5-in-1 PDF Conversion Powerhouse

Export PDF
to Any Format

Utilize UPDF's one-click feature to seamlessly convert PDFs into multiple formats, enhancing productivity. Benefit from selective page range options for targeted and efficient file conversion.

How to Convert PDFs
  • 14 Supported Formats

    Convert PDF to Word, PPT, Excel, PNG, JPEG, HTML, PDF/A, etc.

  • 0 Formatting Loss

    With page layout, font stypes, spacing, margins, etc. retaine

  • Fast Conversion

    Convert PDF to other formats in seconds

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Batch Convert PDFs
With Ease

Efficiently upload and transform multiple PDFs simultaneously, leveraging batch conversion to save time and optimize productivity.

How to Batch Convert PDFs
  • Limitless Batch Conversion

    Select unlimited PDFs and convert to other formats at a time

  • Versatile File Type Support

    Select PDF and images (PNG, JPG, etc.) simultaneously to convert to your chosen format

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Convert to PDF
from Various File Types

Effortlessly transform a range of files into PDFs with UPDF's creation tools, supporting screenshots, photos, and documents for expanded document management options.

How to Convert to PDF
  • Up to 10 Conversion Methods

    Change Word, Excel, PPT, Images, blank pages, Mac clipboard, etc. to PDF

  • Transform Several into One

    Multiple images are supported for conversion into a single PDF

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Transform Scanned PDF
to Editable Formats

Employ OCR technology for quick and accurate conversion of scanned PDFs into editable text, facilitating effortless editing of scanned documents and photos.

How to OCR a PDF How to Turn Scanned PDF into Editable Format
  • 38 Languages Supported

    Recognize text in 38 languages, including English, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Russian, and more

  • Up to 99% Accuracy

    Achieve up to 99% accuracy in text recognition

  • 3 Output Layouts

    Text and pictures only | text over the page image | text under the page image

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Change Photos to PDFs
on iPhone and iPad

Choose photos from your gallery to merge into a single PDF or utilize auto-capture for scanning to PDF, seamlessly eliminating unwanted backgrounds and simplifying your document conversion process.

How to Convert to PDF on iPhone
  • 8 Options to Customize Scans

    Rotate, crop, reorder, extract, add, delete, add filter, and share

  • Convert Up to 96 Photos

    Select or scan up to 96 photos, depending on your device's RAM

  • 2 Capture Choices

    Auto-capture for ease and Manual capture for precision

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Other Features of UPDF

UPDF is an all-in-one PDF solution - here are some other great features:

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