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How to Post a PDF on Facebook? (The Complete Guide)

Facebook is a social media platform known for content in the form of images and videos. However, sometimes you may need to post a PDF on your Facebook account, page, or group. However, do you know the process of how to post a PDF on Facebook? While there are slight differences in the process, the process is somewhat similar, and this complete guide discusses multiple ways of posting PDFs on Facebook that you may try.

Part 1. How to Post PDF to Facebook Via Link?

The first method of posting a PDF to Facebook platform is with the help of link. This method gives the experience of creating a text-only post on Facebook with the easiest steps. Sharing PDF with the help of a link can be useful in several cases when you cannot upload PDF files directly in your Facebook post or you want to instantly add a PDF file for everyone to access it.

In that case, using UPDF will be your best choice because it has extensive file-sharing options, which include generating the links. UPDF also allows sharing files with QR codes and emails. With reliable sharing over secured Cloud by UPDF, it is the best option available, and you may try it by downloading UPDF on your PC and following the steps below:

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1. Open PDF with UPDF to use UPDF File Sharing features

Choose the PDF file that you want to post on Facebook as a link and open it in UPDF by double-clicking the file icon. From the reader view mode, navigate to the right pane and click "Share this file with others". Click the "Create" button, and UPDF will start generating a link to that PDF file that will be instantly available inside the "Share a Link" option.

2. Post the link to Facebook by copying it.

Now click the copy button next to the URL or copy it manually by selecting and hitting "Ctrl + C". Head to the Facebook website on any browser. On the top of your newsfeed, you will see the space to type something, go live, add media, or add status.

Click the typing option, and you can paste link by "Ctrl + V". Click post or add any text, location, images, and other information if needed. Now, whenever someone clicks that link, he will be directed to that PDF file.

Part 2. How to Post PDF to Facebook Via Images

Posting PDF after converting it to an image will be the best experience, and it is helpful for cases when you want to upload only a specific part of the document. It can also help in saving the PDF information with your profile in image format. We will be using UPDF for converting PDF to image thanks to its reliable conversion results so you can download UPDF and follow the steps:

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1. Open PDF and use Export PDF to create images

Open PDF document with UPDF by using "Open File" button. Once the PDF opens, go to the right pane, where you will see the "Export PDF" button. Click on "Image" and then select the image format. Click "Export" and finish the process by following the on-screen steps to select a location for saving the file and name that image file as well.

2. Post images of converted PDF to Facebook

As you go to Facebook website on your PC, you will see the "Photo/Video" option. Click it, and it will reveal the "Add Photos/Videos" button. You can now click this button to select the image of PDF from the storage. Otherwise, drag and drop that image here. Once the image uploads, you can add any caption, additional image, location information, etc. and then click "Post".

Part 3. How to Add PDF to Facebook Business Page?

If you have a Facebook business page, you can use the menu adding option to upload a PDF, but remember that this PDF will only be visible when someone goes to the menu option on your Page. Follow the steps below and learn more about the process:

1. Open Facebook on any browser and locate "Pages."

Start by opening the Facebook website on any browser on your computer and look for "Pages" option in the left pane. It is the option that takes you to your business page. If you do not see this option, click "See More" to reveal all the available options and there you may find the Pages option.

2. Click About and click Add Menu.

Open your business page again, go to the left pane and click "See More" to look for the "About" option. Now, you will see multiple options under different sections. There will be a "More Info" section that has the "Add Menu" button. You need to click that.

3. Select, upload, and post the PDF to Facebook.

Now you will see the option to "add PDF files.", Click it and upload the PDF files. Originally, this option was for adding menu PDF, but you may upload any PDF document. Once you are done with uploading and managing PDFs, you can click "Confirm" and it will be posted on Facebook. To open and see this PDF, users need to open your business page and click "Menu" from left pane on Facebook, and then the uploaded PDF will open for them.

Part 4. How to Add PDF to Facebook Group?

The only option where PDFs can be posted on Facebook as normal content is Facebook Groups. So, if you have a classroom group or any other group where you need to share a PDF with every user. The experience is very easy with the following steps only:

1. Open the Facebook Group and click the Post creation button.

Open Facebook in the browser and click on Group name to go inside that group. There, you need to click on the post creation option present on top and click the "More" button shown by 3-dots (horizontal).

2. Select File from Add to your post option

Now, you will see multiple options for adding things to your post, and there will be a "File" option with a red paperclip icon. You need to click it to select it.

3. Upload your file and create the Facebook post.

Now Facebook will give you a button to "Choose File" from your PC and upload it to Facebook. The maximum file size limit is 100MB, and you can only upload files under that range. Once the file uploads, you may add any other media or caption for this PDF file and click "Post". Since it is being posted in a group like any other post, it will appear in the same way, but this way, there will be a PDF file in the group.

Part 5. How to Attach PDF to Facebook Messenger?

This method can be very useful if you are trying to send a PDF to someone on Facebook personally. So, here are the steps to follow:

1. Click messenger option, open chat with a Facebook user, and click "Attach a File".

In the top right section of the Facebook user interface, you will see the messenger button. Click it to reveal your chats and select the chat with one of the Facebook users. Now, you can click "Attach a File" button from the bottom menu.

2. Wait until the file upload completes, add any text (optional) and send.

A browse window will open from where you can select and open any PDF document. It will start uploading, and when it uploads, you may add more documents to the same chat. It also gives you the option to add text messages along with the PDF. Once the upload is complete to Facebook Messenger, click "Send" and the PDF document will be sent to the other person through Messenger.

Part 6. FAQS About Posting PDF on Facebook

Q1. Can you add an attachment to a Facebook comment?

Yes, you can add a media attachment to a Facebook comment including Photo, Video, and GIF. For this, click the comment box and look for the tiny camera and GIF icons below. Clicking on camera allows you to select and add photos/videos. Similarly, clicking GIF button allows adding GIFs to comments.

Q2. Why Can't Download PDF from Facebook?

There could be many reasons why PDFs from Facebook aren't downloading, including:

  • Privacy issues not allowing you to access the file
  • Bad or outdated PDF link
  • Incompatibility with mobile app or browser

Q3. Why Can't Open PDF from Facebook?

Here are a few reasons why you cannot open PDF from Facebook:

  • You have enabled a pop-up blocker on your browser
  • The PDF file is corrupted
  • Incomplete PDF downloads
  • Browser or app compatibility issues

Wrapping Up

With this complete guide sharing 5 different methods, now you know everything about how to post a PDF on Facebook. Facebook gives mixed options for uploading a PDF, for example, allowing it for Pages and Groups but not for profiles. However, if you use UPDF to convert images or links, the process will be very easy for you. So, download UPDF and try posting a PDF on Facebook today.

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