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Master the Art of Debating with the Top 3 AI Debaters

Although the idea is still new, debating with AI is now possible with the new advancements in technology. The machine learning process of AI can understand arguments, formulate responses, and win the debate as well. Furthermore, you can choose to debate with AI on topics like technology, philosophy, science, and ethics. AI will explore new and more convincing facts by learning through algorithms and leveraging natural language processing.

Moreover, with AI, you can engage in complex debates over critical issues such as politics, conspiracies, and more. In this article, we will explore these top AI debaters who can outsmart your arguments and might even convince you.

Part 1. Top 3 AI Debaters to Have a Smart Debate with You

We humans are always looking for something to argue with, especially topics like politics, war, science, and others. Moreover, we usually don't get better results while arguing with other humans, which is why we introduce AI debaters. These are machine-learning tools that can generate relevant points and facts. Therefore, discover with us as we have given you the top 3 AI robot debaters in the following.


If you want an AI debater that is equipped with excellent logical reasoning and argumentative tools, consider using UPDF AI. The Chat Mode of this software has advanced NLP that understands human arguments and generates intelligent responses. Furthermore, you can get more from this AI debater tool by tapping into its vast knowledge base. This tool can access large amounts of information from different sources, books, and the internet and provide you with well-informed messages. Therefore, if you want to explore the possibilities of what else UPDF AI can do, then download it today to try for yourself.

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Additionally, you can provide various prompts on debatable topics and debates using this AI chatbot. With this AI debate, users can engage in intellectual discussions, discover different perspectives, and refine their ideas about a topic. Other than that, UPDF AI also provides you with a concise, summarized version of the debate. You can utilize the explain feature to get a definition of the terms you don't understand, making it more readable.

UPDF AI works as an AI chatbot that has an in-built ChatGPT, and you can ask any type of question from this bot. Other than that, the AI chatbot can be asked any topic to debate with, and in return, you'll get the most extraordinary conversation.

Benefits of UPDF AI:

  • The chat mode of the UPDF AI debater is programmed with critical thinking, as it can present well-structured arguments, counterpoints, and evidence.
  • The tool is equipped with a machine learning algorithm and continues to develop its argument skills. It provides expressive, organized, and precise answers to your arguments.
  • UPDF AI has flexibility in different debate topics, and users can argue on topics they're interested in, such as politics, ethics, science, cosmic, and more.
  • Furthermore, you can debate with AI to get immediate feedback on your arguments, and it allows them to learn what mistakes they made while debating.   

Keeping in view all these benefits, you can download this tool to have meaningful debates with UPDF AI.

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Pricing Plan of UPDF AI

MetricsFree PlanUPDF AI StandardUPDF AI Unlimited
Pricing$0Yearly Plan: $69
Quarterly Plan: $29
Yearly Plan: $89
Quarterly Plan: $39
PDF Files3100 per monthUnlimited
Questions301000 per monthUnlimited
PDF Size10 MB per PDF2 GB per PDF2 GB per PDF
PDF Pages100 pages per PDF1000 pages per PDF1000 pages per PDF

2. DeepAI.org 

DeepAI is an intelligent AI robot debate tool that tests your argumentation skills with AI on various topics. Furthermore, the important Genius Mode is available through a DeepAI Pro subscription, which offers enhanced knowledge, fewer errors, and better verbal fluidity. The other add-on feature is Online Mode, which allows the AI Chat to browse the web for relevant information and provide you with it.  


  • You can give AI debaters up to 500 AI Generator Calls and over 1750 AI Chat messages with the help of its Pro version.
  • The Genius Mode offers superior performance with more knowledge, improved reasoning skills, and better verbal flexibility.


  • DeepAI is an online mode that relies on internet connectivity, and users may face limitations in situations with poor internet access.

Pricing Plans

  • DeepAI Pro Plan: $4.99 per month

3. DebateAI

DebateAI has been an exceptional AI tool used for various debate purposes. Users can showcase their debate skills and get into a challenge with DebateAI. This tool offers users the chance to write a debate topic of their choice or even generate a random one. Then, you can write the name of the person you want to debate, such as any genius physicist or even a well-known personality. Moreover, there is also a genius mode within this tool that allows you to resume your past debates at any point.


  • Genius mode has much advanced AI that lets users experience debate points in more depth and get deeper insights into specific topics.
  • With DebateAI pro, users gain access to GPT4 utilization of up to 100,000 tokens, equivalent to a massive 400,000 characters or 75,000 words.


  • When not subscribed to the pro version, users lose all of their debate data once they close the tool.

Pricing Plans

  • DebateAI Pro: $9.95/month

Part 2. How to Use the Best AI to Debate with You Step-by-Step?

You can engage in a debate with AI where you can present a topic or question to the UPDF AI, and it'll respond with distinctive arguments, counterpoints, and relevant information. Therefore, follow the step-by-step guide to carry out AI debates.

Step 1. Access the UPDF AI Tool

After you have launched UPDF, open a PDF file or create a blank page by clicking on "File > Create".

From here, press the "UPDF AI" icon on the right button of your screen to access UPDF's chatbot modes to debate with AI.

Step 2. Tell UPDF AI Your Requirements

Now, a small window will open on the right side of the screen, and from here, click on the "Chat" tab. Here, you can write all your requirements by providing a topic in the "Ask Something" box.

Scenario 1. Remote Work vs. Traditional Office Work

Prompt: Now, I want you to debate with me. I want you to act as an AI debater. We will discuss the topic of remote work vs traditional work office work. My first point is traditional office work fosters collaboration and team-building and ensures a clear separation between professional and personal life. Now, tell me your point. However, it should start with remote work is the future, providing flexibility, work-life balance, and reducing commuting-related stress.

Scenario 2. Cryptocurrency Regulation

Prompt: Now, I want you to debate with me. I want you to act as an AI debater. We will discuss the topic of Cryptocurrency Regulation. My first point is excessive regulation may stifle innovation, and the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies can offer financial inclusivity and independence. Now, tell me your point, however it should start with Cryptocurrencies should be regulated to ensure consumer protection, prevent illegal activities, and promote stability in the financial markets.

Scenario 3. Social Media's Impact on Mental Health

Prompt: Now, I want you to debate with me. I want you to act as an AI debater. We will discuss the topic of Social Media's Impact on Mental Health. My first point is While there are concerns, social media also fosters connectivity and community building and can be a positive force if used mindfully. Now, tell me your point, however it should start with  Social media platforms need stricter regulations to combat cyberbullying, misinformation, and safeguard the mental health of users.

Scenario 4. Climate Change Policies

Prompt: Now, I want you to debate with me. I want you to act as an AI debater. We will discuss the topic of Climate Change Policies. My first point is policies should balance environmental concerns with economic stability, avoiding drastic measures that could harm industries and livelihoods. Now, tell me your point, however it should start with Urgent and drastic climate change policies are necessary to combat global warming, protect ecosystems, and ensure a sustainable future.

Scenario 5. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Prompt: Now, I want you to debate with me. I want you to act as an AI debater. We will discuss the topic of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare. My first point is Concerns about data privacy, potential job displacement, and ethical issues that need to be addressed before the widespread adoption of AI in healthcare. Now, tell me your point, however it should start with AI in healthcare can revolutionize diagnostics, treatment planning, and improve patient outcomes, making it a crucial tool for the future.

Step 3. Begin to Debate with UPDF AI

When you have written down your prompt and hit the "Send" button, the AI will generate an argument with facts and figures that you argue with. You can argue with it on various topics such as science, physical laws, and political disputes.    

If you also want to have meaningful chats with this AI debater, hit the "Free Download" button to start the interaction. Also, upgrade to the UPDF Pro version to have limitless debates with UPDF AI.

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Part 3. What Topics Can You Debate with UPDF AI?

UPDF is an intelligent AI debater that can debate with you on any topic you want. With its advanced language processing model, it has the capability to clear your doubts on issues ranging from humanity to technology. In this section, we will put some topics on which you can debate with this AI robot debater.

Category 1: Healthcare

Prompt: Let's discuss the topic of how ethical considerations should be considered when integrating emerging technologies like telemedicine and AI diagnostics into healthcare systems.

Category 2: Ethics and Technology

Prompt: Can you tell me what ethical guidelines companies should follow regarding the collection and use of personal data?

Category 3: Social Media

Prompt: Tell me about the responsibilities of social media platforms in addressing issues such as misinformation, online harassment, and the impact of their algorithms on user behavior.

Category 4: Cybersecurity

Prompt: How can societies strike a balance between the need for robust cybersecurity measures and preserving individual privacy and digital freedoms?

Category 5: Climate Change

Prompt: Can we discuss in what ways technology and innovation can play a crucial role in mitigating the effects of climate change and facilitating a sustainable future?

Category 6: Autonomous Vehicles

Prompt: Let's discuss ethical and legal frameworks to ensure the safe and responsible deployment of autonomous vehicles.

Category 7: Space Exploration

Prompt: Tell me about ethical considerations and potential benefits of human colonization of other planets, and can aliens and humans co-exist?

Category 8: Future of Work

Prompt: With the rise of automation and AI, how can societies adapt to ensure a smooth transition in the workforce, and what policies should be in place to address potential job displacement?

Category 9: AI and Consciousness

Prompt: Can AI ever possess consciousness, and what ethical implications would that have?

Category 10: Technology and Education

Prompt: Let's have a thorough discussion about the role of technology in enhancing educational outcomes for students.

Part 4. FAQs on AI Debater

Q1. What is an AI debater?

An AI debater is an artificial intelligence system designed to engage in debates with humans on various topics. Furthermore, these systems possess NLP, debatable techniques, and extensive knowledge bases to present you with facts and figures.

Q2. How does an AI debater work?

The AI debaters work on machine learning algorithms, so they analyze vast amounts of data related to arguments and provide you with reasonable responses. When you insert a topic name in the AI, it processes the input, constructs arguments and counterarguments, and responds in a relevant manner. Moreover, the AI is designed to continuously learn and adapt their debating skills over time.

Q3. What are the benefits of AI debater?

There are a number of benefits of interacting with an AI robot debater, as you can use it to enhance your critical thinking and argumentation skills by engaging with them. In addition, the AI debaters have access to a broad knowledge base that explores multiple ways to learn and explore diverse topics. You can also engage in debates on a wide range of topics, to which AI will respond with broad and open mindfulness.

Q4. Can AI debaters understand human emotions and nuances during debates?

Artificial intelligence is still in its initial stages of development and is moving towards understanding some of humans' emotional cues. In addition to that, the AI debater can recognize some level of emotions and nuances, but they are challenging to grasp.

Q5. Can I use the name for a business?

Users can use specific names for a business after debating with AI, but it all depends on various factors, including trademark and law issues. It's advisable to conduct a thorough trademark search and, if necessary, consult with legal professionals. Therefore, this ensures that the name is available and can be used without causing harm to the existing trademarks.

Q6. Is AI debater free?

The best AI robot debater is UPDF AI, which has a free version for viewers to have meaningful debates. This includes asking AI up to 30 questions after uploading a maximum of 3 files. If you upgrade your UPDF AI, you'll be able to get up to 1000 questions per month. Other than that, you can also access the UPDF AI features such as summarize, translate, and explain features.


At the end of this article, we have concluded that AI debaters are designed to engage with humans. Additionally, they create dynamic and intellectual conversational and argumentation points with humans. However, only UPDF AI is the best AI debater tool that can come up with the most relevant debatable issues. You can also explore various topics by writing on multiple topics and tweaking the prompts to keep debating with them.

Aside from these, UPDF AI can also summarize, explain, and translate the generated text into concise, easy-to-understand content. So, download UPDF AI today to discover what amazing things it is capable of. Also, upgrade to its Pro version to enjoy limitless intellectual debates with AI.

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