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Streamline your Writing Process in 2024 with the Top 5 Mac Markdown Editors

Markdown editors have revolutionised the way we write and format text, as they offer an easy and efficient way to create tidy documents with minimal distractions or formatting issues. If you've ever tried to move text from a Word document into a CMS - such as WordPress - then you'll understand how frustrating it can be to search for hiccups in the formatting and then try to edit it all after it's been transferred. In this article, we'll explore the top five Markdown editors for Mac to help you choose the best tool for your writing needs. As a bonus, we also introduce an AI-integrated PDF editor that help you export chat history to Markdown files. Try it now.

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The Top 5 Mac Markdown Editors

1. Bear

Bear is a sleek and intuitive option for Mac users - it's a note taking tool which offers a clean interface and a "focus mode", perfect for distraction-free writing.

mac markdown editor Bear

Features: Bear offers twelve different writing themes, and some innovative features which include: exporting notes to Markdown format, the ability to encrypt files, cross-note links, and tags. You can also backup and restore files made with Bear, and sync seamlessly across devices using iCloud.

Pricing: Bear offers a free version with limited features, but you can upgrade to the premium version for US$2.99 per month or US$29.99 per year. Both of these options include a 14-day free trial.

Ratings: Some positive things about Bear is that its price is relatively low and that it's simple to use, but some negatives include the fact that users can only access the iCloud sync feature with the paid version.

At the moment, Bear is rated 4.6/5 on G2. Reviewer Rohit S. had this to say about their experience:

"I like the fact that the Bear app is minimal on purpose. So there are very less distractions if you're using the app to take down notes, ideas or creating content for your blog. It is super easy to use, offers many optimizations and also comes with a whole lot of keyboard shortcuts."

2. Byword

Byword is an easy-to-use text editor with Markdown support. Similar to Bear, it also has a distraction free mode.  

mac markdown editor Byword

Features: Byword offers options to change font and background colour, the ability to access typewriter mode, hotkeys support, syntax auto-completion, integration with social media platforms, and the ability to export to PDF, HTML, RTF, Word and Latex.

Pricing: Byword does not offer a version, and it is priced at US$10.99 in the iOS App Store.

Ratings: Some pros of Byword include that it's very customisable and that the user can publish directly to WordPress or other platforms, however some of its cons are that it isn't free to use and its auto-save feature isn't always reliable.

This Markdown tool is currently rated 4.7/5 on the iOS App Store and user Hhollick backed up their 5-star review with this comment:

"I have tried a lot of text editors over the years and ByWord continues to outshine them all. Its interface is inviting, almost serene. It works great on both the Mac and iOS platforms (including TextExpander support on iOS). It handles Markdown beautifully."

3. Ulysses

Ulysses is a robust Markdown editor which is suitable for both casual writers and professionals.

mac markdown editor Ulysses

Features: This Markdown editor has a great set of features, including the ability to arrange files in sections, a cloud-synchronisable library, export to CMS or local files, structure files using tags, and compatibility with footnotes, images, links and tables. Ulysses is also highly personalisable.

Pricing: Ulysses is available as a free version, with the option to pay US$39.99 per year to access all of its features.

Ratings: The most positive aspects of Ulysses are that it possesses a vast array of features, and it provides the ability to post directly to some CMS platforms. A not-so-great aspect is that the subscription prices are quite high.

Ulysses is rated an incredible 5/5 in the iOS App Store, and this is what user Milushkin had to say:

"I have been using Ulysses for 5 years now. All my 7 novels and many short stories are written in this app. I have tried all the competitors, but Ulysses is the best. Ui, speed, ergonomics, overall experience with many hours of daily use over the years remains top notch."

4. Typora

Typora stands out for its live preview feature, allowing users to see their Markdown syntax rendered in real-time as they type.

mac markdown editor Typora

Features: This platform offers the ability to carry out mathematics-related functions as well as being able to access previous versions of your Markdown files, and the ability to create flowcharts, sequences, and Mermaid diagrams.

Pricing: Typora is US$14.99 to download.

Ratings: A negative that has been pointed out by users about Typora is that the immediate rendering of files can be distracting. However, other users have highlighted this as a positive aspect, along with the ability to support LateX expressions and tables for Markdown Extra.

It's rated a fantastic 5/5 on Product Hunt, and user Mjgriffin made the following comment about their experience with Typora:

"Good file management, elegant interface, a pleasure to write in."

5. MacDown

MacDown is a versatile yet simple open-source Markdown editor which is highly customisable and is suitable for developers and writers.

mac markdown editor MacDown

Features: MacDown offers built-in customisable themes, customisable line-spacing and text insets, syntax highlighting and linking between Markdown pages.

Pricing: MacDown is completely free to use.

Ratings: Some great things about MacDown are that it is free and accessible for all Mac users, it has a split-screen view, and supports the linking of Markdown pages. A not-so-great aspect is that the split-screen eats up a lot of RAM, and users have reported that you may need to restart MacDown occasionally as it can be unstable.

MacDown is currently rated at 4.2/5 on Mac Update, with user Akanico saying this:

"Tried many markdown editors (since there's so many of them), really impressed with this one. Open source, packed with many features and even uses Prism to render specific languages as blocks of code in the preview."

Bonus Solution: Export AI Chat Content to Markdown File

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mac markdown editor UPDF
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mac markdown editor UPDF

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FAQs about Markdown Editor for Mac

What is a Markdown file?

A Markdown file is a lightweight markup language used to add formatting elements to text documents, allowing for seamless conversion to HTML and other formats.

What can a Mac Markdown editor do?

A Mac Markdown editor enables users to create, edit, and format text using Markdown syntax, providing a streamlined writing experience. It's an easy text-to-HTML conversion tool that you can use to format lists, headers, and you can also use it to add images, videos, and URLS without the use of formal text editors or HTML tags.

Can I edit a Markdown file on Mac?

Yes, Mac users can edit Markdown files using dedicated Markdown editors or even plain text editors with Markdown syntax highlighting.

What is the best Markdown editor for Mac?

The best Markdown editor for Mac will depend on the user's individual preferences and requirements. All the 5 tools listed in this article will help you, including Bear, Byword, Ulysses, Typora, and Macdown.


Markdown editors offer a convenient and efficient way to write and format text on Mac devices. Whether you want to prioritise simplicity, customisation, or prefer the more advanced features, there's a Markdown editor out there to suit your needs.

For those seeking additional productivity tools, a powerful AI chatbot, and the ability to handle your PDFs quickly and effectively, consider downloading and exploring UPDF and UPDF AI. Why not enhance your writing experience today, and elevate your creativity with UPDF.

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