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Online PDF Converter VS UPDF – Which One is More Exceptional PDF Converter

There is a diverse range of PDF converters present on the web, but only a few of them can fit the criteria of an exceptional PDF converter. Every format has its own compatibility preference, so you need to work with a PDF converter to convert a PDF file format. Today we will discuss a comparison of Online PDF Converter vs UPDF, which are currently top-rated ones. Both can help with PDF conversions, but only one can give a reliable result. By the end of this article, you will know which one is a better PDF converter.

Part 1. What is Online PDF Converter Used for?

Online PDF Converter, specifically developed by Baltsoft in 2005, helps convert PDF files online. This PDF Converter offers several pricing plans for its users, including US$6/month, US$72/year, and US$99 for a lifetime. By using this tool, you can convert PDF files into formats like Word, PPT, and Excel. Above all, this PDF tool allows you to Rotate, Compress, Protect and Merge PDF files. As it is an online tool, you can use it on any operating system web browser.

Part 2. What is UPDF?

UPDF - PDF editor, created by Superace Software Technology in 2022, is a one-stop PDF solution that allows you to edit, annotate, convert, protect, split, and compress PDF files with ease. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and android. More importantly, you purchase one and will get UPDF on all platforms. With UPDF,  you can process and manage PDF files wherever you go because of its productivity, user-friendly interface, rich features, multi-platforms, fast speed, and stable performance.

Part 3: Detailed Comparison of PDF Converter vs. UPDF

Features in a tool help to accomplish a task swiftly. A tool with more features can assist you in a better way than a tool with limited features. The functionality of these diverse ranges of features can work to provide the desired outcome without any unrequired effort.

Here is a table in which the comparison of features of Online PDF Converter and UPDF has been made, so you can know which one is a more feature-rich tool:

ItemsFeaturesOnline PDF ConverterUPDF
PricingPlan detailsUS$6/month
US$99 for a lifetime
SystemWork on platformsOnlineWindows, Mac, iOS, Android
Read PDFView PDF, add bookmarks, search text, and display PDF as a slideshow
AnnotatePDFHighlight, Strikethrough,Underline, Squiggly line, Text Comment, Text Box, Sticky Note,  Text Callout, Shapes, Pencil, Stamps, Stickers, Signatures
Edit PDFAdd and edit text in PDF
 Add rich text by dragging and dropping
 Add, delete, extract, rotate, crop, and replace images
 Add and edit links, watermarks, background, and header & footer
OCRTurn scanned documents into searchable and editable PDFs
Convert PDFConvert PDF to Word, PPT, Excel
 Convert PDF to CSV
 Convert PDF to JPG and PNG
 Convert PDF to GIF, BMP, and TIFF
 Convert PDF to  RTF, Text, XML, and HTML
 Export PDF as PDF/A
 Convert Scanned PDFs with OCR
Organize PDFInsert, replace, crop, and pages, select, rearrange, extract pages
 Split and delete, rotate PDF
Protect and ShareAdd an Open Password for PDF
 Set a Permissions Password to prevent editing, copying, and printing of PDFs
 Send a PDF via Email and link
Create PDFCreate a blank PDF; create from photo,  capture; scan to PDF
Print PDFPrint PDF files
FormFill out Form, Create Forms, Recognize Form FieldsFill out Form, and Recognize Form Fields:
Create Forms:UPDF will release this feature in December 2022
CompressCompress PDF file size
FlattenFlattening of PDF files

Part 4: Why is UPDF Advantageous Over PDF Converter

Features and benefits are directly proportional to each other. The more features a tool has, the more benefits it will provide. The table above has shown that UPDF comprises more prevalent features in comparison to PDF Converter. There are some other characteristics of UPDF which show that you can achieve your aims more smoothly. These exceptional characteristics are listed underneath:

4.1 PDF Converter vs. UPDF – Pricing

Even though PDF Converter is an online tool, it still has a pricing plan for its users, which is quite expensive. It offers three pricing plans based on monthly, yearly, and lifetime perspectives. The monthly plan costs US$6, the yearly plan costs US$72, and the lifetime plan costs US$99, which is quite much for an online tool.

Comparatively, UPDF offers two pricing plans for its users, including annual and perpetual plans. The annual plan costs US$39.99, and the perpetual plan costs US$69.99, which is very economical. You can access and use a wide range of features of UPDF at such a great price, whereas you have to pay a fortune to use some basic features of PDF Converter. In short, UPDF is more cost-effective than PDF Converter.

4.2 Single License for Multiple Platforms

It will be bad if you have to pay money to use the same tool on different platforms. Such a bad thing is not a part of UPDF because when you buy one license of UPDF, you can use it on multiple platforms. Many tools have one license for one timed policy, which is quite an irritating thing, but UPDF does not have this policy.

Some tools have a very strict one-time license policy; if you try to use the same license for a second time, the license management software will ultimately block your account. The chances of encountering such scenarios are high with tools like PDF Converter.

pdf converter vs updf platform

4.3 Diverse Range of Features

UPDF supports a diverse range of features to enhance the user experience. Some of the features that UPDF support but PDF Converter does not are mentioned here:

  • Read PDF: If you are an eBook lover, you may need a PDF tool to read PDF files. With the help of UPDF, you can open, view, or read PDF files with just a few clicks. This tool also allows you to add or manage the bookmarks to access the pages in a PDF more efficiently. You can also search for specific text in a PDF or run PDF as a slideshow with this tool, but nothing like this can be performed with PDF Converter.
  • Annotate PDF: When you need to make a PDF file more confidential, you can work with UPDF because this tool allows you to add stamps and signatures in a PDF. Adding stickers and managing the annotation list is also a state-of-art thing with this PDF tool. To make the text more noticeable, you can highlight or underline a text in a PDF with it. Comments, sticky notes, and text boxes come in handy while giving remarks. However, the PDF Converter does not support the annotation feature.
  • Edit PDF: UPDF allows its users to add text to a PDF file and edit it by changing its font style, size, and shape. One can also edit links, watermarks, and backgrounds in a PDF to make it more eye-catching. However, accomplishing such things by using a PDF Converter is not possible because it doesn't have an editing feature.
  • OCR PDF: This feature plays an important role in making scanned PDF files more editable and searchable, and you can perform OCR with UPDF but not with PDF Converter.
  • Convert PDF: Although PDF Converter is a tool specifically used for the conversion of PDF formats, it does not support all document formats. With this tool, you cannot convert PDF files into CSV, GIF, XML, Rich Text, and HTML. The formats this tool supports are Word, Excel, PPT, JPG, PNG, and PDF/A. However, UPDF supports all the formats mentioned here. Learn more about
  • Organize PDF: Organizing PDF file is not limited to splitting, deleting, or rotating pages, but PDF Converter only support these features. Whereas, with UPDF, you can do all this in addition to inserting, replacing, extracting, and merging pages in a PDF.
  • Encrypt PDF: PDF Converter can only help you with adding an open password when it comes to encrypting a PDF file. But UPDF is a tool by which you can not only add a permission password, but you can also lock PDF from editing by adding permission passwords to prevent copyrights. Above all, this PDF tool also helps in sharing PDF files via links or emails.
  • Create PDF: This feature is also absent in PDF Converter but present in UPDF. With the help of an innovative tool like UPDF, you can create a PDF file by different methods, including creating PDF from capture and photos.
  • Print PDF: Imagine you are in a hurry as you have to print your assignment and submit it as soon as possible. If you are working with PDF Converter, you will not be able to do that because this tool does not have a Print feature. However, with UPDF, you can print PDF files irrespective of their file size.
  • Flatten PDF: Flattening PDF files is the best way to restrict further editing. Print files also need to be flattened, so you can use UPDF for this purpose. But you cannot flatten the PDF files by using PDF Converter.
pdf converter vs updf feature

4.4 User-Friendly Interface and Speed

The interface of UPDF is very captivating and interactive. All the buttons and features of UPDF are located in the right place, so you can find them without any hassle. The processing speed of this tool is blazing fast, and you can accomplish any task swiftly. However, PDF Converter is an online tool that requires fast internet to work. So, you won't be able to work smoothly with this tool if your internet connection is not good.

Part 5: FAQs about Online PDF Converter

1. Is PDF Converter a cost-effective tool?

No, PDF Converter is not a cost-effective tool because it has expensive pricing plans. It offers three pricing plans, including monthly for US$6, yearly for US$72, and lifetime for US$99.

2. Can I edit PDF files with PDF Converter?

No, you cannot edit the PDF files by using this tool because it does not support this feature. At the same time, UPDF offers a diverse range of editing features, so you can edit both formal and informal files with this tool.

3. PDF Converter vs. UPDF, which one is safer?

UPDF is a safer tool than PDF Converter because it is an offline tool and has strict data policies. But PDF Converter does not have such data policies, and this tool has a higher chance of data leakage.

4. What is the best PDF Tool?

UPDF is the best PDF tool because of many prevalent factors. Initially, it is a feature-rich tool, and you can enhance the outlook of PDF files without any issues. Other than this, UPDF has very cost-effective pricing plans for its users.


As an ending remark, when it comes to PDF Converter vs. UPDF, UPDF is a winner because of several reasons. Everything in this tool is exceptional, from its assisting feature to its blazing-fast speed. You can use it for both formal and informal PDF files. No matter if you want to edit, convert, organize or convert PDF files, you can always rely on this tool.