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How To Convert Goodnotes to PDF

If you're one of the 19 million people using Goodnotes worldwide, you might sometimes need to convert Goodnotes to PDF. Saving your notes in PDF format makes them easier to share. We'll check out the easy process of exporting notes created in Goodnotes to PDF, allowing you to use them as needed. It's also worth sticking around for details on the best way to work with your notes once you've exported them.

Part 1: Can I Export Goodnotes to PDF? How To Do It?

Luckily, Goodnotes has made it easy to export Goodnotes to PDF. We'll go through the process step by step so you can follow along.

Once you've saved your notes as a PDF, you can use UPDF to edit and annotate your notes or convert them into other formats. Pick it up now at the button below, and it'll be ready to use once you convert Goodnotes file to PDF.

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Option 1. How to export a Goodnotes notebook to PDF

There are just three steps to convert a Goodnotes notebook into a PDF. The file will be saved to your normal Downloads folder.

  1. Go to your Documents tab and find the notebook you want to export.
  2. Tap the filename, then click Export as PDF.
  1. Wait for the message: "Document was exported as PDF".

To export multiple documents to PDF at once, simply tap all the desired filenames in Step 2.

Option 2. How to save pages of a Goodnotes document as a PDF

Sometimes you'll want to export only a portion of your Goodnotes document, and that's easy as well.

Exporting a single page to PDF

  1. Open the document and navigate to the page you wish to export.
  2. Tap the Share button in the navigation bar.
  3. Choose Export this Page.

Alternative method to export a single page

  1. In Document view, use the four-square icon to open Thumbnail view.
  2. Tap the arrow under the page you want to export, and choose Export.

Option 3. Saving multiple Goodnotes pages to PDF

If you need to save several pages from your Goodnotes document as a PDF, here are the steps you'll need.

  1. Open Document view, then use the four-square icon to access Thumbnail view.
  2. Select the thumbnails you wish to save - you can swipe across a whole row to save them quickly.
  3. Tap Export at the top.

Part 2: How To Edit, Annotate, or Convert Your Goodnotes After Exporting to PDF, Plus, a Better Alternative

Now you've got your Goodnotes saved as a PDF, what's the easiest way to work with the document?

UPDF is a complete tool with everything you need to work with all kinds of PDFs, whether exported from Goodnotes or created in any other way.

With UPDF you can edit PDFs in the same way you might a Word document or Google Doc. You can add and remove any elements, including images, with ease. You can also convert from PDF to many other formats with no loss of formatting, making it easy to work with documents in the way that best suits your workflow.

The big advantage of UPDF when it comes to Goodnotes, is that it can recognise text and convert it to editable text, making for easier sharing and collaboration.

You can also use the AI tool to help you expand on your notes, turning them into blog posts, presentations, podcast scripts and more.

If you want to enhance your note-taking process even further, you'll be keen to learn how to use UPDF as an AI note-taking app. As well as the standard text notes and other annotations, UPDF's AI assistant can help generate new ideas from your existing notes.

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Students and educators should check out UPDF's educational discount to get an even better price on this powerful software. It'll soon become an indispensable tool in the classroom and independent note-taking. It's currently just $68.99 for an individual perpetual license for the main UPDF software, plus a full year of the AI upgrade.

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Part 3: FAQs About Exporting and Converting Goodnotes to PDF

1. How do I convert Goodnotes to Word?

The Goodnotes file converter only offers three options for exporting, Goodnotes document (which can only be opened in Goodnotes), PDF, or image. So, if you want to convert your Goodnotes document for use in Microsoft Word, you'll need an extra step.

1.Export to PDF using the process outlined above.

2.Use UPDF to convert from PDF to Word.

2. How do I save Goodnotes to Google Drive?

You can set Goodnotes to automatically back up to Google Drive or another Cloud storage solution of your choice as follows:

1.In Library view, tap the ⚙️icon.

2.Go to Settings > Automatic Backup > Enable Automatic Backup.

3.Choose Google Drive and sign in when prompted.

4.Adjust settings as required, then tap Done.

5.For the initial setup, keep the app open on your screen until the Auto Backup process has finished. In future, Auto Backup will be much faster, only needing to update the files that have changed.

If you just need to save specific Goodnotes files to Google Drive, you can export to PDF as outlined above, and then save the file wherever you desire, including in Cloud storage options such as Google Drive.

3. How do I export a Goodnotes Study Set as a PDF?

To export Study Sets for use outside the Goodnotes app, follow these steps:

1.Open Study Set View.

2.Choose Share and Export > Export.

3.Select the desired save location.

4. Can I import a PDF into Goodnotes?

Yes, Goodnotes supports importing a variety of file formats into the app.

1.Open Library view in the Goodnotes app and go to the Documents tab.

2.Tap the New icon (the large + sign), then select Import.

3.Choose the files and click Open.

Alternatively, you can open Goodnotes and the PDF storage location in Split View, and simply drag and drop the files to import them.

Final Thoughts

Goodnotes is a great tool for taking notes. Combining it with a PDF editor and AI assistant such as UPDF makes it even more useful. Use this duo to move seamlessly from notetaking to creation and collaboration. UPDF also acts as a bridge between Goodnotes and other software such as Word or PowerPoint. It's easy to export documents as PDF files from Goodnotes and convert them to other formats using UPDF.

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