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How to Annotate PDF | User Guide

The Comment tools enable users to add comments to PDF easily. The intention of a written comment describes a point of view, an illustration, an example, or a revelation of reality, mainly demonstrating a reaction or personal attitude. You can easily edit, remove and delete the comments.

1. Add Comments

add comments to pdf

First of all, click the Comment menu on the top toolbar. You can add three types of comments:

  • Typewriter
  • Text Box
  • Sticky Note

-Typewriter: In order to add a typewriter, click the T icon, and click anywhere you want to place the typewriter comment. And then begin to type.

add text to pdf

-Text Box: To add a text box, click the T icon with a box, select the style of the text box, and then click anywhere you want to place the text box.

add text box to pdf

-Sticky Notes: To add a sticky note, you need to click the note icon. Then click on your PDF document to place it. Double-click the note icon and type in the note area.

add sticky note

2. Text Markups

Another excellent feature that UPDF provides is Text Markups. UPDF provides the following markups:

  • Highlight
  • Strikethrough
  • Underline

To add text markups, click the Comment menu on the top toolbar. Choose any of the above markups and place them on your document.

Highlight: To highlight text or passages, you can click the Highlight icon, select the color for highlighting, and select the text you want to highlight. This feature helps you mark important information for memory.

highlight pdf

Strikethrough: To add a strikethrough to the text, click the Strikethrough icon and select the text. This feature helps others know that the text has been deleted.

strikethrough text in pdf

Underline: Click the Underline icon, select the text, and release your mouse to finish adding the underline.

underline text in pdf

3. Pencil and Eraser Tool

If you are looking forward to drawing on a PDF document free hand, you can use the pencil and eraser tool provided by UPDF.

Select the "Pencil" tool on the top menu that will open some personalization options for you before you draw it on the PDF. Select the color, opacity, and thickness of the pencil. You can now draw with your free hand using the cursor.

using pencil in pdf

Tap on the "Eraser" tool from the top menu and set the thickness of the eraser using the slider. Define if you want to have a "Whole" or a "Partial" eraser. Use the cursor to remove the pencil inscriptions made on the document.

using eraser in pdf

4. Add Shapes

UPDF supports drawing rectangles, ovals, lines, arrows shapes.

First of all, click the Comment menu to reveal the drawing tools. Then click the shapes icon and select the drawing tools in the drop-down menu.

add shapes to pdf
  • Rectangle: To add a rectangle to your document, click the rectangle shape, and use the click-and-drag action to draw it on your document.
  • Oval: Click the oval icon and click and drag on your document. You can adjust the shape of the oval anytime by selecting it.
  • Line: Draw a line by clicking the line icon.
  • Arrow: To add an arrow markup, you need to click the arrow icon.

5. Comment Properties

You can also set the properties while commenting on your PDF file. You can change the text color, border color, and font attributes as well. You can change the properties by right-clicking on the annotations or selecting the Properties from the context menu.

comment properties

6. Undo/Delete Annotations

Once the annotations are applied to your documents, you can undo/delete them. To undo any changes, use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + Z to undo the annotations.

You can delete it with the help of a mouse. Right-click on the annotation and hover the cursor on the Clear option.

delete annotation