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Does Adobe Acrobat AI Available? Everything You Need to Know

Adobe Acrobat is a group of software that's designed to manipulate PDF files. It was once a popular application but now, more and more PDF softwares are entering the market and some are even integrated with AI. Great examples are UPDF, Foxit, and more. That's why a lot of people wonder if Adobe Acrobat AI is already present within it. You can find all the answers and more in this article so keep reading to see if there is a thing already known as Acrobat AI.

Is There an Acrobat AI or Adobe Reader AI?

No, neither Adobe Acrobat nor Adobe Reader currently have integrated AI capabilities. Adobe's PDF tools, including the premium Acrobat Pro DC editor and free Reader PDF viewer, provide robust functionality for working with PDF documents, from creation and conversion to enhancements like commenting and e-signatures. However, they do not yet leverage artificial intelligence to streamline workflows. While select Adobe Creative Cloud applications utilize Adobe Sensei AI technology for intelligent image and content identification, those functionalities are not extended into Acrobat or Reader. It is reliant on manual user input for most editing and manipulation procedures prior to sharing or other end uses.

Get To Know the Best Alternative to Adobe Acrobat AI That Might Just Be Better

As Acrobat AI does not exist nor are there any other AI integrations within Adobe's Acrobat System, there's one great alternative that users will love. Introducing UPDF, an all-in-one PDF software that has its very own generative AI Assistant that can do all sorts of tasks from summarization to even writing. Best of all, UPDF AI has a free version where you can ask up to 30 questions! So try out UPDF and see the magic happen.

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adobe acrobat ai AI-powered UPDF

Some of its amazing features include:

  • Summarize: First things first, you can let UPDF AI summarize your entire PDF without you having to feed it any information. Just open the file you want to summarize and ask UPDF AI to summarize your PDF while still retaining the necessary information.
  • Translate: Another great function is that UPDF AI can translate your PDF's content. It removes the hassle of having to transfer from a translator tool back to a PDF reader and editor. The translate function supports any language from Korean to Japanese to Spanish.
  • Explain: Perhaps a more unique function that UPDF AI has is the explain function. UPDF AI is able to explain hard-to-understand words such as jargon with accurate information, making it more understandable for you.
  • Ask Anything: You could also ask UPDF AI anything. This is especially true if the information can be found inside your PDF file as UPDF AI is powered by advanced language models like the popular ChatGPT.
  • Chat with PDF: Similar to asking questions, you can chat with UPDF and have a conversation with the AI itself. You can request suggestions, get insights, and even just converse with it. There are no limitations to leverage its capabilities.
  • Interact with PDF while Reading: This function basically summarizes the ones we have discussed so far. While reading, you are able to summarize, translate, explain, and ask questions to UPDF AI. However, this is not only limited to the AI itself as you can also use UPDF's annotation tools and many more other features.
  • AI Assistant: Of course, UPDF AI serves as your very own AI Assistant that can help your workflow be much more efficient. Unlike other generic AI tools, UPDF AI is fast, powerful, and brings your PDFs to life in more ways than one.

How to Use the Best Acrobat AI Alternative

First off, before you can even use some of UPDF AI's functions, you must have it installed on your computer. If you haven't already, you can download UPDF for free. After you've finished installing UPDF, you can now use UPDF AI.

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Summarize a PDF

  1. Summarize Entire PDF Documents
    • Open your file in UPDF and select the UPDF AI icon on the bottom right corner of your screen.
    • Once done, use the "Ask PDF" feature to automatically generate an overall summary.
adobe acrobat ai updf ai
  1. Summarize Specific Pages
    • If summarizing the entire PDF is not your goal, there are prompt options like "Summarize page 1 in 100 words" so that UPDF AI will only summarize the specific pages you desire.
adobe acrobat ai summarize specific pages
  1. Summarize Selected Text
    • Highlight text while reading a PDF and use the UPDF AI floating toolbar to summarize.
    • You can then paste the summary as comments or highlights.
    • Another option is to copy the results if you need to place it elsewhere.
adobe acrobat ai summarize selected text

Translate PDF

  1. Translate Directly through the PDF File
    • Select the text you want to translate by dragging your cursor over it.
    • A toolbar will appear where you can click "UPDF AI" and then "Translate".
    • After that, choose the target language like English.
adobe acrobat ai translate directly
  1. Access UPDF AI and Set the Language
    • Click the UPDF AI button at the bottom right. If it's your first time, agree to the terms of service.
    • Click the dropdown button next to "Prompt" and choose "Translate".
    • You can then select the target language from the list below.
    • Highlight and copy your PDF text content (Ctrl+C).
    • Go to UPDF AI, paste content in the "Ask Something" box (Ctrl+V), and click "Send".
    • UPDF will instantly translate the text to your chosen language.
adobe acrobat ai access updf ai

Explain a Term in PDF while Reading and make it a comment

  • Open your file in UPDF.
  • Highlight the selected text you want UPDF AI to explain.
  • Select the dropdown button next to the UPDF AI icon and then choose "Explain"
  • Once UPDF has finished generating the results, click on the "Comment" button on the bottom left, next to the "Sticky Notes" button. UPDF AI will automatically turn its explanation into a comment on that specific word or phrase.
adobe acrobat ai explain a term

Ask Anything

  • Open your PDF in UPDF and click the UPDF AI icon at the bottom right.
  • Select 'Ask PDF' and click 'Get Started' so that UPDF AI can upload and analyze the document.
  • Ask questions like "Summarize in 50 words with 3 key points" to get a concise summary. Or you could even ask UPDF AI what are the most important concepts within the PDF.
adobe acrobat ai ask anything updf

Why UPDF is the Best Acrobat AI Alternative

 Adobe AcrobatUPDF
Pricing Acrobat Pro: $24.99/mo
Acrobat Standard: $22.99/mo
UPDF: $52.99 lifetime access or $32.99 per year
UPDF + AI: $83.99 lifetime access or $65.99 per year
DevicesOnly allows you to activate on one computer at a time.1 License for 4 devices, 2 desktops and 2 mobiles, you can choose from Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android freely, for example, you can use it on 2 Windows or 2 Macs, or 1 Windows and 1 Mac.
AI Summarize PDF
AI Translate PDF
AI Explain PDF
Ask AI Anything
Chat with PDF Documents
Edit PDF  
Annotate PDF  
100+ Stickers  
Convert PDF    
Digital Signature    
AI Integration  

UPDF is a more cost-effective and feature-rich alternative to Adobe Acrobat that does not have the Adobe Reader AI. While Acrobat Pro costs $24.99/month and limits usage to one device, UPDF offers a lifetime license for $52.99 with the ability to use it on up to 4 devices across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Upgrade with 60% discount now.

The key advantage of UPDF over Acrobat is its integration with AI capabilities powered by models such as ChatGPT. UPDF AI allows users to summarize, translate, and explain PDF content directly within the software. Users can also chat with documents, ask questions about the content, and receive intelligent responses, features entirely absent in Acrobat such as the Adobe AI PDF.

UPDF also provides all the essential PDF editing, annotation, conversion, and security tools offered by Acrobat, plus additional features like 100+ stickers for more expressive comments. With its AI integration, superior pricing, and full-featured functionality, UPDF emerges as the clear winner compared to Adobe Acrobat's AI-less PDF solutions for modern knowledge workers. You can check a full comparison between Acrobat and UPDF


Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader currently lack any integration with AI technologies like machine learning or natural language processing. The robust capabilities they provide for working with PDFs rely entirely on manual user input. While select Adobe Creative Cloud apps utilize Adobe Sensei AI, those features have not expanded to Acrobat or Reader. So there is no AI Acrobat

With no signs of future AI integration on the horizon for Adobe's premium PDF editor and free PDF viewer, the innovative UPDF software emerges as the premier AI-powered alternative. UPDF uniquely combines full-featured PDF expertise with AI assistance through advanced models like ChatGPT. Users can summarize, translate, explain, ask questions, and chat with documents to unlock productivity gains and deeper comprehension of PDF content. So download UPDF for free and try out its amazing features or maybe even purchase one of its affordable subscriptions. If you want to learn more about UPDF, the video below will also help you. You can also check the UPDF review on howtogeek.

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