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6 Best AI Chatbot Apps for Android

Nowadays, AI is influencing every aspect and industries. There are so many desktop and online chatbot tools. You may ask "Is there any Android Chatbot app?". The answer is YES. And there are also many options. So which Chatbot Android app is the perfect choice?

We list the top 6 AI Chatbot Apps for Android here after testing 55 apps. You can go through their key features, pros and cons, then, make the correct decision.

Part 1: 6 Best AI Chatbot Apps for Android

Chatbot Android apps recognize the user's text or voice commands to send automated responses. In this section, you will be introduced to the six best AI chatbot apps for Android. Just check and test them, then, pick up the one you like.

1. UPDF for Android - The Best Chatbot App for Android

UPDF for Android is a versatile AI Android chatbot app with many diverse features. With this tool, you can type your query using the chat box and send it to get a response. Users can ask any questions according to your requirements.

Moreover, as UPDF is also a PDF editor, so UPDF's AI Assistant can help you ask for a PDF. You can summarize your PDF, translate your PDF to any language, explain the different terms in the PDF, and ask any questions related to the PDF.

What may surprise you is that it is free to use for the first 30 prompts. And with GPT-4 integrated, the AI can work fast and accurately.

Just click the below button to download UPDF on your Android device and use it now. Or you can go to Google Play to download it.

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Key Features

  • The AI Assistant of UPDF on Android allows you to ask any question and work as an assistant for your life, work, and study. It can help you study math, translate your content, check the grammar of your writing, write a plan for you, and more.
  • This AI chatbot app for Android allows you to interact with PDFs. It can help you summarize, translate, explain, chat, etc.
  • Other PDF editing features like reading PDF, creating PDF, editing PDF, converting PDF, compressing PDF, annotating PDF, etc.


  • This tool offers diversified functionality of its features at a much lower cost than the other chatbot Android apps, which makes it an economical tool.
  • In addition to Android, this multi-platform software can run on any other operating system for enhanced accessibility. And with one license, it can work on all your devices. 
  • Users are provided with 1 GB of cloud storage that increases the productivity and efficiency of work.
  • With the featherweight interface of this application, you can achieve instant results and efficient performance.

If you want to avail yourself of these fantastic chatbot features, click on the "Free Download" button here to download this tool to have a free trial. And you can also watch the below video to learn more about UPDF's AI Assitant features.

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2. ChatGPT - The Best Free Chatbot App for Android

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot designed to perform natural language processing to generate conversational dialogues. The advanced language model of this tool allows the users to ask complex questions and get immediate responses accordingly. You can even utilize this chatbot Android app to create whole written content, such as articles, essays, posts, etc. Moreover, this tool saves the history of your asked queries, which you can access anytime later.

Key Features

  • This chatbot Android app works as a conversational tool, memorizing the previous question and responding to the next one in conformity with it.
  • The natural processing program of this application understands human language and can even translate it into multiple languages.
  • You can also use this AI copywriting tool to write art-generating prompts to create AI art for various personalization purposes.


  • The interface of this tool is user-friendly and allows you to interact with it in a conversational manner.
  • Using the multilingual capabilities of this chatbot Android app, users can cross language barriers and ask their queries in various languages.


  • ChatGPT doesn't offer content privacy, which makes it less enjoyable for users who value the confidentiality of their data.F

3. Bing - The AI Chatbot App for Android from Microsoft

Bing is basically a search engine like Google but has become an AI-powered chatbot with the integration of AI functionality. You can enter your query in the "Ask Me Anything" chat box and get the corresponding answers within seconds. Plus, with the multi-modal visual search function, users can upload images to this chatbot's Android app and question the required details. This tool also provides the users with automated suggestions to be asked for assistance.

Key Features

  • Users can enter their query in this chatbot app for Android using text or voice commands as per their demands.
  • With the help of the "New Topic" feature, you can skip the entire previous conversation and start a new one if you want.
  • This chatbot Android app allows the users to select a conversation style for their required context and generate responses accordingly, such as creative, balanced, or precise.


  • This app runs on a GPT-4 AI model that responds to queries with more efficiency.
  • You can get reference links in several of the responses provided by this chatbot Android app, making it useful for research purposes.


  • This tool presents a creative conversation style, but the responses generated by it are mostly shallow and less creative.

4. Ask AI - The Easy to Use Android Chatbot App

Ask AI is an AI language model app designed to assist users in answering questions and providing related information. This app is trained to generate human-like responses on various topics, including articles, books, websites, or any specific query. Also, you can get help from this chatbot Android app in different educational subjects like science, history, technology, literature, etc. Additionally, this app offers some elite tools for web browsing or summarization.

Key Features

  • Ask AI provides you with various built-in suggestions that you can choose according to your demand in queries.
  • You can chat with this tool in a conversational manner as it remembers the dialogue and links it with your following statement.
  • Users are allowed to access the history of previous conversations because this chatbot Android app stores it for user satisfaction.


  • This tool can be used to handle high volumes of questions and can generate quick responses.
  • You can ask questions in any language with the help of the multilingual functionality of this chatbot app for Android.


  • Users are not able to chat with this app using voice commands, limiting the interacting ways.

5. Character AI - The Best Android Chatbot App for Roleplay

Character AI is a chatbot platform that uses a natural language model and offers human-like text responses. This app lets you create your designed character with a fictional personality that you can talk to about your specific queries. You can also select a pre-suggested character with this chatbot Android app for starting conversations. Furthermore, users are allowed to chat with more than one bot simultaneously to get different perspectives.

Key Features

  • Instead of GPT-4, this chatbot app for Android uses a neural language model that makes its responses different from others.
  • This app allows you to choose your favorite celebrity as a character to start any kind of conversation for informational or fun purposes.
  • You can create public characters with this chatbot Android app that will be available for everyone to explore and chat with.


  • This application supports text-to-speech functionality, making it helpful for efficient interaction.
  • Numerous trainer bots are integrated into a single chatbot app that enhances the productivity of responses.


  • Created characters of this chatbot Android app sometimes make things up their own, misleading from the authentic information.

6. AI Chatbot – Nova - The Creative AI Chatbot App for Android

It is a great AI assistant powered by GPT-3, GPT-4, and Google Bard for responding to human queries. The creative AI technology of this tool makes you feel like you are talking to a friend. Users can get accurate and relevant responses with this chatbot Android app due to its training on extensive internet texts. Thus, you can cover various information fields like education, work, or fun chatting with this creative app.

Key Features

  • This application runs on a credit system for chatting, where one credit is deducted from the balance on each query.
  • Users are allowed to use text or voice commands to start communication with this chatbot app for Android.
  • You can even choose between many categories of pre-suggested prompts with this tool, providing you with ideas about your questions.


  • Users can access one registered account on multiple platforms, which enhances the accessibility of this application.
  • This tool is integrated with multilingual technology that can process and generate responses in different languages.


  • In-app purchases of this chatbot Android app are costly for full functionality, limiting the user base.

Part 2: How to Choose The Best Chatbot App for Android?

Now that you have compared all the features and advantages of using these AI chatbots, you will be able to choose the best one for your needs. You can further analyze the following table to make the informed choice related to the best Android AI Chatbot app.

MetricsUPDF's AI AssistantChatGPTBingAsk AICharacter AINova
In-app PurchasesUS$9.66/year (Billed Quarterly)US$19.99FreeUS$1.49 to US$149.99US$9.99US$4.99 to US$59.99
Chat with AI
Interact with PDF
Excellent Mobile-Responsiveness

After going through this table, you can clearly see that UPDF is the best chatbot app for Android. With its easy-to-use interface and multi-featured AI assistant, this tool stands as the best option in the market.  


In summary, you are now familiar with 6 best AI chatbot apps for Android that can respond to your questions with knowledge and creativity. All these tools are pretty helpful for almost any kind of informative query. Therefore, you can choose any of these chatbot apps for better question handling.

However, we recommend you to use UPDF for Android. It clearly leads the way. With its versatile features and many pros, you can achieve maximum work efficiency and professionalism. If you're interested in downloading it for a free trial, click the "Free Download" button below and avail yourself of its unique features. Moreover, UPDF is giving a big discount to users who are planning to use the Pro version. We recommend you get the premium version right now to avail yourself of this discount.

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