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10 Must-Know Sites to FREE Download Electricity Bill Receipt PDF Templates

Artificial Intelligence remains the most amazing- yet controversial- of all the human brain has ever produced as it would reduce manpower or labor that may result in unemployment, while others see this as a great opportunity to make things easier. Meanwhile, there are PDF assistants that help you to summarize hundreds of paragraphs in just a second, covering your long-form PDF experience to get an effortlessly concise output. You can also create your ideal receipt layout or modify scanned receipts easily.

Now, we will learn about these top 10 sites for free download PDF receipt templates.

Top 10 Sites to Download Free Receipt PDF Templates

1. UPDF Free Receipt PDF Templates Library

Looking for a platform that allows you to create professional-looking receipts? Then UPDF is perfect to assist you. For just a few clicks, you can use simple and professional receipt templates for your work. Download UPDF now, so you can see what I mean!

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UPDF has a template library that can customize receipt ideas easily and instantly. And the best part is they also provide free receipt PDF templates that are ready to download. You can choose from these free receipt template PDFs that best suit your needs as well as save you time and effort, compared to starting your documents and designs from scratch.

We will guide you through the instructions on how to customize and print the receipt with UPDF.

Editing PDF Receipt with UPDF

Receipts and PDF documents may be easily customized and you can modify information using the amazing UPDF editing features. Here are the steps to achieve this:

1. Click the "Free Download" button and open the UPDF software. Then, select "Open File" so that you can import the PDF receipt.

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2. Another window will pop up once the files have been successfully imported. Navigate towards and select the "Edit PDF" to adjust the parts of the receipt that you want to edit.

There are a variety of editing options that you can use. You can quickly edit the text, add more data, and customize the size, color, and other formatting elements.

3. You can also customize the image in the PDF receipt. Click the image twice to attach your current photo. You can also manually adjust, rotate, and crop the images.

Editing Scanned PDF Receipts with UPDF

Aside from editing digital receipts, you could also edit scanned receipts with UPDF. Here is the step-by-step process you can follow on how to edit a scanned PDF with UPDF.

1. Open the tool and select the scanned receipt. Navigate to the toolbar on the right of your window and click on the "Recognize Text Using OCR" feature.

2. When accessing the OCR tool, you'll be given two choices. "Searchable PDF" is set to convert scanned PDFs into documents that you can edit. You can adjust the format when you access the "Layout" menu which allows you to modify the page order, image quality, and even the language. Once you made your changes, click the "Perform OCR" to continue.

3. The document will open immediately after the OCR is completed. Then follow the same procedure explained in the above method.  

Want to know more about UPDF? WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW.

2. Jotform

Jotform's Utility Bill fill-out printable PDF form helps manage and keep track of your bills and monthly income budgets where you can free receipt download PDFs. This template displays your personal information and has a Form Calculation widget that automatically adds and puts the total amount. It also summarizes your bill charges and includes other important information.

3. FormsPal

FormsPal is another Utility Bill template mainly used for electric, energy and gas usage and expenses. The first page displays your personal information, including amounts and due date. While the bottom part is a must-cut paper used for sending back money. On the other hand, the second page is rules and rates, then the rest are charge details.


Next are the Electricity Bill receipt PDFs from SCRIBD. SCRIBD offers a lot of free receipt templates that usually summarize a bill payment in bullet or graph form. It displays the company name, recipient's personal details, charges and payments, due date, reading months/dates, and consumption details.

5. Smartsheet

We also have Smartsheet's printable and fillable template receipt that can be used for a variety of receipt-issuing processes in any products or services. This template is more basic and comprehensive than the previous templates we named. It has a description and price of each good and service, tax rates, discounts, and shipping costs. As always the receipts PDF download is always available.

6. Invoice Home

Then there's the Invoice Home's free receipt templates! Most of their templates are product and service-based receipts. It is also mostly the same as the previous site– comprehensive and almost the same editing details. However, on Invoice Home, they provide more stylish and designed receipt templates.

7. Coefficient

Coefficient generates an easy-to-use spreadsheet that can only be downloaded through Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. It is a sidebar app for Google Sheets and Excel that provides a variety of receipt designs with different formats and sizes that are perfect for any organizational needs.

8. Skynova

Skynova is a website that creates a real-time free online receipt by just easily filling out, saving, and pressing send. You will also be able to see the customer open your receipt with an email notification. The good thing with this tool is that you can create and store unlimited receipts.

9. PandaDoc

PandaDoc is one of the largest collections of free online template receipts designed for different industries. Its template library consists of more than a thousand designs. You can create folders to store your saved templates, and get a list of documents or folders so that you can navigate through them easier. Of course the receipt book PDF download option is available.

10. Jobber

Lastly, in just a few clicks and by filling in the needed information, you can create your online or printable PDF receipt and easily send it to your clients with Jobber. This tool is also a real-time free receipt generator website that saves time and effort with its clean and simple looking templates to produce receipt voucher pdf.

What is Electronic Bill Receipt?

Electronic Bill Receipts are also called e-billing or e-receipts. Just like the traditional receipt, it is a proof of purchase or evidence of a detailed payment transaction. However, instead of printed paper receipts, it is entirely digital that is sent through email, online accounts, mobile apps, or messages. In short, it is an electronic form of traditional receipts. These are widely used by individuals and a variety of industries, including financial institutions, billing, accounting, service providers, businesses, retailers, e-commerce platforms, and more.

It contains all the important transaction details including business information, payment details, and other additional information. If you are a customer, it is easier and more convenient to file and locate an e-receipt than being the one whose wallet or bag is filled with paper receipts which gives you quite a lot of hassle.

So if you're looking for free-to-download templates, download UPDF for FREE! Their editable templates will help you to customize receipts and save your time so you can focus on work!

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Why is the Electronic Bill Receipt in PDF Format?

The primary reason why Electronic Bill Receipts are in PDF Format is to make it look the same everywhere and at any time. even after years of purchase. It's also used to keep records accurate for accounting and tax purposes. In addition, this format would prevent others from editing the Electric Bill Receipts, especially with the intent of fraudulently obtaining, altering, counterfeiting, forging, or otherwise tampering with and falsifying the information contained.

PDF receipts can also be saved with your other files, printed out, and can be downloaded several times without changing the format and quality, especially if they include graphics and images. A PDF format is also widely readable and can preserve the formatting and information of the document for lower storage costs, whatever device or software you are using.

FAQs about Downloading Free Receipt PDF Templates

1. Where can I download PDF receipt templates for free?

The UPDF template library is the best free printable and fillable receipt templates for PDF because of its wide range of designs. Download UPDF to discover new features and make your receipts look professional.

2. Can I customize the PDF receipt?

Of course! UPDF has the perfect range of designs and templates for you. But hurry! UPDF is on sale. Purchase UPDF now and GET 61% OFF. And wait, there's more! You can use UPDF on all platforms with JUST ONE PURCHASE - Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android - all at the same time! Other tools charge separately for different platforms, but not to UPDF. Purchase now and you can use it on all 4 devices at the same time!

3. What are the advantages of using electronic bill receipt?

Most businesses adopted electric bill receipts to save money, resources, and have eco-friendly options by saving papers, transmission cost, and eliminating ink expenses. For customers, it is easy to store and convenient for record-keeping purposes because it can easily be accessed and retrieved when needed.


During the pandemic, it clearly shows us that electric bill receipts are the future of business transactions. Its practicality, reliability, and durability are growing faster than ever. Start getting rid of those clumps of paper receipts and try UPDF to digitize them from you.

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