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Discover the Top 5 Robust Windows PDF Compressors

You may face a situation where you have to meet certain file size requirements to upload a resume on an online application. Moreover, many admission applications also have a size limit when you try to upload your academic documents. On such occasions, all you need is a good PDF compressor for Windows. These compressors will reduce the size of your files while maintaining the quality of your PDFs.

These PDF compressors offer you custom file sizes to optimize the quality along with meeting the size requirements. In this article, we'll talk about some of the best PDF compressors for PCs to help you choose the best one for your needs. Keep reading the article to make the choice easier for yourself.

Part 1: 5 Best PDF Compressors for Windows

If you're confused about which file compressor will suit your system, this section will try to solve this issue. We'll list down some of the best PDF compressors for Windows to familiarize you with different options in the market. You'll also learn about all the PDF compressing features of these top tools to make an informed selection.

1. UPDF for Windows

UPDF is the best PDF compressor app on PC to reduce the size of files in an efficient manner. You can reduce the size of any PDF using this tool without wasting any time. Moreover, this tool also allows you to compress Word, PowerPoint, or any other file format. All you need to do is convert them to a PDF using the "Create PDF" features and simply utilize the "Reduce File Size" option.

Additionally, with the help of this multi-featured tool, you have various document quality options to optimize this compression process. Users can choose from maximum, high, medium, or low document quality. The file size is written along with each PDF quality option to make the choice easier for you. However, the higher the document quality, the lower the compression rate.


  • The interface of UPDF is so simple that even beginners can utilize this tool without any learning curve. Each and every tool is well-labeled to guide you through every operation within the tool. 
  • Users can compress any PDF at a blazing-fast speed with the help of this efficient tool. Now, you don't have to wait while the compression process is running on and on.
  • Its multi-functionality is the biggest plus point for this tool. With all the editing features this tool offers, you can find a solution to every PDF-related problem in one place.

If all these benefits have convinced you about the utility of UPDF, download this tool on your Windows device now. After trying all its features, you'll also become a fan of this tool.

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PDF2GO provides a quick method to compress PDF files in a matter of seconds. This PDF compressor for PC provides a diverse range of compression options to meet your requirements. You can select from basic or strong compression choices to optimize the extent of the compressing operation.

Moreover, this tool also has presets like printer, prepress, and eBook to make the compression even better. In addition to that, you can also choose the "Grayscale images and text" feature to further decrease the size of your PDFs. Users even get the option to remove all the images of the PDF with one click.


  • Users can process and compress files from URLs without having to upload the file.
  • The interface of this PDF compressor for Windows is fast and simple to use.


  • The free version of this tool has a size limit, which can limit the utility of the PDF compression tool.
  • The offline Windows version of this app doesn't provide the Compress PDF feature.

3. PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement has the ability to compress your PDF files without losing any quality. You can easily facilitate the sharing of PDFs by reducing their size with the help of this desktop tool. Users get the option to choose high, medium, or low file quality while undertaking the compression operation.

Furthermore, you can even batch-compress different PDFs to save your valuable time while doing so. However, if you choose the better-quality PDF, the size reduction will automatically be less. The file sizes associated with these document qualities are like 100, 200, and 500 KB.


  • The interface of PDFelement is pretty intuitive for the ease of the general public.
  • This PDF compressor app for PC is also compatible with other devices like Mac.


  • The software of this tool may crash while compressing very large files.
  • You cannot use the PDF Compressor feature of this tool after the free trial.

4. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is also a reliable PDF compressor available on Windows. You can simply drag and drop your files to the tool to begin the compression. Moreover, users can also add PDFs from Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, or Dropbox by logging into these cloud storages on Adobe.

Once you've imported the file, this tool allows you to select from maximum, high, medium, low, or minimum compression rates. However, if you choose the high compression rate, the document's quality will be lower.


  • You can quickly shift between the new and old versions of Adobe Acrobat.
  • It also allows you to optimize the size of the scanned documents.


  • The pricing is the biggest issue with Adobe Acrobat, which significantly reduces its customer base.
  • You can only use the compressor tool of Adobe Acrobat if you are a paid user.

5. PDFescape

PDFescape lets users lower the size of their PDF by compromising a bit on the overall PDF aesthetics. You can utilize the "Reduce File Size" feature of this tool to compress the file in various different qualities. This PDF compressor for PC gives you the option to reduce file size with original, print, office, or email quality.

The compression rates are mentioned along with the selection for your ease. In addition to that, this tool also performs image resampling to further decrease the size of PDFs. Before saving the changes, you get to see the exact file size of your PDF.


  • You can find similarities with Microsoft Office when you see the user interface of this tool.
  • The tool comes with a multi-platform online version to give you access to PDF editing when you're away from the workspace.


  • Users experience a few glitches while using this tool.
  • The tools on this PDF compressor are challenging to locate.

Part 2: Which is the Best PDF Compressor?

After reading about all the PDF compressors for Windows, you must've gotten a good idea about their features. If you are undecided about which tool is best for you, we still have something to make your choice easy. Go through the following comparison table to compare each feature of these best PDF size reducers.

MetricsUPDFPDF2GOPDFelementAdobe AcrobatPDFescape
PDF Compression
PDF QualityHighestMediumMediumMediumMedium
Fast Processing Speed
Compression QualitiesMaximum, High, Medium, LowBasic, b, CustomHigh, Medium, LowMaximum, High, Medium, Low, MinimumHigh, low, Medium, Minimum
Supported SystemsWindows, macOS, iOS, AndroidWindows, OnlineWindows, macOS, iOS, AndroidWindows, macOS, Android, iOSWindows, Online

If you've analyzed this table thoroughly, you must've made the choice by now. It is clear that, with the maximum compression quality options and fast processing speed, UPDF is clearly the best PDF compressor for Windows available in the market. Download UPDF now to try the PDF compression feature of this tool and get the following advantages.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

  • UPDF is one of the most cost-efficient PDF editors available in the market. You can compress any number of files with this affordable tool.
  • The developers regularly update the system of this PDF compressor to stay at the top of every latest industry trend.  
  • UPDF AI feature has significantly increased the functionality of this PDF editor.
  • Other than Windows, this tool is also available on multiple platforms, including Mac, Android, and iOS.

Part 3: What are the Benefits of compressing PDFs?

PDF compression is a pretty basic operation that can be performed on almost all PDF editors. However, the use case of this process is very vast. Some of the benefits of compressing PDFs are listed below to familiarize you with the utility of document compressors.

  • Facilitates PDF Sharing: As we all know, PDFs containing high-quality images are challenging to share. PDF compressors can solve this issue by reducing the size of the PDF or removing the images altogether to make this sharing process easier for everyone.
  • Make Collaboration Easy: While working together, team members have to share files again and again to avoid any mistakes. In such cases, large-sized files will affect the efficacy of your workflow. To avoid this problem, you can compress files when working with the team.
  • Save Disk Space: Most of us face disk storage space issues every now and then. To get rid of this issue, you can use document compressors to store as many files as you want on your Windows device.
  • Fulfill Application Requirements: Almost all the applications have set some limitations on file size for uploading resumes or academic documents. You can easily meet these limitations by reducing your document size with the help of a free PDF compressor for Windows.


If you're a student or a professional, PDF compressors for Windows can solve your file size limit problem while applying for universities or jobs. You are already familiar with the utility of these PDF size reducers after going through this article.

Every single one of them is capable of solving file size problems in their way. However, if you need the best solution, UPDF is the most optimal option for you. After you download this PDF compressor for PC, all the limitations in your workflow will automatically vanish. 

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