatGPT for specific tasks and improve its performance.
  • Using the input query, ChatGPT predicts the most coherent and contextually appropriate text.
  • Instead of understanding language, ChatGPT uses statistical patterns and associations.

How to Use ChatGPT?

Apart from answering questions, ChatGPT has various other options to help its users. For example, it can describe artwork in detail, compose essays, have philosophical conversations, and even program a code for you.

Subsequently, there is no complication in using ChatGPT. After making an account on ChatGPT, you can view different options on the main page. Here's how to get started:

  1. At the bottom of the ChatGPT main page, you can view a box where you can write your prompt.
  2. Describe your requirements in detail and hit "enter".
  3. Once you hit enter, ChatGPT will produce the answer to your question.
  4. You can always regenerate the response if you are not satisfied, or you may also edit the requirement you entered to ensure you get the desired response.

Is ChatGPT Free?

Currently, ChatGPT is free for commercial use. It can be directly used from their official website. It is because makers have stated that ChatGPT is still in its feedback stage and is evolving continuously.

Moreover, the free version has enabled ChatGPT to get as many queries in a day to achieve maximum user testing. This helps ChatGPT to analyze the user data in real time while providing feedback at its best.

However, paid versions are also available, and the company is using both paid and free versions to fine-tune its ChatGPT model. As per the predictions, ChatGPT might not be accessible for a lifetime as OpenAI has a paid plan to give more benefits to the users.

As a result, the free version remains an excellent choice as it offers most of the same technical features, with the exception of access to GPT-4 and the internet, which only the subscription model provides.

What is the limitation of ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI model, therefore, has many limitations. And that is why makers have kept it free to improve the user experience to the fullest.

Some of the major limitations are:

  • ChatGPT doesn't have access to the internet; therefore, it cannot provide evidence for its claims.
  • As per the sources, ChatGPT has the information till September 2021, so it cannot provide information about the latest incidents and events.
  • Multiple prompts can't be handled by ChatGPT at once. You can only do one prompt at a time.
  • ChatGPT might answer your questions with a bit of creativity, but beyond that, it can't be more creative and unique.
  • Many responses given by ChatGPT are general; hence, it lacks in-depth information about different fields.
  • It almost sounds like a human, but it doesn't count. ChatGPT lacks common sense, which is the main asset of humans. You can create prompts to generate desired responses that lack the basic human touch.
  • Though ChatGPT is accompanied by a sea of knowledge on different subjects, it still lacks information about the latest trends and global activities.
  • It is also assumed that the data and stats trained by ChatGPT can cause issues, including biases and prejudices. It provides such answers unknowingly as it is not human and doesn't know what it is doing.

What is the Best Alternative to ChatGPT?

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Let's take a closer look at its capabilities:

  • Smart PDF Summarization: For those looking to quickly grasp the key points of lengthy documents, UPDF AI offers a powerful PDF summarization feature. The AI assistant can efficiently extract essential information from PDFs and provide concise summaries, saving valuable time and effort.
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  • Contextual Explanations: UPDF AI also excels in simplifying complex content. Whether dealing with technical jargon, educational materials, medical terms, or any other intricate information, the AI assistant can break down complex concepts into easily understandable language, making PDFs more comprehensible for all readers.
  • AI-Powered Writing Assistance: UPDF AI acts as your writing assistant. Users can brainstorm ideas, check grammar and spelling errors, and polish the content, all within the same platform. This feature ensures that the PDFs created and edited with UPDF AI are of high quality, well-crafted, and error-free.

With UPDF AI, working with PDFs becomes a seamless, efficient, and enjoyable experience. By using the power of AI, UPDF AI empowers users to enhance their productivity, understanding, and communication, ultimately taking PDF editing to a whole new level.

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