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How to Save Canva as PDF? (Step by Step)

Canva is a great tool for graphic designing. You can be a student, an artist, or a marketing professional but you will find it useful for various scenarios. Once you have created the design of your choice, you would want to save it as a PDF to print it or send it off. But you may not know how to save Canva as PDF. Here we will discuss some ways to download Canva as PDF online, on Android, or iPhone and also without paying for the paid template.

Part 1. How to Save Canva as PDF Online?

Working with Canva online is fun. You have access to so many templates and tools. If you are wondering how to convert Canva to PDF online, here are some simple steps.

Step-1. Open you Canva design

Launch Canva online and open the design you want to save as a PDF. You can make any last- minute changes if you want.

Step-2. Save Canva as PDF

Click on the "Share" button towards the right side of the screen. A menu bar will open with some options. If you scroll down, you will be able to see the "Download" option.

Click on "Download", it will ask you to pick a file type from the dropdown menu. Select "PDF Standard" or "PDF Print" depending on your quality requirements. Hit the "Download" button at the bottom and your Canva will be downloaded and saved as PDF.

Part 2. How to Save Canva as PDF on Android?

You may not be using your computer for Canva projects but using a Tablet or your Android phone. If you want to know how to turn a Canva into a PDF on an Android device, here are the steps:

Step-1. Launch Canva and open your project

Launch the Canva app on your Android device and open the project you want to convert to PDF.

Step-2. Download Canva as PDF

Towards the right corner of your screen, click on the "Share" button. You will see a new screen with a "Download" option towards the bottom.

If you click the "Download" button, you will see a new screen with the option to select the file format. Select PDF and hit the "Download" button.

Your file will be downloaded and saved in your Tab "Download Folder" or wherever you have assigned your download files to save.

Part 3. How to Save Canva as PDF on iPhone?

Having Canva on your iPhone makes life very easy, you can work on your project whenever and wherever you want. But you may be wondering how to save a Canva design as a PDF on an iPhone. Here are a few easy steps to follow:

Step-1. Open you Canva project

Open the Canva app on your iPhone and open the project you want to save.

Step-2 Download Canva as PDF

Click on the "Share" icon on the top right corner of your Canva screen.

You will see a new screen. Click on the "Download" option towards the bottom of the screen.

A new screen will appear with a dropdown menu to choose the file format. Choose PDF.

Hit "Download" at the bottom of the screen and your file will be downloaded and saved.

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Part 4. How do I Download a PDF from Canva without Paying?

The above method will work fine if you use one of the Canva’s free templates. In case, you have used a premium Canva template, you will be asked for a payment to download it as PDF. If it is for personal use only and you do not wish to pay, there is a way to save the design as PDF. Follow these steps:

Step-1. Screenshot the design and paste in a document

Open the design page and to take the screenshot press "PrtSc" on your keyboard. Save the screenshot by pasting it into the "Paint" app on your computer.

Crop the image to remove the unwanted stuff from the Canva image. And then save the file as an image file.

Step-2. Convert image to PDF using UPDF

For this step, you will need a PDF editor/reader to convert the image to PDF. We recommend using UPDF. You can download it right now by clicking the link below. Once downloaded, launch the UPDF, click on the "File" tab to open the menu, select "Create" and then click on "PDF from image". You will be asked to select the image file you made in Step-1 from the saved folder. Once you click "Open" the image will be converted to PDF.

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Part 5. Bonus Tip: How to Edit Saved PDF?

Once you have the Canva saved as PDF or have the LibreOffice saved as PDF, you may want to make some edits or may want to give someone feedback so you would need a nice PDF editor which offers all the editing and annotation tools and at the same time is not hard on your pocket. UPDF fits that criterion perfectly. It is almost ten times cheaper than its biggest competitor Adobe Acrobat and has so many features to offer. It is compatible with any system like Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Besides the usual editing, and annotation tools; UPDF allows attachments of any kind of files like audio, video, etc; form creation and editing; stamping and signatures; adding and removing passwords; merging and splitting files; OCR scanned PDFs, etc. The most striking feature it has is the integrated AI, which helps to comprehend and explain the PDF. UPDF is making its mark in the world of PDF editors and is turning heads around. Even big media like Tech Advisor has written a review on UPDF which you can read here:

To edit the downloaded PDF, you need to download UPDF and here are some simple steps:

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Step-1. Open Downloaded PDF with UPDF

Open the UPDF app and open your downloaded Canva converted to PDF document by going to the "File" menu and clicking on the "Open" option.

Step-2. Edit PDF

On the left side of the document, you will see the "Edit PDF" tab. Click on it and you will be able to see a banner of options on the top. From the Edit PDF top menu, you can insert text with the "Text" tool. Change the image orientation, or do other image editing like crop, replace, etc with the "Image" tool. Also there is a "link" tool to link your file to a webpage or another page.

There is also a "Comment" tab, which allows all sorts of annotation viz. sticky note, highlight underline, text box and callouts, pencil, eraser, shapes, stickers, attachment, stamps and signatures. You can use any of them and then save the changes.


Just a few minutes back you were trying to figure out "How to Save Canva as PDF". Now you know the answer to that plus you know that you can use handy tool like UPDF to even edit those PDFs. You can click the link below and download UPDF on your computer (Windows or Mac), iPhone or Android phone.

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