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How to Send PDF to Email - The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide You Can't Miss

The PDF file is one convenient way to share your documents without compromising the textual layout or format. No matter how old the PDF documents are, the content remains intact and ready to be shared. One of the best things about using PDF files is that they work seamlessly on all operating systems, including smartphones.

You have the option to share PDF files through various channels, such as email, text messaging, or social media sharing. In this article, we'll guide you through everything on how to send PDFs to email and other available platforms. So, follow our lead.

How to Attach a PDF to an Email?

It would be best to have a PDF editor that supports the email feature to attach a PDF directly to an email. Luckily for you, we've got a splendid one. If you're looking for a top-notch PDF editor, UPDF is definitely worth checking out. Its features are not just limited to attaching or sending PDFs to an email. You can use it to reduce PDF size, annotate PDFs, edit PDFs, convert PDFs, OCR PDFs, protect PDFs, and more.

2 Steps to Email a PDF File

Using UPDF's "Send file by email" feature can simplify things for you. Just follow the following instruction. (If you haven't downloaded the UPDF application yet, download and install it on your devices.)

  • Step 1. Launch the application, and open the PDF file on UPDF you want to send via email. To import PDF, click the "Open File" button or drag and drop the PDF file on its interface.
  • Step 2. Now, you will notice a toolbar on the page's right side. Click on the "Send file by email" button (envelope icon) to redirect you to Thunderbird with the PDF attached to a new email. That's it.

Remember: For now, UPDF only supports the Thunderbird email application as default. You can't attach or send the PDF files if you haven't Thunderbird application as default in your system. You may see some other email application support in the future, but Thunderbird is your only way around for now.

Apart from that, we don't see any flaws regarding UPDF features and accessibility. In fact, there are plenty of valuable features around to play with, which can be handy while creating infographics or business presentations. Within a few clicks, you can easily organize (add, delete, rotate, rearrange/reorder, split/replace/extract, and crop) PDF pages. It is also so powerful that you can easily use annotation features like adding comments, stamps, signatures, shapes, and links. Its interface is extremely friendly compared to other PDF editors. Give it a try!

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Problems and Fixes about Sending PDF Via Email?

Sending PDF files via email is a common and convenient method of sharing documents. However, it's not without its challenges. From file size limitations to compatibility issues and security concerns, several obstacles can arise during the process.

Understanding these potential problems can help you navigate the complications of PDF-to-email delivery and ensure that your files reach their intended recipients seamlessly.

We will explore the common issues/problems faced when sending PDFs via email and provide valuable insights on overcoming them effectively. Whether you're a professional sharing important reports or an individual sending personal documents, mastering the art of sending PDFs via email will save you time, effort, and potential frustration.

Following are the problems that you may face when sending PDFs via email:

  • File Size Limitations: Some email providers impose restrictions on the maximum file size that can be attached or sent via email. Large PDF files may exceed these limits, leading to delivery failures.
  • Attachment Failed or Can't Attach Files Error: Sometimes, regardless of size limits, your PDF files can't attach to a new mail. This scenario could happen to anyone. Following are some reasons why you may be unable to attach important files to your email:
  • The firewall has been activated.
  • The proxy server has been enabled.
  • The browser may lack compatibility with email services.
  • Compatibility Issues: Different email clients and devices may have varying levels of PDF support. The recipient may encounter difficulties opening or viewing the PDF file if their software or device is incompatible or outdated.

Every problem always has a solution, and we have the answer to such issues. The following guide is the solution to all your concerns regarding sending PDF files via email:

Solution 1: Compress the PDF before Attach to the Email

The best and only way to overcome the size limitation problem is to compress your large PDF file. Then you'll be able to attach the file to your email.

Reducing PDF file size is not a big ask if you have an efficient tool. Here's how to compress a PDF large PDF file using UPDF all-in-one PDF editor:

  • Step 1: Drag and drop the PDF file on UPDF that you want to compress, or click the "Open File" button to import the file.
  • Step 2: Once the file is opened, click on the "Save as Other" icon at the extreme right side of the page. After clicking, you'll see different options; select "Reduce File Size."
  • Step 3: Now, choose the document quality you want to compress within; if you want to shorten the PDF to a tiny size, select "Low." Or, if you wish to compress the file the other way around, you can choose "Medium" or "High." The PDF file compression size depends on the quality you choose.
  • Step 4: Hit "Save As" to complete the compression.

Solution 2. Sending PDF via a Link instead of Sending as an Attachment

Well, you can also share the PDF via a link to avoid getting errors while sending the PDFs via email. The great thing about sharing a PDF via a link is that you don't need to worry about the file size. You only have to copy the PDF link and share it with anyone you want.

Here's how to copy and share the PDF link using the UPDF editor:

  • Step 1: Open the PDF file you want to share via the link. Locate the "Share this file with others" button on the page's right side.
  • Step 2: On the new window, you'll see a "Share a Link" option; click on it, then hit "Create."
  • Step 3: The link to your document is now created; copy it by clicking the copy icon shown below and share it with anyone and anywhere.

The best thing about creating a link is setting restrictions within the document, like expiration time, and disabling the copy/download/print option. Internet connectivity is a must thing to avail of this feature.

Why Send PDF to Email as an Attachment?

Sending PDFs to email as attachments provides a seamless, accessible, and secure means of sharing documents while preserving their original formatting and ensuring compatibility across different platforms and devices.

It offers several advantages and is a widely adopted method for sharing documents. Here are some reasons why sending PDFs to email as attachments is beneficial:

  • Document Integrity: PDFs maintain the document's integrity, including fonts, images, graphics, and formatting. This is crucial for essential documents, such as contracts, resumes, or official reports, where maintaining the original appearance and structure is necessary.
  • Offline Availability: Once the PDF is downloaded from the email, recipients can access and view the document offline. This is especially useful when the recipient needs to refer to the document later, even when they don't have an active internet connection.
  • File Preservation: Email is a reliable method for storing and archiving important documents. By sending PDFs as attachments, both the sender and recipient have a copy of the file stored in their email accounts, making it easy to retrieve and reference the document in the future.

FAQs on Sending PDF to Email as an Attachment?

How to email a large PDF?

Sending large PDF files can be challenging, even impossible, as most email providers set restrictions for maximum file size. To overcome this challenge, use UPDF to compress large PDF file sizes. You can also share the PDF link using UPDF.

How do I send an email from a PDF file?

Sending a PDF directly attached to an email is really convenient and saves much time. UPDF offers you to attach PDF as an email directly from the editor. Open the UPDF file, and click the "Send file by email" button.

Why my PDF file is not sent by email?

There can be some reasons your PDF file is not sending in email, including file size limitations, slow or unstable internet connection, incompatible file name or format, email client or server issues, document security restrictions, and firewall settings.


Sending PDF files via email as attachments offers numerous advantages. However, various challenges can arise as well when sending PDFs via email, such as file size limitations, compatibility issues, and security concerns. Compressing the PDF file or sharing it via a link are practical solutions to overcome these issues. By understanding the benefits and potential problems associated with sending PDFs via email, you can navigate the process more effectively and ensure successful document delivery. If you have followed us to this point, you should be able to know how to send PDFs to email using UPDF. If you didn't, you should try UPDF.

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