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How Can We Convert Word to PDF Without Changing Font?

You need to convert Word to PDF to share with others. PDFs are preferable to other files because they look identical on all devices. However, you can need help converting Word files to PDF. The Word document font style, size, spacing, and appearance change when we convert the Word to PDF. This affects the overall look of the PDF document.

No worries, we have the solution to all your problems in converting Word to PDF. This guide suggests the best software to change word to PDF without changing font - retain the original font size, styling, spacing, and much more without additional settings. So, without further ado, let's begin!

Part1. Most Common Issues When Converting Word to PDF

Microsoft users can convert Word to PDF with "Save as PDF," and Adobe users can also make PDF files with its "Create Word to PDF" feature. But the PDF files don't look the same as Word. Many changes occur to font size and spacing in MS Word and Adobe Times New Roman changes to Times Roman.

To resolve the above issue, you must do an additional setting embedding the fonts before converting. Embedding the fonts before converting complicates the conversion process because it doesn't work on URLs. If the Word document contains URLs or other complicated font styles and different languages, the font embedding does not work. To resolve all the issues, you have to use third-party software that can support all types of fonts, styles, and languages, and you don't need to embed the fonts.

For this purpose, many software can convert Word to PDF without changing the font. Let's discuss the right tool for converting Word to PDF without changing the font.

Part 2. The Best Way to Change/Convert Word to PDF Without Changing the Font

UPDF is the most comprehensive AI-integrated PDF converter, editor, and annotator. It can convert Word to PDF without changing the font. You don't need to embed the fonts or any other complex settings. It can convert Word to PDF in just a few clicks. It supports 38 languages and can translate your PDFs without damaging the format and styling. With its OCR technology, you can edit PDFs after conversion.

Download UPDF now for font-preserving PDF-to-Word conversion now!

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UPDF Highlights as a Converter

UPDF has unique features that make it an exceptional PDF converter. Some of its Highlights as a converter are mentioned below:

  • UPDF keeps the original format of the Word document, including font, font size, font color, and format.
  • Support batch converts Word to PDF without changing the font.
  • Can edit font, font size, and font color after conversion.
  • Support converting PDFs to other file formats like Word, Excel, PPT, HTML, XML, CSV, and much more.
  • UPDF can annotate, edit, read, and summarize the converted PDF.
  • Integrated with AI, making it support summarizing, translating, and rewriting PDF content in minutes.
  • Can convert Word docs, including images, without damaging the quality of the images.
  • With its OCR technology, it converts scanned PDFs to editable PDFs.
  • You can insert new text, images, backgrounds, watermarks, headers, and footers in the converted PDFs in the converted PDFs.
  • UPDF can add or remove the text or images in the converted PDF.
  • With the UPDF, effective link editing inserts links to a webpage or interconnects the PDF pages by adding links.
  • UPDF can change the background colors of the converted PDFs.

Steps to Convert Word to PDF Without Changin Font Using UPDF

With UPDF for Windows, you can convert Word to PDF without changing the font in Windows. Follow these few steps for the conversion:

  • Install and open the UPDF on your computer.
  • Click on the file tab.
  • Now click on the "Create" from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose 'PDF from Word(.docs)' from the sidebar menu.
  • This will navigate to the next step to select the Word file from your computer.
  • Select the Word File to convert to PDF and click "Open."
  • This will convert the Word file into PDF in just a few seconds without changing the font, font color, size, and style.

Note: The "Create PDF from Word" feature is currently only available in UPDF's Windows version. But it will be successively available on Mac, iOS, and Android versions.

The resulting PDF will be the same as Word docs. UPDF is the only PDF converter that can convert all Word images to PDF without changing the images' font or colors. So why are you spinning your wheels? Try out UPDF now!

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Part 3. Effortless Font-Preserving PDF Conversion: The Five Best Word to PDF Converters

For converting Word to PDF, everyone wants to know the easiest method. Many converters are available online and offline that can convert easily. This part will discuss the most common and easy-to-use offline and online converters.

1. Print to PDF in MS Word

In MS Word, there is another option through which you can save the Word document to PDF with the option "Print to PDF."

  • Open MS Word.
  • Access the Word document of your choice for conversion.
  • In the Word window, click on the "File" tab.
  • From the opening menu, click on the "Print".
  • From the dialogue box, click on the "Printer".
  • Now click on "Microsoft Print to PDF."
  • A fresh pop-up window will show up, displaying "Save Print Output As."
  • Select the location you want to save the PDF file and also name the File.
  • Click on Save.

This will create the Word to PDF whether you print or not, and the converted PDF file will be saved in your desired location.


  • Print to PDF doesn't work with non-custom fonts, hyperlinks, tables, or charts.
  • The converted PDF size is larger than the Word file.
  • The resulting PDF cannot be viewed across all devices.

2. Convert Word to PDF With Adobe Online

Adobe offers its tool, Adobe Acrobat Online, that can convert Word to PDF easily.

  • Open your web browser and navigate to Adobe Acrobat online.
  • On the Official page of Adobe, click on "Select a File". This will upload the Word file from your computer.
  • You can also use drag and drop the file option.
  • Click on Word to PDF.
  • Adobe will convert Word to PDF.
  • Download the PDF file with the link by Adobe and save the File on your computer.


  • It would be best to have a good internet connection for Word to PDF conversion.
  • Adobe has a limitation of 100MB file size. If you need to convert a larger file, you must pay for this.
  • Limited font customization, styling, and editing compared to other software desktop versions.
  • You can't add bookmarks, watermarks, insert links, or interactive fields.

3. Convert Word to PDF Using PDFgear

PDFgear is an online tool to convert Word to PDF. You can also install its desktop version to work offline. Here are the steps to convert with the PDFgear online:

  • Open the Web page of PDFgear.
  • Drag and drop the Word file or click on "Choose files."
  • Select the Word file from your computer and click on open.
  • Your Word file will automatically upload and start to convert into PDF.
  • Click on Download and save the File after downloading.


  • Complex Word files or fonts take much work to convert, like Word.
  • A stable internet connection is compulsory for a seamless conversion.
  • You can't edit, annotate, add, or delete text or images from the resulting PDF.

4. Change Word to PDF With WPS Converter

WPS converter is also an online tool that can convert Word to PDF with the following steps:

  • Open WPS PDF converter website.
  • Hit the "Convert" tab.
  • Choose 'Word to PDF' as your option from the dropdown list.
  • Press the "Choose Document" button or simply drag and place your file.
  • The tool will convert the File into PDF in just a few seconds.
  • Download and save the converted File.


  • WPS has a limit of 100MB Word file to PDF conversion. If you need to convert a larger file, buy its paid plan.
  • Required a strong internet connection for a seamless conversion.
  • Complex documents with non-standard fonts, hyperlinks, and bookmarks cannot be converted.

Among the above, all Word to PDF converters have various limitations of fonts and don't convert the same files as Word. UPDF is the only Word-to-PDF converter that can convert without any limitations. You can make any edits or customize the converted PDF before sharing without the hassle of reversing the PDF to Word for editing.

For a hassle-free Word-to-PDF converter, try UPDF now!

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Part 4. Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why are my fonts changing when converting Word to PDF?

When converting Word to PDF, fonts change because the software requires an additional setting of embedding the fonts before converting. You can also try UPDF, which can convert all fonts without changing them.

Q2. Why won't my font save in PDF?

There can be many reasons why your fonts are not saving in PDF. You can check the following and resolve the issue.

1. Licensing agreements protect some fonts. If your Word file contains this type of fonts, the conversion to PDF substitutes them with other fonts.

2. Before converting, make sure to enable the setting of embedding the fonts.

3. If your Word file contains custom, non-standard, or less common fonts unavailable in the software where the PDF is generated. It results in the alteration of fonts in the resulting PDF.

4. The software you use cannot convert uncommon or non-standard fonts.

Q3. How do I get the same font on a PDF?

Suppose your fonts are not saving as Word in the PDF. You can change the font in the PDF with a comprehensive PDF editor, UPDF.


PDF format is the most common method for sharing Word files. The conversion of Word to PDF is so easy if you are converting simple files. But if you are converting complex files with non-custom fonts, hyperlinks, and images and want to convert Word to PDF without changing the font. Then, try out the best PDF converter UPDF. The best PDF converter, editor, and annotator can convert easily, and you can edit the PDFs whenever you want.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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