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Discovering the 5 Best Methods to Convert DWG to PDF

You created a design layout in AutoCAD for a client. However, the client is tech-illiterate and does not know how to maneuver the DWG files of AutoCAD. Whoopsie Daisy! But no need to fret! We have the perfect band-aid to your problem!

This chirpy article will walk you down the five best ways to convert DWG to PDF in a snap! Effortlessly convert the files to PDF format to make it easier for clients to analyze. The Panic Olympics aren't today, and neither are you competing. You have it sorted.

Let's begin with our article!

Exploring The 5 AutoCAD DWG to PDF Converters

Alright, fellas! DWG are files best used for technical drawings, blueprints, and schematic layouts. It is time to convert them to PDF for seamless interaction and review.

Buckle up! Here are the top 5 ways to do it for free!

1. Adobe Acrobat

You must be living under a rock if you haven't heard about the great Adobe Acrobat. It is one of the oldest and finest PDF reading and editing tools available. Whether you want to preview a PDF or do the basic editing, Adobe has you sorted. Moreover, smoothly converts PDFs to different formats or vice-versa.

Instructions on How to Convert DWG to PDF with Adobe

Without a hitch, here is how to convert your DWG files to PDF with Adobe:

  1. Download and Install Adobe on your PC. Open the software, navigate the cursor to the 'Tools' tab, and click 'Create PDF'.
  2. Next, move the cursor to 'Select a File' and browse to select your DWG file. Click to Upload it.
  3. Now, click on 'Create' to do the magic! Your file has been converted to PDF format. All you need to do is save it to a local destination on your PC.

Phew! That was easy.


  • Easy file conversion to PDF format.
  • Protect documents with digital signatures.
  • Attractive annotation tools.


  • Expensive.
  • High learning curve to use it.
  • Cannot convert PDF to GIF/CSV formats.

2. PDF Converter

Here is another top-notch DWG to PDF tool that is well-familiarized with the nitty gritty of PDF conversion. The PDF converter exhibits extensive PDF conversion and other bountiful features like file security, split and merge. With a nice comprehensive interface, it is the go-to solution for PDF conversion needs.

Instructions on How to Convert DWG to PDF with PDF Converter

Follow to see how to convert DWG file to PDF with PDF Converter! It's a simple affair.

  1. Open the web interface and simply select an AutoCAD file from your PC. Click 'Upload' to open the file with our convertor.
  2. It takes a few seconds to extract all the data, and in a blink, the file is converted to PDF. Download it and save it to your PC.


  • Dedicated PDF File convertor.
  • Merge and Split PDF Files.
  • Protect and Unlock Files with a Password.
  • Compress large files.


  • No PDF Editing.
  • Doesn't support annotations.

3. AllinPDF

The third software that made it to our list is the incredible AllinPDF. It's time to say adieu to file conversion frustration. AllinPDF is a complete PDF conversion tool with the simplicity of file conversion and add-on benefits like PDF protection. Just a few clicks and seamlessly split, merge, and convert your files.

Instructions on How to Convert DWG to PDF with AllinPDF

Let's see how the magic works!

  1. Just open the AllinPDF online interface to begin. From the 'Convert' options on the top, select DWG to PDF to get started.
  2. Click 'Choose File' to select a file from your PC. Browse and select to upload it. Now, count to three and let the magic happen. Your file is converted to PDF.

Wow! So, hassle-free!


  • Convert PDF to and from 20+ formats.
  • Secure and Unlock PDFs with passwords.
  • Split or Merge PDF files.


  • Cannot edit or annotate PDFs.
  • Only PDF viewer and convertor.

4. AutoDWG

Here, meet another PDF convertor wizard-AutoDWG. It's time that you stop wrestling around to manage and convert DWG files to PDF. This software is the secret missile to the mission. Whether it's a single file or a batch conversion- it's an easy-peasy task for AutoDWG. Retain the DWG True Type Fonts and make them searchable in PDF.

Instructions on How to Convert DWG to PDF with AutoDWG

Let's see how to convert DWG to PDF.

  1. Firstly, open the AutoDWG file conversion web interface on a PC. Here, simply click 'Browse a File' to select your file for conversion from a local destination. Upload the file.
  2. After your file has been uploaded on AutoDWG, within seconds, it is converted to a PDF format. Download it and save it to your PC.


  • Dedicated File conversion from DWG to PDF.
  • Seamless batch conversions in a single go.
  • Convert specific layout of DWG.


  • Only supports DWG conversion.
  • No PDF editing.
  • No PDF conversion to other formats.

5. PDF Agile

Moving on to our last and final converter for tonight, PDF Agile. Done with the endless challenges of converting pesky DWG to PDFs? PDF Agile has your back. It is a one-stop PDF converter, reader, and editor for all your document needs. Embraced with simplicity and paired with functionality, PDF Agile will clean sweep all your PDF problems.

Instructions on How to Convert DWG to PDF with PDF Agile

Let's dig into its way of converting DWG files to PDF.

  1. Go to the web and open the PDF Agile Online PDF convertor tool. Navigate the cursor to 'Online Tools' and select 'DWG to PDF.'
  1. In the newly launched window, browse and open your file for conversion, or drag and drop your file. Click 'Convert,' and the file will be automatically converted to PDF. Download and save the file to your PC.

Piece of cake!


  • Effortless PDF editing.
  • Online free PDF Converter.
  • Protect documents with electronic signatures.
  • Extract text from images with powerful OCR.


  • Not AI integrated.

So, that wraps up our list of the top five ways to convert DWG to PDF. But what is up next? How to manage the PDF file? Bring this endless struggle to rest, and let us introduce you to the best PDF managing tool: UPDF!

Edit Your PDF after Converting from DWG

Those pesky PDFs won't play nice, so bid farewell to that drama. We have got something incredibly special for you - UPDF, the PDF tool direct from the future. Whether it's PDF reading, conversion, or editing, it's the magic spell for all PDF woes.

A few clicks here and there, and we have the professionally designed PDFs ready. Ready to dive in and make your life easier? Download the UPDF application absolutely free and let all your PDF problems disappear.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

It's time to dig into some details of UPDF, and we'll show you how to work your PDF wonders!

Edit PDF

  • Edit Text and Images: Whether it's text or images, seamlessly edit them in a Word-style format.
  • Add Hyperlinks: Make your work resourceful by connecting with all the important links and references.
  • Highlight PDF: Pop out the important details by highlighting them.
  • Watermark PDF: Protect file authenticity by creating a personalized watermark for all your files.
  • Background Color: Put a colorful spin on your boring work with a splash of background color. Control the shade and opacity that best matches the work requirements.

Annotate PDFs

  • Stickers and Stamps: Make your work look striking and attractive with stamps and stickers. Or, get your creative mode on and customize your stamps.
  • Add Comments: Communicate with the reader in real time with comments. Help them understand the subject or add instructions for the specific part.
  • Add Signatures: Protect your designs with a digital signature. Sign contracts and forms anywhere on the go.


  • Summarize PDF: Get over the hassle of reading long PDFs and summarize all the key details.
  • Explain PDF: Use the AI to get hold of important yet difficult terms and understand complex charts.
  • Rewrite PDF: Enhance the quality of content with AI's knowledgeable database of words, facts, and details.
  • Ask PDF: Instead of going through the entire PDF, Ask it for answers. Get AI's help to find solutions from the PDF's content.

Create Fillable and Non-fillable Forms

  • Create Fillable and Non-Fillable Forms: Design dynamic and strategically planned fillable and non-fillable forms for smooth data collection.
  • Fill Forms Anywhere: Whether it's a fillable or non-fillable form, complete them anywhere with UPDF.
  • Go Green: Choose sustainability by going paperless and promoting digital forms.

That was a brief and quick tour through UPDF's features. And if this wasn't bliss already, UPDF AI is your way to streamline the workflow. The powerful AI integration makes all the work a breeze! UPDF has some amazing discounts for its users. Get UPDF at an exclusive discount now.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Why You Should Convert DWG to PDF?

You must be wondering why hassle to convert DWG files to PDF? Here is the answer:

1. Sharing Files with non-AutoCAD users

You created a layout for a client in AutoCAD. However, it is probable the client is tech-illiterate and does not know how to manage AutoCAD. To save the hassle, quickly convert the file to a PDF format and send it along. Users can easily view and share the file.

2. Receiving Work Analysis

Whether it's your collaborators or your boss seeking your work. Simply send them a PDF file of your design where they can easily comment, annotate, and review your work. Receive direct analysis by teammates and collaborators.

3. Publishing Your Work

If you wish to publish your work, convert the DWG design to PDF and seamlessly publish it on any webpage. PDFs are a more widely accepted format than AutoCAD drawings.

4. Dealing with Manufacturers

If you need to design and build, vendors need a design to begin with. AutoCAD DWG files can be too complex to navigate and understand. PDF is an easier solution that will retain the format.

FAQs on Converting DWG to PDF

1. What is a DWG file?

DWG is a file format for Computer Aided Design (CAD) output. These files can store 2D and 3D vector-based data used for schematic designing, blueprints, architectural drawings, and much more. These formats are primarily used to collaborate on design projects.

2. Can you convert DWG to PDF for free?

Yes. Convert DWG to PDF for free with Adobe Acrobat, AutoDWG, PDF Agile, AllinPDF, and PDF Converter.

3. Can you convert DWG to PDF with AutoCAD?

Yes, you can. Follow these steps to convert files from DWG to PDF in AutoCAD directly:

● Click Output > Plot.

● Select PDF Preset > OK

● Save your file.

4. Can you convert DWG to PDF without AutoCAD?

Yes. This article has covered the five best ways to convert DWG to PDF without AutoCAD absolutely free.

5. How do I convert DWG to PDF in black and white?

Follow these steps to convert DWG to PDF in Black and White:

● Open the DWG file in AutoCAD and select the layout.

● Click File > Page Setup Manager > Modify from the drop-down.

● From the 'Plot' style select 'Monochrome'

● Check the box for 'Plot' > OK.

● Click 'Create File' to create a PDF.


If you are exhausted by these unruly document format conversions, try our top five ways to convert DWG to PDF. Say goodbye to time-wasting file converters and embrace the simplicity of our top picks.

And to deal with the aftermath, UPDF has your back! The top-in-line PDF reading, editing, and converting tool makes PDF management a breeze. And the AI cherry on top is nothing short of bliss! Download the UPDF now and let the magic begin.

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