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All About iPadOS 17 PDF Editing Features: A Comprehensive Guide

If you use an iPad, you may have noticed that editing PDF files can be difficult. However, this has changed with the new iPadOS 17 PDF editing features. The new update uses machine learning technology to recognize different sections in a PDF. So, read out this guide to learn about the new features integrated into iPadOS 17, along with a comparison table against the popular PDF Editor - UPDF.

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Part 1. What New Features Does iPadOS 17 Add for PDF Handling?

iPadOS 17 brings exciting new features for handling PDFs, making working with versatile files easier and more convenient. From enhanced AutoFill to improved collaboration and organization, explore the latest PDF capabilities of iPadOS 17 as you read this article.

With the help of machine learning, iPadOS 17 can now identify blank fields in PDFs and automatically fill them in with information like names, addresses, and emails from your contacts. This eliminates the need for third-party apps to complete your documents.

In addition, PDFs can now be previewed in full-width, allowing you to navigate through pages and add annotations easily. You can even save multiple PDFs within the same note for better organization. Collaboration has also become effective with Live Collaboration on Notes, where changes made to the document, such as annotations, drawings, or stickers, are instantly visible to everyone sharing the PDF.

Part 2. How to Get iPadOS 17 Beta to Test PDF Features?

To try all the new powerful features including PDF features of iPadOS 17 as a developer or simple user, you can install the Developer Beta of this iPad firmware. This time Apple made the Developer Beta free as well for the public.

However, the iPadOS 17 Public Beta will be released in July with minor bugs compared to the Developer Beta. Here are the simplified instructions for installing the iPadOS 17 Developer Beta:

Step 1: After becoming part of the Apple Developer Beta Program for iPadOS 17 firmware, access your iPad and continue to the “General” settings. Afterward, choose the “Software Update” option and change the “Beta Updates” feature from “Off” to “iPadOS 17 Developer Beta.”

Step 2: This will allow the iPad to check for the iPadOS 17 Developer Beta firmware from the Apple servers. The latest version of the developer beta will be displayed on your iPad screen. To try the new PDF handling features, tap the “Download and Install” option and complete the iPadOS 17 beta installation process.

Part 3. When Can You Have iPadOS 17 Public Version with PDF Editing Features?

If you are waiting for the official release of iPadOS 17 to try all its new PDF editing features, you will have to wait till September 2023. This version will not have bugs that were present in the Developer or Public Beta of iPadOS 17.

According to the previous releases of iPadOS versions, it is expected that the release of this iPadOS version will be between the 16th – 20th of September.

Part 4. Why Do You Still Need UPDF - The Best iPadOS 17 PDF Editor?

To help you make an informed decision and ensure the best user experience, we have created a comparison table to highlight the benefits of UPDF PDF Editor alongside the new PDF editing features in iPadOS 17. Head below to learn more about these features.

Metrics UPDFiPadOS 17 PDF Editing Features
Work on systemsWindows, Mac, Android, and iOS
(One license can use in four platforms)
Create PDFCreate New PDF
 Import images to PDF
 Scan Images to PDF
Read PDFRead PDF
 Speak PDF Text
 Different Page View
Bookmark PDFBookmark PDF
 Go to Page
Edit PDFEdit PDF Text
 Edit PDF Image
 Edit PDF Link
 Add New Text
 Annotate PDFPencil
Organize PDFExtract Pages
 Insert Pages
 Delete Pages
Fill PDF FormsFill PDF Forms
Share PDFEmail
 AirDrop PDF

As seen in the table, UPDF PDF Editor offers a range of features beyond the capabilities of iPadOS 17's built-in PDF editing. UPDF offers various page view options to enhance your reading and navigation experience. UPDF for desktops has more editing tools waiting for you to use. In addition, the "Speak PDF Text" feature allows you to read out the text from a PDF document, which can be particularly helpful for those with visual impairments.

UPDF also lets you quickly jump to a specific page within a PDF, saving you time and effort when navigating through lengthy documents. Moreover, UPDF includes adding stamps to your PDF files for marking documents as confidential or any other custom stamps you require.

This tool also lets you bookmark specific pages within a PDF, allowing you to create a personalized table of contents.

Final Words

As explained, iPad OS 17 PDF update has significantly improved PDF editing, enabling users to work more professionally with their PDFs. However, while it offers useful features, some tools must be included for an enhanced experience. This is where UPDF comes in. UPDF allows you to access all the necessary options and tools based on your specific needs.

This will assist you in ensuring a comprehensive and efficient PDF editing experience. Moreover, this tool also helps you access your files even from different devices and platforms with a single click.

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