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How to Create PDF on Windows? (4 Simple Ways)

Windows OS does not come with a built-in tool or feature to directly create a PDF document like you can create a text document. However, some free and paid methods can still help you create PDF on Windows, as discussed below.

Part 1. Create PDF on Windows 10/11 Via UPDF (Paid but Cheap and Powerful)

UPDF is the first method for creating PDF documents on your Windows PC. It is among the best PDF editors available today, and it offers some features in the free version while some are locked to the paid version. Still, the paid plan is extremely cheap, costing under $2.50 a month, while other competitors cost up to 10 times more for the same features that UPDF brings you.

When it comes to the PDF working features, UPDF does not leave anything that you would need. You can look for whatever you need on a PDF document, which will be there on UPDF. Some of its features include:

  • Syncing your work across all your devices
  • Availability for Windows and Mac operating systems on computers and iOS and Android on Smartphones.
  • Ability to convert files to-and-from PDF
  • UPDF Cloud and many others.
  • UPDF AI helps translate, summarize, explain, write, and rewrite PDF files.

With all these features, UPDF brings you 2 different ways of creating PDF documents which are discussed in detail below:

Create PDF With Blank Page on PC

Have you ever wanted to create a PDF document from scratch and work on it like you do on MS Word? With UPDF, it is possible to do so. Now you don’t have to work on other files and then convert them to PDF just to find out that your formatting is messed up in PDF. Working with UPDF allows you to work directly on PDF with all the editing features.

So, here are the steps to follow on UPDF for creating PDF with a blank page. But before you follow the steps, you should download the software via the below link if you do not have.

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1. Click File, Create, and Blank Page

Double-click the UPDF icon on your computer's desktop screen, and it will open the app. Now you need to click "File" from the top left and navigate the cursor to "Create." It will show a list of options for selecting "Blank Page."

2. Edit if needed and Save

UPDF will show you a blank PDF page in the “Reader” view. If you want to make any edits to that blank PDF document, you can click on “Edit PDF," allowing you to add text, links, and images to PDF directly. Once done, press the "Ctrl + S" buttons and save the document.

Create PDFs from Other Popular File Formats on Windows

You can not only make PDF from a blank page, but UPDF allows creating PDFs from other file formats as well. This method is a good choice when you need to get the content from an old file into a PDF format and work on it. With UPDF, the process is quick, and no complexities are involved.

We will take the example of creating a PDF from an Image, but the process is the same for all file formats. Here are the steps you need to follow on UPDF for creating PDFs from other popular file formats on Windows.

1. Click File, Create, and PDF from Image

Look for the UPDF desktop icon and double-click to open it on Windows PC. Once it runs, click "File" on top and look for "Create”. Navigating the cursor to create will show a list of options. In this example, we will select "PDF from Image”. Select any image from your PC using the browse dialogue box and click "Open."

2. Edit and Save

This step is optional in case you want to edit that PDF document. If so, click "Edit PDF" to get all the link, text, and image editing options on your screen and make any required changes. Finally, press the "Control & S" buttons to save your work on your PC.

If you like UPDF and want to use it to create PDF on Windows, you can download it via the below button.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 2. Create PDF on Windows Free Via Printing?

If you want free experience creating PDF documents, the Printing function will be your best choice. The printing function comes built-in in Windows 10 and 11 and works for multiple file types, including text files, images, and other documents. The best use case for this method is when you need a free solution that works offline.

This procedure has 2 easy steps, as discussed below:

1. Open the .txt file, click "File"

Double-click the .txt file for example, then click "File" from the top right and click "Print". Alternatively, hit the "Ctrl & P" keys after opening the file.

2. Set preferences and Print.

In the pop-up window, you need to set some printing preferences. The main one here is the printer. Selecting "Microsoft Print to PDF" is essential for this method. Secondly, you may choose the page range.

3. Save

Once done, click "Print" and wait for the browse window. Here you need to select a location and rename the document. Finally, you may hit "Save" to create a PDF document using the print option in Windows.

Part 3. Create PDF on Windows Via Microsoft Office

Did you know that Microsoft Office can help you make a PDF document on your Windows computer? MS Office is a suite of tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. And you can use any of these for creating a PDF. This method is good for the situation where you have Office installed on your PC, and you also have a working trial or a subscription for using it.

You may create a blank PDF document or a PDF document from an already existing file. In either case, you can use any Office tool, and the process will be the same for all. In the steps below, we have used MS Word and a .docx file for elaborating:

1. Open the MS Office document and click File

Open the Microsoft Word file by double-clicking it or open Microsoft Word by its icon and click "Blank Document”. When the document opens, click "File" from the top menu.

2. Go to Save As and choose PDF.

Click “Save as” and select PDF from the file type dropdown. Once you select it and type the right name for your PDF document, hit the "Save" button next to it. Now MS Word will instantly create a PDF document for you.

Part 4. Create PDF on Windows via Google Drive

You can also create a PDF on your Windows PC with the help of Google Drive. It is a free cloud storage service with every Google account, so using it will be free; however, you will need an internet connection to use this method. Moreover, it is the best choice to create a PDF document from a file already saved in the online cloud storage.

The files you can use on Google Drive to create PDFs can be text documents, presentations, spreadsheets, etc.; the steps are the same for each method. Here we have taken the example of a .docx file to elaborate on the following steps:

1. Open Google Drive and Locate your File

Open a browser on your PC and go to the Google Drive website. You can find the file you want to create a PDF from there. If it was a recent file, click "Recent" from the left side.

2. Right-click, Open with, and Preview

Now right-click on the file and go to "Open With" From the options you see, you need to click the first one, "Preview."

3. Click Print from the top right.

As the file previews on your browser, you need to click the "Print" option present on the top right. It will open a new tab after creating the PDF file from it.

4. Click Save from the top right.

This new tab will show you the PDF file you created; now, you only need to save it. So, click the "Save" button from the top right.

5. Rename and save

Carefully select the destination in the browse window, and don’t forget to rename the PDF file. It is because the auto-generated name will not be easy to search and use. Afterward, click "Save," and you will be done.

In The End

PDF documents are famous because they can't be edited without special editing tools, and using them on any device does not mess with content formatting. These qualities make PDF documents the most reliable option in several use cases. However, the Windows OS does not come with a built-in PDF tool. Creating PDF on Windows is still not impossible since you can use one of the methods discussed above.

The best method, however, is UPDF since it is cheaper than most other PDF editor tools. It gives the functionality of working with PDF documents like working on MS Word while you are working on PDFs directly. Additionally, there is a long list of features that will make PDF editing much better for you like text editing, page organizing, annotations, UPDF AI, etc.

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