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5 Software for Project Manager that Make Work More Efficient

A project manager is an important business entity tasked to plan, organize, execute, and finish projects through an assigned team. However, with this responsibility, there comes the workload of managing the entire team and then supervising individuals within the team.

For this purpose, every company must have software for a project manager that helps bring management and supervision to their fingertips. Meanwhile, this article will discuss the 5 best tools for project managers in 2023.

5 Software Every Project Manager Should Have

Being a project manager is difficult, considering the roles and responsibilities involved in the project management process. Henceforth, that's why software for a project manager is essential. But what software do project managers use? Let's find out 5 best software options:

1. PDF Document Management Software: UPDF

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In most businesses, project workflows are executed in proper lifecycles, including detailed documentation. The project managers are tasked to supervise projects, so their role in documentation is extreme. Project managers need excellent and reliable document management software to design and manage documents while maintaining confidentiality. Meanwhile, the UPDF PDF Editor is the best software for project managers in this regard.

UPDF allows managers to edit, organize, convert, and effectively manage all documentation-related tasks in a simplified way within an organized structure. Moreover, the tool is straightforward to navigate for all managers.

Popular Features of UPDF PDF Tool

As an industry-leading facility with a range of functions in one solution, UPDF is the trusted PDF editor for most organizations. After all, it does bring much more for the managers, such as:

  • PDF Document Editing: Managers can effectively edit the text in the PDF project documentation designed by the team. They can also edit the designed images, add the company's watermark, or edit the links.
  • Organizing PDFs: With the option to organize PDF documents, UPDF allows managers to be efficient and productive quickly. After all, managers can add, delete, replace, extract, rotate, or split pages within the documents in real-time.
  • PDF Annotation: Employees can make mistakes in the drafted documentation, and the project managers are needed to correct them. With UPDF annotation, managers can highlight important text in PDF, add text boxes, apply sticky notes, or add strikeout text.
  • OCR Scanned Documents: During project planning, all the plans are roughly drafted on paper by the team. This makes it difficult for the manager to gather and organize them. UPDF OCR allows managers to instantly scan and convert paper documents into searchable yet editable PDFs.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

2. Project Management Software: Hive

Move along with your team faster than before; Hive is the industrial standard project management software. Apparently, this software for project management tools allows managers to have a bird's eye view of their team. After all, the software comes with facilities like Gantt view, kanban view, table view, calendar view, and portfolio view to keep the performance of all your team members in check.

Key Features

  • Through "My Actions" support, a manager can create a to-do list for himself that helps them to keep track of the tasks in the pipeline.
  • With the available time tracker, a manager can efficiently track the project's progress concerning the time being taken. This is ideal for ensuring timely deliveries.
  • Automate the project planning process with HiveMind, which helps make project plans, blogs, and emails instantly. This saves time, so managers and teams can focus on other tasks.

3. Gantt Chart Software: TeamGantt

Plan your project schedules in a streamlined order with TeamGantt, your trusted online Gantt chart maker. Moreover, this software for project managers allows the managers to efficiently plan and execute the project workflows in a simple, convenient, and easy-to-understand way by making visualized Gantt charts. Meanwhile, a manager can also invite the team to allow them to either view or edit the Gantt chart as needed.

Key Features

  • With simple drag and drop, a manager can effortlessly make Gantt charts with minimal hassles.
  • The tool allows the manager to switch between Kanban boards or calendar views for other important project management tasks.
  • The built-in resource management tool lets managers check the team's availability before assigning project-related tasks.

4. Time Management Tool: Hubstaff

With Hubstaff, enhance your employees' productivity by tracking their real-time performance. When you think about what tools a project manager use, the time management tool is one of them, and Hubstaff is an excellent assistance in this regard. Meanwhile, this tool is backed with cutting-edge time-tracking technology that keeps your remote and office teams in check with continuous insights.

Key Features

  • Time tracking is available in multiple types for different tracking criteria. This includes time tracking software, online timesheets, time reporting, a time clock app, and geofence time tracking.
  • With facilities like employee monitoring, workforce analytics, and agile project development, Hubstaff is a complete solution for project managers at all levels.
  • This software comes with cross-platform support, which can be accessed on mobile, desktop, and web platforms.

5. Communication Tool: Slack

Establish meaningful communication within your team in a more organized and efficient way with Slack. This communication tool is the perfect software for project managers. After all, with the availability of channels, it becomes easier for managers to connect with their teams, co-workers, and other departments. Interestingly, channels can be made to communicate files, work updates, and more.

Key Features

  • Using Slack huddles, text communication can be converted into live video calls for a better and enhanced experience.
  • With the presence of Slack connect, connect and work with different companies and organizations within a channel.
  • If you want to discuss and share any private or confidential information with anyone, use the private channels. The ones that are invited will get access to these channels.


Managing a project is essential to plan, organize and execute it systematically with proper risk management. Hence, for this purpose, many project managers use dedicated software to speed up their workflows efficiently. To answer the "what software do project managers use" question, this article has discussed the 5 top management tools for project managers, including UPDF, the best document management tool for streamlining documentation workflows within industries. With this tool, you are eligible to view, annotate, edit, convert, organize, OCR, and protect PDF files easily. Try it out now!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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