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A Complete Guide to Adding Images on iPhone and iPad via PDF Editor

PDF is the widely used documentation format, whether in the professional field or as an individual. However, adding any additional data to them, such as adding the image to PDF iPhone or a text, can prove to be complex. This is because you may not be familiar with the dedicated tool for this purpose.

This is where the UPDF PDF editor comes in as the top-notch tool. In this guide, we will describe and outline the steps to start adding images to your PDFs. Follow along and get to know about this high-rated PDF editor tool.

Part 1: How to Add Photos to PDF on iPhone and iPad

Using UPDF on iPhone and iPad has been the user's first choice for years. This PDF editor tool helps users add multiple images and text to their iOS devices. You can even modify the text and add any annotation to your PDF on the go. Now, let's learn how to add photos to PDF iPhone and iPad with UPDF:

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Step 1: Get UPDF and Import PDF

You will first need to get this tool on your iOS device via the App Store. Download and install this tool and tap on it to access it. Next, choose the "+" sign at the bottom right side of the app. Under the import section, select the desired option to import your PDF. When imported, tap on the PDF document to open it.

Step 2: Enter the Edit Mode to Add Photos

Now, from the top toolbar, tap the "Edit" icon to open the extended option at the bottom. Next, tap the "Image" icon from the bottom toolbar and choose from the three options to import your image. When done, you can now see the image on your PDF. You can move it and adjust it accordingly. Also, note that you even select the "Text" tool and add the text within PDF.

Part 2: How to Edit Images and Text in PDF on iPhone and iPad

As far as it is about how to add photos in PDF on iPhone 15, we have already learned following the steps above. So, now we will see how we can edit those images and the text present in PDF. For that, you will need to access the UPDF PDF editor again:

Step 1: Access the PDF File with Images

Continuing this, as you have already added the images and text in UPDF, access the file from the "Recents" tab and open it. From the top bar, hit the icon with the "Edit Mode" sign and tap on the image you want to edit.

Step 2: Modify the Image and Text via Multiple Options

You can now see the options to edit the image via "Crop," "Delete," "Rotate," "Copy," "Extract," and "Replace." Moreover, you can also tap on text and enter "Properties" to edit the text font, size, style, and color as per need. Plus, you are allowed to make it bold, italic and set its alignment if needed.

Part 3: Best App to Add Images to PDF on iPhone and iPad

There are countless apps right there that claim to add images and text to your already existing PDFs. However, in the end, they mess up your PDFs with low-quality outputs and undesired results. So to counter all these problems, there is one solution: UPDF PDF editor for iPhone and iPad. UPDF for iOS is an app that helps you manage your files easily.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

You can try out other features such as uploading, copying, viewing, and downloading PDFs on your device. It also allows you to organize and share your files with others. Furthermore, this app keeps your files safe and completely secure. It also has productive features like cloud sharing, adding notes to PDFs, a secure space, and a password to protect the app. You can even use its multiple features to manage PDFs in the app.

In addition, the UPDF Cloud feature lets users upload PDF documents online and access them across various devices and platforms. This allows you to access and modify your documents from any corner of the world. Users can even scan the images and convert them into a scanned PDF. Along with this, there is also an option to create an entirely new PDF or a folder for much better PDF management.

Key Benefits of UPDF for iOS

  • Share files through the cloud or email effortlessly.
  • Compress, print, and convert files to PDFs.
  • Efficiently search for specific files within the app.
  • Assists in merging multiple PDFs into a single document to save time.
  • Add notes and annotations to images and PDFs.
  • Import files from various sources, including Wi-Fi connection.
  • Easily retrieve deleted items using trash management.

Part 4: FAQs about adding photos to PDF on iPhone and iPad

Q1. Can You Insert an Image into a PDF without Acrobat?

Inserting an image into PDF is very easy while using UPDF. This PDF editor serves as the best alternative to Acrobat. Moreover, it offers more advanced features when compared to Acrobat. Also, this tool provides an easy interface, and the pricing at which it offers its services is quite affordable.

Q2. How Can I Convert a Picture to PDF on My Phone for Free?

Converting a picture to PDF is not a major task anymore. Using your phone, you can simply install the UPDF tool and easily convert multiple pictures to PDF. Starting with, access this tool after installation and look at the bottom right side. Now, hit the "+" icon and choose the "Scan" option to capture the live image or choose an existing one from your device.

Then, tap on the "Download" icon at the top right corner to add the image and convert it into PDF on UPDF. You can also import the image to UPDF, then tap "Three Dots" below the file and choose the "Convert to PDF" option.

Q3. How Can I Add a Picture to a PDF Online for Free on My iPhone?

To add a picture to PDF online, you can open Safari on your device and search for the online PDF tool. Afterward, upload the PDF document on the tool by pressing the "Upload" button and choosing the "Image" tool to add the photo to PDF online. However, there are some issues with using the online PDF tool, such as file size limitations, privacy concerns, limited features, and slow processing speed.

Q4. How Do I Add Text and Images to a PDF for Free?

To add text and images to a PDF, you will need to first install the UPDF app. Once done, launch this app on your device to add text and images for free in PDF. Now, hit the "+" sign at the bottom right side, and from your device, locate and open the PDF file.

Afterward, head to the top bar, and hit the "Edit" icon to open the extended options at the bottom of the app. There, you can select the "Text" or "Image" icons to add text and pictures accordingly.


All in all, with the introduction of the UPDF app for iOS in the above sections, you have learned about how authentic this tool is. Now, adding photos to PDF on iPhone 15 is a breeze and relatively easy with this app. This helps you eliminate the hassle of searching for some online tools and thus compromise the quality of your documents. Moreover, you can even make annotations and store files on UPDF Cloud via this tool.  

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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