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Frequently Asked Questions

With one premium account, you can use UPDF on 4 devices: 2 Desktops (1 Windows + 1 Mac, or 2 Windows or 2 Macs) and 2 Mobile Devices (1 iOS +1 Android, or 2 iOS, or 2 Android). Reinstalling when you replace a new device is allowed.
For a better understanding of the differences between a yearly plan and a perpetual plan, the following aspects should be kept in mind:

1. Yearly plan means that the selected package will auto-renew automatically annually. However, the perpetual plan is a one-time fee.
2. Yearly plan users will receive unlimited free updates and upgrades if they pay for the package annually. On the other hand, perpetual plan users can also enjoy the new updates, but we reserve the right to charge for the big upgrades.
Being a user of UPDF, you might face some limitations while using its trial version. Go through the list explaining the limits of using the UPDF free version:

1. The free version automatically adds a watermark when saving the document.
2. PDF conversion is limited to up to 2 times a day.
3. Batch processing can only handle two files in the free version.
4. OCR can only be experienced and cannot save or copy the content.
5. Only one template can be added on the watermark, header and footer, and background separately.
6. The UPDF Cloud trial version includes 1GB of storage space with a limit of 10MB for a single file. (The premium account has 10GB storage space with 2GB max per file for uploading.)
If you consider using the services of UPDF AI, there are some specific limitations while using its trial version, which is mentioned as follows:

1. You can only upload files up to 3 PDFs and a maximum of 100 pages per document.
2. The file size is limited to 10MB per PDF file.
3. Free questions are limited to a maximum of 100 times.
In case you only buy the Pro version of UPDF AI add-on, you will still be a free user of UPDF. However, you can try and use all the features of UPDF but with certain limitations.
Yes, you can use the free version of UPDF AI if you are only buying the premium account of UPDF Pro.
If you have any questions, we recommend you contact the customer support team by emailing [email protected]. Moreover, you can visit the User Guide and FAQs page to learn more about UPDF Pro and UPDF AI.
Yes, UPDF AI is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. When you acquire UPDF AI for your UPDF account, you gain access to it on all four platforms. It's worth mentioning that the AI benefits extend to all four platforms. Consequently, once you've employed UPDF AI on a Windows computer and taken advantage of the benefits included in your purchased plan, you can then apply the remaining benefits to other devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Users having the authorization to use Enterprise Plan can utilize the services of UPDF across all three devices simultaneously. The maximum limit that a single user can cover includes 1 Desktop and 2 Mobile Devices. This clarifies that if the user tries to activate their Enterprise account on Mac, they will have to sign out from the Windows device.
Some differences lie in the Individual and Enterprise plans offered by UPDF. Following is an explanation of the differences between both particular plans, offering clarity to the users:

1. The individual pricing plan is available for a single user, whereas the entire Enterprise Plan is available for a dynamic number of users with a specified number of licenses.
2. A comprehensive Enterprise Management Dashboard is available for Enterprises to manages all the licenses, members, and the company's virtual assets, etc, while individual license doesn't have this ability.
3. A user with an Individual Plan has the option to log into 4 different devices simultaneously (including 2 desktops and 2 mobiles). Conversely, a user with an Enterprise Plan has the option of logging into 3 devices (including 1 desktop and 2 mobiles).
4. UPDF enterprise plan authorize users to use for business purpose with no copyright risk.
5. Users have an availability of 20GB Cloud storage in the Enterprise Plan, while Individual Plan users have access to 10GB storage.
For a better understanding of the differences between Individual and Enterprise Plans, look through the Enterprise User Guide for a detailed overview.
After purchasing an Enterprise Plan, you will be redirect to a page where the "Redeem Now" button is located. Click the "Redeem Now" button to create a company, open the Enterprise Management Dashboard, and continue to the "Redeem" option present in the bar below. Add in the required data to redeem your license successfully. To learn more, please check the detailed Enterprise User Guide >
Yes, you can use UPDF for business use if you purchase the Enterprise Plan.
Managing users and authorization is easy across UPDF Enterprise Management Dashboard. Navigate to the "Member Management" section to open the details. Select the option of "Add Member" or "Remove Member" to manage the entire company members.
On selecting any member, select the "Authorize" or "Deauthorize" buttons for providing access to licenses. You can also search members based on different filters. To learn more, please check the detailed Enterprise User Guide >
Enterprise users can also contact customer support by sending a ticket to [email protected]. Our support team will resolve your problem as the highest priority with detailed instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are multiple people who can apply for the education discount, such as students, institutions, schools, teachers, professors, etc.
Yes, you can enjoy all the benefits of individual and enterprise plans of UPDF in the educational plan. We don't limit the number of PDF management and editing features in any of the educational plans.
Licenses bought with the student discount are only used individually and have no commercial use. You cannot transfer, sell, or exchange the student's discount for cash. UPDF reserves all rights to final explanation.
Our customer service is highly supportive and active and will fix all your problems or queries with the highest priority. You can contact our customer service by sending an email to [email protected]. For simple queries and issues, you can check our User Guide and FAQs page.

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