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How to Delete Pages from PDF on Android? (3 Effective Ways)

In this modern era of technology, mastering how to delete pages from pdf on Android has become essential for individuals, professionals, and students. For those using Android devices, the skill of editing PDFs, like removing unwanted pages can greatly boost productivity and streamline tasks. This article intends to offer three approaches to seamlessly remove pages from PDF files on Android gadgets guaranteeing that your documents are customized to suit your requirements.

Part 1. Delete PDF Pages on Android Via UPDF on Android

UPDF for Android stands out as an option for individuals seeking to tidy up their PDF files by removing pages directly on their Android devices. This flexible tool is created to simplify your document management tasks allowing you not only to remove pages but to arrange your PDFs more effectively. Using UPDF, you can easily rotate even swap pages within your PDF document. Its easy-to-use interface and wide range of features make it a popular choice, among Android users aiming to boost their productivity and streamline document organization.

Here are steps to Delete PDF Pages with UPDF on Android:

Step 1: Install UPDF on your Android Device:

To start, make sure you have UPDF installed on your Android device. You can click the below button to download it or get it from the Google Play Store by searching for UPDF and clicking on "Install." Once the installation is done, you can tap on the "Open" to launch it.

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Step 2: Select Your PDF File:

Next is to open and choose the "Open File" option, then, locate and select the PDF file you want to work on to open it on UPDF.  

Step 3: Access the Organize Pages Feature:

Click on the three dots to select the "Organize Pages" function. Now you can find a menu with different options for organize pages appearing on the bottom.

Step 4: Select and Delete PDF Page(s):

Tap to select the page you want to select the one page you want to delete. If you want to delete more pages, you can tap on the "Select" icon the top, and tap to select more pages. Once you finish selecting, you can tap on the up arrow icon at the bottom and choose the "Delete" to delete PDF pages on Android successfully. You can go back to the home screen and UPDF will help save the PDF without the pages you deleted automatically.

By following these steps, you can easily remove any pages from your PDF directly on your Android device using UPDF. Whether you're getting ready for a presentation, organizing study materials or tidying up work documents, UPDF offers a solution for all your PDF editing requirements. It has AI features to help summarize, write, rewrite, chat for PDF. You can use it to edit PDF, convert PDF, annotate PDF, compress PDF and more. The most exciting news is that UPDF has a bid discount now, you can click the below button to get it now.

For those interested in a guide on how to make the most of UPDF's features consider exploring resources like the below video guide and this UPDF review article for further insights into its capabilities. And we recommend you to download UPDF via the below button to test its all features before upgrading to pro version.

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Part 2. Remove Pages from PDF on Android Via Adobe Acrobat on Android

Adobe Acrobat is a tool for Android users looking to remove unwanted pages from their PDF documents. It not only allows you to delete pages but also provides tools, for editing, annotating and organizing PDF files effectively. Adobe Acrobat comes in handy when precise editing and a variety of PDF tools are necessary. However, if you only to delete PDF pages, it is not worth using this tool as it is very expensive to use. You can use some affordable tools like UPDF. If you have Adobe Acrobat Pro version, here are steps to delete pages from a PDF Using Adobe Acrobat on Android:

Step 1: Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader App:

Frist of all, make sure that you have Adobe Acrobat reader on your Android device. If you don't have it yet, you can search "Adobe Acrobat Reader" on the Play Store,  download it.

Step 2: Import PDF to your Adobe Acrobat Reader:

Tap on the "+" button at the right bottom corner, select "Open file" > "On this device" and allow the Adobe Acrobat to access your Android storage. Tap on the PDF to open it with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Step 3. Find the "Remove Page" Feature

Now, you need click on the three dots on the top right corner, select "Pages" > "Organize Pages". Here, you can find the delete page from PDF feature. Go to select the pages you want to delete, then, tap the "Delete" to delete the PDF pages with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Part 3. Remove Pages from PDF Android Via iLovePDF

You might be thinking, is there another way on how to remove pages from PDF on Android? Yes, there is. iLovePDF is an online tool that can be used on Android to remove pages from PDF. ILovePDF is known for its interface and variety of PDF features, such as combining, separating, converting and specifically removing pages. This makes it ideal, for students, teachers and working individuals who require an effective method to customize their PDF files while on the move. Just follow the below steps to remove pasges from PDF on Android now.

Step 1: Visit iLovePDF:

What you need is to open the default or frequently used borswer, then, search "iLovePDF Remove Pages" and click the first result.

Step 2: Select the PDF to Upload

Select the PDF: Click on the 'Select PDF file' option to pick the document you want to remove pages from your devices storage or any connected cloud storage services.

Step 3: Select the Pages to Remove

iLovePDF will show thumbnails of all pages in your chosen PDF. Click on each page you want to remove. A "X" will appear to show which pages are selected for deletion.

Step 4: Delete the Selected Pages:

After choosing all desired pages for deletion, click on the "Remove Pages" button at the bottom. Now, iLovePDF will start removing PDF pages. Just wait for a few minutes. iLovePDF will remove all the pages for you.

Step 5: Save and Share:

Now, you can save your updated PDF document. Additionally, iLovePDF enables you to share your document via email, cloud storage services or other applications.


Now you can delete pages from a PDF on an Android device with any methods introduced above. However, there is no need to use three methods. You can choose one from them. We recommend you to use UPDF as it does not only can help you remove PDF pages on Android, but also can work on Windows, Mac, and iOS. Moreover, you will be surprised at its features, like UPDF AI, editing PDF, annotating PDF, converting PDF, and more. Just click the below button to test all features on your own.

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