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Comprehensive Guide to 5 Best AI PDF Maker Tools to Use

Making and creating PDFs using AI tools offers many advantages to users. AI's ability to extract text from reliable sources and generate results based on your prompts can be of great benefit. This saves you time looking for the data and helps you prepare PDFs in no time.

Finding such AI PDF maker tools can be pretty difficult, but we have got you covered. In this guide, we will discuss the top 5 AI-based tools to help you create PDFs quickly. Moreover, keep a check on the comparison table to find out which PDF AI tool stands out among all the other options.

Top 5 AI-Based PDF Creator and Maker Tools

AI has revolutionized many aspects and put ease to numerous complex tasks that were time-consuming in the past. Considering these advancements, AI-assisted PDF makers are introduced to generate content from your keywords prompt. Learn about some AI PDF generators and discover their features with us:


When it comes to creating or making PDFs, the UPDF turns out to be the top choice. This best AI PDF maker lets you create PDFs from scratch and fill them with content smoothly. However, with built-in AI features, this tool even lets you generate the content via AI chatbot and add it to your PDF documents. You can give the related prompts to UPDF AI, and it makes sure that the generated results are reliable and free of any errors. Watch some videos to learn how to leverage our AI assistant with simple tips and detailed steps to boost efficiency. Try it free now.

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This AI-based tool even lets you copy the entire content from any source to generate a summary of this. You can then use this summarized part in your PDF documents as a reference. However, if you want to test this tool, you can use its trial version to get an idea about how effective the UPDF AI results are. To make PDF creation easier for you, this tool allows you to ask up to 1,000 questions per month after purchasing it.

2. Foxit AI

This AI tool is integrated to create and edit PDF documents that boost users' productivity. Users can get a summary of their text input from its AI built-in PDF reader feature. For that purpose, users have to insert the text simply, and it will generate concise and accurate Open AI summaries. With 100 pages free per month, you can paraphrase content with its actual meaning in this AI PDF creator.

Machine learning in the Open AI of Foxit supports rewriting text and allows you to create PDF documents from it. Moreover, users can ask questions from its AI chatbot option and get a detailed response within the range of 50 free prompts per day. It uses natural language processing that answers real-time questions of users that you might use to create PDFs.


WPS AI is a complete office suite that allows users to work in their usual workflow. Talking about the AI-based functions of WPS AI to create PDFs, it includes three top-notch features. Among those features is a chat with PDF, which helps you to extract text and insights from PDF. You can comprehend textbooks, analyze PDF reports, and put new insights into historical PDF documents.  

Generate PDF documents with OCR Reinvented feature of WPS that scan and extract summaries from files. The advanced AI functions eliminate manually entered data and refine the documents before creating PDFs. In addition, this AI PDF generator will be able to extract meaningful information from complex data like charts and diagrams soon. Identifying trends and generating charts will enable you to make PDFs easily.

4. ChatPDF 

Students, researchers, and other professionals use this AI PDF creator, which works like ChatGPT. The multi-language support feature allows users to upload documents and get results in any language. Upload a PDF document from your computer or paste the URL link in the dialogue box of its website. Based on that PDF file, chat with AI and ask questions or anything related to that uploaded file.

It has proven to be a beneficial tool for researchers because it answers with citations and references of scientific papers within the original PDF document. Furthermore, it allows users to upload up to 32 MB and a 2000-page range per file. In its free version, 20 questions can be prompted daily. Ensuring the security of your data, it supports cloud-based storage to store your PDF files.

5. AskYourPDF

Would you ever imagine that your PDF documents can breathe and talk? AskYourPDF is an AI PDF generator that enables users to upload, ask, and get insights directly into the documents. This AI tool allows you to ask ChatGPT plug-in questions from the AI chatbot and get lengthy answers to incorporate as PDF files. 

To create PDFs from this tool, one can use their browser extension, mobile app, and websites. For developers, it contains an API service that allows them to implement AskYourPDF in their apps or websites. Moreover, the chat power in this tool enhances your PDF-generating experience by insightful and engaging conversations in documents.

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Part 2. Comparing the Top 5 AI PDF Makers

All the above-discussed AI PDF generator tools are reliable when generating results from them. This makes it much easier for you to create PDFs, even from blank pages. However, selecting the best AI tool among these can still be difficult, but to resolve this, we have compared them in detail below:

Free Version LimitationsYou can ask 100 questions50 prompts per dayNot providedAsk 50 questions per day, offer only 3 conversions per dayOnly allows 20 questions per day
Premium PricingUS$69/yearPro:US$149/yearProfessional: US$80/yearPremium:US$4.99/month
Generate Content for PDF
Create a New PDF
Select Text in PDF and Ask AI Directly

Now, as we have compared these tools in detail, we can easily conclude that UPDF AI is the best compared to other AI PDF creators discussed. This is due to the high accuracy of results and faster results generated by this tool. To learn more about why UPDF AI stands out as the top tool, read the reasons given below:

  • The interaction of UPDF AI with PDFs is higher in terms of getting results and creating PDFs on the spot.
  • The pricing factor is much more budget-friendly than other AI-based PDF creation tools. Upgrade to Pro and enjoy an exclusive discount now.
  • Results generated by UPDF AI can even be used as a comment within PDFs
  • With the premium version, you can ask 1,000 questions per month, which is the highest number of prompt benefits compared to other software.

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How to Create a PDF with the Best AI PDF Maker - UPDF

Creating PDFs with UPDF AI is much faster and easier. As we know, UPDF AI stands out among its competitors, and it can be seen based on the comparison above. Now, in case you want to learn how to use this tool and create PDFs, check the steps provided below:

Step 1: Access the UPDF and Create a PDF

To start, download and install the latest version and double-click the app icon to launch UPDF on your system.

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Now, head to the upper left corner and press the "File" tab. As the drop-down list appears, place the cursor on "Create" and select "Blank Page" from the extended menu on the right side.

Step 2: Enter UPDF AI and Explore Chat

Afterward, head to the bottom right side and tap the "UPDF AI" icon. As the menu opens, press the "Chat" tab to start generating content. Here, in the "Ask Something" prompt box, ask some questions like "Write tips related to work management" and press the "Enter" key on the keyboard.

Step 3: Copy the Content and Paste in PDF

Following this, when the results get generated, press the "Copy" icon.

Now, head back to UPDF and tap on the "Edit PDF" icon in the left side panel. Choose the "Text" option from the top bar and insert the box on a blank page. Now, paste the copied content into the text box and double-click the box to change the font style, color, size, and even alignment.

Step 4: Export the Newly Created PDF on Your System

When done creating the PDF with the help of UPDF AI, head to the "File" tab at the top-left side. Select the "Save As" option from the drop-down menu, name your file, and save it to your device.

Watch the below video to learn more about UPDF AI:

Part 4. FAQs on AI PDF Creators

1. Is there an AI tool that can generate a PDF directly?

Python is the most advanced programming language that allows you to automate various tasks. For those who use Python frequently, you may want to know how to edit PDF using Python. Whether you need to update text or extract content from PDF, Python is the best tool.

2. What is the best AI PDF creator?

UPDF is the top-grade AI PDF creator tool that lets you easily create PDFs without a hitch. Moreover, along with built-in AI features in this tool, users can also use plenty of other features. These may include editing, converting, annotating, and PDF file size compressing.

3. Can AI improve the PDF creation process?

Surely, AI highly improves the PDF creation process due to the simplified procedure. These AI-based tools provide users with more ideas in a shorter time span and save time. Moreover, the ideas generated by these tools are top-quality and easy to implement in real time.

In the End

We now know that creating PDFs from scratch can only be possible with the help of AI-based tools. These AI PDF maker tools help you generate content based on specific needs. Moreover, all the 5 tools discussed above provide quality results and generate content based on the user's prompts. However, if you want to generate a greater number of results and that too in a quick way, then UPDF AI is the tool to choose.

This tool, along with generating content for your PDFs, lets you create blank PDFs and edit them accordingly after pasting the content. So, with these many features, why not download UPDF now? Head to the official site, download this tool and start using all its features after you purchase a premium version.

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